Kamala Harris’ slow-moving hubby didn’t protect her from mic snatcher

Attorney Douglas Emhoff is no Rambo when it comes to protecting Kamala Harris. He was the last man on the stage after Adam Cook appears to have walked past him.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Aidan Cook walked onto the stage where U.S. Senator Kamala Harris was speaking and appears to have glided his happy azz right past her husband, Douglas Emhoff, to snatch the microphone from the attorney’s “woman.”  Harris’ husband didn’t lift a finger to stop him, according to a video-recording of the “MOVEON” event. 

It was a woman, daughter of Haitian immigrants Karine Jean-Pierre, who separated Cook from the daughter of Indian / Jamaican immigrants Harris.  Eastern European Emhoff did not enter the stage until three other men stepped in and Cook was under control. 

Emhoff is shown grimacing while he grabs Cook’s wrist to try and snatch the mic from his hands; and could not.  By the time Emhoff stepped onto the stage the slow-moving attorney’s wife and presidential candidate was already out of the way.

The man in the blue suit was the first man onto the stage to gain control of Adam Cook and prevent him from continuring to advance towards Kamala Harris while Emhoff was still doing nothing.
The unidentified man in the blue suit has subdued Adam Cook with another man as a third man wearing a black jacket boards it to subdue the man who’s still approaching Kamala Harris.  Emhoff is joining the stage after others have already surrounded and completely separated him from his wife.
While Adam Cook is completely surrounded and controlled Emhoff grabs his wrists to try and snatch the mic from him. Video shows him pulling Cook’s wrists but unable to get the mic.

Emhoff’s wife was unharmed by Cook.  Harris didn’t resist but the fear in her face was obvious as Cook approached the tiny woman with only him knowing his intent was to take the microphone and speak; not physically harm her or the others sharing the stage.   

After Cook began his own “big idea” dialogue Harris looked down and mouthed “What’s going on?” before getting up to walk away as Jean-Pierre blocked.

Harris is a presidential candidate.  Emhoff will turn 55 in October 2019 which under federal housing guidelines makes him a senior citizen.  It’s understood that the younger men were able to get up on the stage to subdue Cook faster than Emhoff. 

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