This photo appeared in the India edition of Business Insider in 2003 when former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg greeted fellow Russian Vladmir Putin and "gifted" him with the title of Honorary Battalion that came with a taxpayer-funded helmet. Putin was visiting the U.S. to deliver a message that the U.S. should let it take over in the Middle East against Isis and align themselves with Syria, Iran and Iraq.

A Russian American candidate for POTUS in “this” political climate? Mike Bloomberg’s nuts.

NEW YORK, NY – The sentiment in the United States of America went “Cold War” hard in 2016 during the presidential debate between candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton when she called him “Putin’s puppet.”  

That comment and the Christopher Steele dossier late U.S. Senator John McCain delivered to the FBI for an investigation of Trump’s connections to Russian oligarchs brought the word “Communism” back to the nation’s consciousness. She also refocused the nation’s attention on “the Reds” or Eastern Europeans from Russia President Woodrow Wilson sicced the FBI on between 1919 and 1920 during what then was known as “the Palmer Raids” conducted by U.S. Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer. 

The idea that ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the grandson of Russian immigrants with an office in Moscow, is campaigning for President of the United States of America seems out of place for this very hard core anti-Russian nation.

According Russian President Vladmir Putin’s Kremlin-based website page he was accompanied on his New York visit in September 2003 by Russian American ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Eastern Europeans from Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary and other “Soviet” nations had begun arriving on U.S. shores in the 1880’s and were starting to embed themselves in the nation with their “unions” and “socialist” thinking.   Among them was Bloomberg’s Russian grandfather and mother from Belarusia.  Writer Dmitry Sudakov for PRAVDA.RU wrote in 2009 that Bloomberg speaks Russian.

Bloomberg’s grandparents and parents in 1919 were President Wilson’s “Mexicans” when comparing the nation’s thinking at that time to Trump’s thinking now about immigration and who was immigrating here.  President Theodore Roosevelt was even more hard core against Bloomberg’s alien grandparents’ ethnic brethren when he signed the Anarchist Exclusion Act of 1903 specifically targeting Russians as being unwelcomed. 

The late president’s decision came after Leon Czolgosz, the son of Russian immigrants living in Cleveland at Tod and Fleet Avenue, traveled from that city to Buffalo, New York to assassinate President William McKinley on September 6, 1901.  The priest at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church on Cleveland’s east side told the New York Times he thought Czolgosz was a Polish Catholic instead of the “anarchist” label that was associated with Russians from Russia; and those from Russian-occupied Poland and Belarus who followed Judaism as a religion.

How is that municipal corporations across the USA are creating relationships that cause for the exchange of domestic security, technology and infrastructure outside the supervision of the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of State? When Russian President Vladmir Putin visited New York city to address the UN in 2003 he toured the city’s fire training academy. There he discussed a “continued partnership” between U.S. and Russian fire services in a relationship that appears to have been created outside the supervision of the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Justice. Despite being a billionaire with an office in Moscow,Bloomberg must register with the U.S. Department of Justice as an agent of the Russian government if his business interests include undisclosed contracts and interactions that require him to place, like Donald Trump, his business interests along with that of the Kremlin’s ahead of U.S. interests.

With this nation being politically inflamed against Russia and the Kremlin’s now proven interference in U.S. elections, Bloomberg’s timing as a Russian American presidential candidate seems “planted” odd.  Especially since he appears to already have interacted with Putin from his September 2003 visit to New York and an address to the 58th assembly of the United Nations during George Bush’s presidency; and since his news organization has lavished extremely non-critical coverage of his alleged interference in U.S. elections from its Moscow office. 

Where Trump sought a presence in Russia, Bloomberg already has an embedded presence in the Eastern European nation through his business and a non-profit called the Skolkovo Foundation funded by the Russian Federation.  

In April 2014, FBI Assistant Special Agent Lucia Ziobro wrote a warning the Boston Business Journal published which revealed her and another agent’s suspicions that Skolkovo, through its U.S. offices and Kremlin funding, was a way for the Russian government to access sensitive or classified research. 

Just last month on October 22, 2019, Bloomberg hosted a global technology conference at the Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow to its Open Innovations Forum.  One of Bloomberg News’ role in the conference was to moderate a discussion about “smart cities” using Russian-created facial recognition technology to fight crime and pay bills.  

Bloomberg News’ editor in chief John Micklethwait is a British citizen who works for the New York based publication influencing U.S. elections and politics on his green card as a non-voting alien.  Micklethwait interviewed Vladmir Putin on September 1, 2016 and didn’t touch on his interference with U.S. elections though it was already suspected. Bloomberg News owner and possible Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, like Donald Trump, will have “Russian” conflicts as a Russian American doing business in his grandfather and grandmother’s place of birth.

When he visited New York and Bloomberg, Putin’s presidential website reveals the ex-mayor gifted the leader of his family’s ancestral homeland with an antique honorary battalion chief’s helmet and another one made of Gzhel porcelain when they met at the American Fire Services Academy on September 25,  2003.  Putin said he hoped Russian and U.S. fire services would “step up their partnership.”  Putin’s publicists described Bloomberg as “accompanying” his ancestral countryman on the visit.  Five pictures of Putin in New York with Bloomberg are displayed on the Russian Federation website.

While the interaction between Bloomberg and Putin during the Russian president’s New York visit might seem ceremonial, the ex-mayor founded and owns Bloomberg LP, which owns Bloomberg News.  In “that” capacity Bloomberg’s editor-in-chief, John Micklethwait, was assigned to interview the foreign leader on September 1, 2016 right before the U.S. presidential elections.  Not a word of the Bloomberg interview touched on the Russian president’s already suspected election interference on behalf of Trump.

Though he’s armed with $51 billion in wealth as the world’s 18th richest person, Bloomberg is Russian American, already-connected to the Russian government and Putin in a nation that’s moving hard in the direction of Cold War “McCarthyism” against Russia. 

With his anti-gun rhetoric Bloomberg as a presidential candidate is going to sound like a Russian, Communist plant.

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