Lawyers for the Kremlin’s law firms also lead the U.S. DOJ and FBI for Trump admin

FBI agents raided Caterpillar in the U.S. but the firms been doing business in Russia for 119 years. Its represented by the law firm of Kirkland Ellis that Bill Barr worked for until he joined the Trump administration as his Attorney General. Whatever happened to the investigation of Kirkland Ellis? Buried.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “Russian collusion” investigation has now named President Donald Trump in a sentencing memorandum that seeks heavy penalties for his former attorney, Michael Cohen, the real estate owner and reality television show personality has nominated another lawyer from a firm that colludes with the Kremlin to lead the U.S. Department of Justice.

Kirkland & Ellis Senior Counsel William Barr last year was retained by Caterpillar, Inc. to assist the global corporation that manufactures all-terrain vehicles for Russian, Israel and British defense ministries in a current U.S. Department of Justice investigation for tax fraud.    Kirkland & Ellis has over 1700 attorneys working globally.

Caterpillar CEO James Umpleby said he asked (Barr) — who had no prior connection with Caterpillar — “to draw on his experience and that of his colleagues at Kirkland & Ellis and other advisers, to take a fresh look at Caterpillar’s disputes with the government, get all the facts, and then help us bring these matters to proper resolution based on the merits.”

Umpleby said in a statement last year that, Barr “will review “matters relating to the search warrants executed at Caterpillar on March 2.”

Caterpillar’s Peoria, Illinois headquarters was raided by FBI agents armed with a search warrant looking for financial records on March 2, 2017.  

If his appointment is confirmed by the U.S. Senate Barr will have oversight of his pro-Kremlin client’s investigation as well as the Special Counsel investigating Trump for colluding with the same Russian government officials doing business with Caterpillar.

Caterpillar has operated in Russia since 1913 with five offices and over 700 employees today.   The U.S. DOJ website shows Caterpillar has never registered as a foreign agent of the Russian Federation under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) Barr will be required to enforce.

A search of the USDOJ’s FARA website shows Caterpillar has not ever registered as an agent of any of the foreign governments it does business with globally; despite recently lobbying against tariffs that would affect its foreign clients.

Barr will supervise FBI Director Christopher Wray an attorney from King & Spalding of Atlanta, Georgia.    What the nation’s top two domestic federal law enforcement officers will have in common is that both their law firms have worked to help Russian President Vladimir Putin sell investors on the Kremlin’s oil companies.

Kirkland & Ellis through its London office assigned an attorney to assist Glencore in its packaging of an $11.4 billion investor stake in the Russian Federation’s Rosneft oil company in 2016.  Spalding & King that Wray left to join the FBI represented Rosneft and Gazprom for the Russian Federation. 

Ex-British intelligence agent Christopher Steele identified Trump attorney Cohen as brokering the president’s interest in the 2016 Rosneft sale.   Cohen’s connection to Squire, Patton & Boggs adds a third U.S. law firm connected to Trump that was connected to the 2016 Putin $11.4 billion Rosneft investor sale.  Trump’s White House Counsel, Don McGahn, joined the administration from Squire, Patton & Boggs.

Both top law enforcement officers, Wray now and possibly Barr, will be in charge of an investigation of the president for a deal their ex-law firms were involved in with him either directly or indirectly.  It puts lawyers from firms friendly to Putin and the Russian Federation in control of the complete investigative arm of the U.S. government; that’s also investigating colluding Russian oligarchs who are their firm’s clients. 

From the Securities & Exchange Commission investigations to those involving the Internal Revenue Service, lawyers whose firms are doing business with some of the Russians targeted by tariffs will control the direction and outcomes of those investigations.

U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-11, told EJBNEWS that new information is being uncovered daily about Trump’s proposed appointee.

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