“Trump” created an obstruction case while Mueller worked to clear “the president”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Donald Trump, personally, was always innocent of colluding with the Russian and Soviet foreign agents and influencers who’d infiltrated his 2016 campaign for President of the United States of America.  He didn’t know all the people who were volunteering or sent to join his team or their motivations. 

Had Trump left Special Counsel Robert Mueller alone to do the job he’d been assigned by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and kept his mouth shut, the results of the investigation show he would have eventually been cleared of “Russian collusion.”  Mueller would have delivered his conclusions to Rosenstein and reported on the less-than-secure way U.S. elections are conducted.  He would have concluded as he did that the Russian military interfered in our elections without Trump’s collusion.  That would have been it. 

Trump could have then, and only at the end, uttered his two famous words.  “No collusion.”  He could have kept it moving.  Boo Boo the Fool could see the conclusions based on the information coming from Mueller’s indictments and charges.  Trump couldn’t see anything other than the “president” was being set up.

Put in mob boss terms that Donald Trump can understand, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was the president’s “hit man.” Trump didn’t know Mueller was looking out for him.

By running his mouth and sharing his self-protecting and obstructive thoughts all over Twitter, Trump kept Mueller’s investigation, himself, in the forefront of the nation’s thoughts and in the wrong way.  Instead of focusing on the “job” or “office” of president Mueller’s report shows he was protecting, Trump attacked and sought to “obstruct” the one person who was on his side.   He didn’t understand the “process.” 

At all times throughout the investigation Trump even acknowledged that Mueller was “his” special prosecutor to hire and fire.  Trump’s short-sightedness could not let him see that Mueller was objectively identifying for Trump the names and deeds of the individuals who’d used him for their own nefarious purposes.  In mob boss language Trump might understand Mueller was the ultimate “confidante” and “presidential hit man.”

Mueller put “hits” on 34 of Trump’s deceivers.  He laid out for him in plain English how Putin tried to infiltrate and use the Russian “military” to influence the 2016 election and not necessarily his campaign in particular.

He dramatically exposed his own attorney, Michael Cohen.  The FBI raid on Cohen’s office in the Manhattan space he was given by Squire, Patton & Boggs should have seen by Trump as a “gift” since it revealed his trusted attorney should not have been trusted since he’d been recording him for years.  

The law firm Mueller delivered to Trump that attorney Frederick Nance led as global managing partner was at the center of numerous “unregistered agent” deals for Putin from its Moscow office.  Trump took Mueller’s gift without gratitude.  He still, mistakenly, thought the “presidential clean-up man” was out to get him. He couldn’t see the other fruits Mueller has handing him to exploit.

Mueller was even protecting “the president” by laying out how Trump shouldn’t trust his “clueless” son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who was being worked back channel by Putin through Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Salman.  He thought Mueller and the FBI were out to get his daughter’s “baby daddy” and father of three grandchildren.  It’s the type of conflict other presidents avoided by keeping their family out of the White House.

The special counsel played the faithful “presidential servant” as he sought to deliver Trump the most personal information in the least unsettling manner as possible; and he was obstructed all along the way.  Trump thought he was going in another direction.  He thought “he” was being investigated because he allowed news reports to dominate his thinking instead of the “internal reports” he received from the White House staff.  He let Putin “play” him with their “secret” conversations.

Of course the news and ongoing media analysis was fake.  The public already knew.  Mueller did, too.  It’s why he kept quiet.  Trump should have been quiet, too. 

Trump fed his own self-created drama for the last two years and killed any praise he should now be enjoying for his administration’s real achievements.  Imagine two years of silence about Mueller’s investigation instead of two years of daily and distracting headlines fueled by Trump’s own 240 character tweets.

Instead of accepting Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s warnings that his clueless son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was exposing himself, Ivana and the family along with the nation to external security threats, Trump didn’t let “his” special prosecutor protect him. Trump failed to comprehend that Mueller’s investigation and perspective was to protect the “office” of the president by investigating those who were out to harm it.

The same is true for the entire Russian investigation.  Trump should have simply told “the American people” he knew or met Putin and wanted to do business with him.  Once he started lying and going back and forth about what federal law enforcement agents “knew” was a relationship between them, Trump created the need for his own special investigation. 

He may have thought his political statements about Russia created a “welcome mat” one way.  What his statements did create was a welcome mat to his campaign doorsteps for the nation’s unregistered foreign agents and the special counsel investigator who would ultimately track them down.

Trump’s own lifestyle created federal law enforcement concern that he was compromised because of his sexual interests with known prostitutes like Stormy Daniels.   His sexual tastes by his own “grab ’em by the pussy” admission were bizarre and beyond the norm of the average man.  He created the reality when he told Billy Bush about an attempt to turn a man’s wife into a whore with an offer to buy her furniture for sex.

Special counsel Robert Mueller led the FBI to raid the Manhattan offices of Squire, Patton Boggs overseen by global managing partner Frederick Nance after the law firm cut a deal with Trumps “personal attorney.” The raid gave Trump his most prized deceiver, but he didn’t understand how Robert Mueller was helping him.

It was inevitable that FBI and U.S. Department of State officials who have duties to monitor the telephone conversations and internet communications of foreign agents operating on our soil would intercept those involving Trump’s campaign while it was being infiltrated without his knowledge.   Their ears would have been privy to the conversations agents of foreign governments were having about what their agents knew of Trump’s sexual deviance.

The FBI under J. Edgar Hoover used the sexual interests of his investigative subjects against President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert, with actress Marilyn Monroe. The same with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr and claims that he was bi-sexual. 

Comey as the FBI’s director would understand the mindset of Putin as the former KGB’s director.  Nothing is more valuable than an “asset” who is a compromised high level government official.  A Russian or Soviet-compromised “POTUS” is the espionage crown jewel.

Whether he knew or didn’t know his campaign was being infiltrated, federal officials from both agencies had duties to protect the nation’s security interests from foreign agents and from Trump if he was an “asset” of the Russian Federation and Putin.  Mueller cleared Trump and the president of committing treason.  It saved his life.

Former FBI Director James Comey understood just like J. Edgar Hoover that agents could exploit the sexual deviance of espionage targets. U.S. intelligence officials had to know the information agents from foreign governments had stockpiled about Donald Trump; and known he was vulnerable to being exploited by it. He created a war with the very intelligence operatives whose job was to protect “the presidency” and thereby the “individual” performing the duties of the “office.”

It was Mueller’s job as Trump’s special prosecutor to also protect the president.  He did.  Trump didn’t understand.  It’s why Mueller had to go public and explain that “Trump” did misuse the “office” of “the president” to obstruct the “special counsel’s president protecting” investigation.  He tried to take out his “hit man.”

Mueller explained to “the American people” in his message to Trump, U.S. Attorney General William Barr and Congress that at all times he had “the president’s back” until “Donald Trump” tried to stop him. 

Mueller told Americans how it was never his thinking that a sitting president could be indicted; just the others around him doing wrong.  It was the job of the wrongdoers around “Trump” to advise the individual holding the “office” of the “president” to do right.   Mueller convincingly exposed to Trump how they were not.

Because he took a job that required Trump to swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Code and federal regulations he never took the time to master, he couldn’t see Mueller in his “official capacity” as “special counsel” in the right light of being the “office” of the president’s saviour.   

When Trump is impeached Mueller’s words should remind him he’s his own worst enemy. 



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