American Baptist Collins says Russian American Schiff should answer questions

WASHINGTON, D.C. – White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) U.S. Rep. Doug Collins is a the descendant of pre-Civil War Americans, an attorney and a southern Baptist preacher.  The first witness he wants questioned on the Republican side of the Ukraine hearings Democrats have initiated is Russian American U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff.

Collins in a very subtle way raised the “anarchist” label that was associated with the Russian presence in the U.S. when he connected “lawbreaking acts” to Schiff in an amicus curae brief on October 3, 2019 asking the court to deny releasing grand jury documents his colleague wanted.

“The House has not delegated to any of the standing committees its “sole Power of Impeachment.”  U.S. Const. Art. 1, & 2.  Accordingly, the Committee’s investigation has been conducted exclusively under the House’s Article 1, Section 1 authority to conduct legislative oversight – not its Article 1, Section 2 impeachment power.”

Collins’ brief  observed that in the 206 years of the Committee Schiff presides over’s existence, it has never reported articles of impeachment against a president without first conducting an impeachment proceeding authorized by a full House vote underscoring the Russian congressman’s anarchist-like lawlessness.

According to his Wikipedia biography that downplays his Russian ancestry, Schiff “was raised in a Jewish family” as is the description in the biographies of Congress’ other 33 Russian-American members.  12 in the U.S. Senate and 21 in the U.S. House.

Such a strong Russian-American presence on key Congressional committees explains why Ukraine and its first Jewish president is the subject of a potential impeachment hearing in a nation where former presidents enacted laws 120 years ago to deport Russian Jews as “anarchists.”  It also explains why Congress even considered a bill to outlaw criticism of the Russians leading “Israel” in Palestine.

Pre-Civil War citizens of the U.S. sat in horror as they witnessed a Lt. Col. of the U.S. armed forces say on national television that he spoke fluent Russian, Ukrainian and a little bit of English knowing his parents and he were born on Russian soil. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s presence gave the appearance that Soviets this nation once deported had long infiltrated the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Knowing this nation’s presidents and Congress took steps to prevent the type of Russian “infiltration” that has obsessed citizens since President  Donald Trump’s election in 2016, Collins and other pre-Civil War citizens of the United States of America have appeared stunned that so many foreign service and high level security officials in this nation are actually Russian.  It seems logical he’d want to question Schiff to know his connection to the “whistleblower” since so many Russians “inside and outside” his administration are openly involved in disrupting Trump; who appears to “not really give a shit” about Ukraine like the majority of Americans.

Only Russians thought it was funny when Lt. Col. Andrew  Vindman, who was born in Russia’s Ukraine, answered that he spoke Russian, Ukrainian and “a little bit of English.”  When former U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy joined CNN during the hearings he raised the same “infiltrator” thought that was on the mind of every citizen of this nation with pre-Civil War roots.

“It seems very clear that [Vindman] is incredibly concerned about Ukrainian defense.  I don’t know about his concern [for] American policy, but his main mission was to make sure the Ukraine got those weapons.  I understand it.  We all have an affinity to our homeland where we came from.  Like me, I’m sure that Vindman has the same affinity.”

Nowhere in the “deep South do Russian-Americans like Adam Schiff and U.S. Senator Jerald Nadler hold a federal seat but in Florida.   From an “American” perspective the Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and Romania belonged to Josef Stalin and  Russia prior to these once Russian-occupied nations voluntarily joining the Soviet Union in 1922.  It wasn’t then and is still not a concern of any U.S. citizen with pre-Civil War roots.

Late President Theodore Roosevelt was like most U.S. presidents of his time when he said “fuck Russia” to Russian Samuel Gompers in 1919 after they’d teamed with the Irish Catholics in their “unions” in 1917 to slaughter over 300 U.S. Descendant of Slave men, women and children in East Saint Louis, Illinois.

Russian and Irish Catholic anarchists slaughtered over 300 U.S. Descendant of Slave men, women and children as they started a race war against them for moving from the south to the north in their own country for employment. The St. Louis Globe Democrat headline came early in the race war started by Russians and Irish Catholics against U.S. Descendants of Slaves in East St. Louis, Illinois. The eventual death toll exceeded 300; and the number properties destroyed over 100.

In East Saint Louis the Russians and Irish Catholics wanted the same meat packing jobs as the city’s Descendant of Slaves and Freedmen who’d migrated there from the south.  Like in “Israel” in 2012, these murderous union racists literally launched a race war on July 2, 1917 when they burned over 100 homes and businesses; and shot, lynched and burned to death over 300 men, women and children.   Gompers’ followers saw an example in the East Saint Louis violence and conducted the same anti-black terror campaigns in St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, New York, Charlotte and Atlanta.

Gompers blamed the slaughter on the audacity of pre-Civil War enslaved people moving north to take jobs the Russian immigrants, as white men who began arriving here after the Civil War in the 1880’s, wanted for the labor unions they’d created that this nation’s leaders began to see as “Red.”

The aftermath of the race war Russians and Irish Catholics started in East Saint Louis was the retaliation that came from men like Cleveland dentist and councilman Leroy Bundy and others with military experience delivering arms to fight back.   Roosevelt wasn’t playing with Gompers when he put his fist in the Russian’s face and said the following words.   He was a president who’d sent federal troops to squash their violent, white and Eastern European-only unions.

“I don’t care a snap of my finger for any telegram from the head of the strongest labor union in Illinois. This took place in a Northern State, where the whites outrank the negroes twenty to one. And if in that State the white men cannot protect their rights by their votes against an insignificant minority, and have to protect them by the murder of women and children, then the people of the State which sent Abraham Lincoln to the Presidency must bow their heads.

I’d put down the murderers first and investigate afterwards. I will go to any extreme necessary to bring justice to the laboring man to insure him his economic place, but when there is murder I’ll put it down and I’ll never surrender. Oh, friends, we have gathered to greet the men and women of new Russia, a republic founded on the principles of justice to all, equity to all. On such an evening never will I sit motionless while directly or indirectly apology is made for the murder of the helpless.”

According to the Encylopedia of Southern Jewish Communities, most of the 120,000 Russians in Collins’ state live in and around Atlanta so there’s no need for him to appease them as a political group.  The website identifies a trend of Russians to concentrate in large northern communities where they have quietly been amassing U.S. House and Senate seats.

33 Russian-Americans in Congress is the reason this nation went from seeing the Soviets Josef Stalin sent to Palestine in 1947 as an enemy who attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 and slaughtered over 34 U.S. sailors, to arming them as “America’s greatest ally” in excess of $3 billion today.   Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson could not have imagined a nation where Schiff, Nadler and their Soviet comrades like Vindman were  embedded in the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Before Russian immigrant Solomon Isadore Neuhaus bought the Plain Dealer in 1967, and Americanized their family’s last name from Neuhaus to Newhouse, the newspapers previous owners encouraged Russians to be deported.

The Russian presence was already unwelcomed because of the corporations that grew after slavery’s end and started “employing” the freed ex-Slaves they once forced to work.  It was expected that the nation’s southern workforce would be majority ex-Slave and their born-free Descendants.  Since the northern states were already free, and Freed men and women had already built businesses and growing communities, highly-skilled ex-Slaves moving north from the south found themselves under attack by Russians and Irish Catholics as they acquired jobs, built communities and competed with them for elected offices to city councils and school boards.  [NOTE:  The Russians pushed prevailing wage laws in the 1890’s and the Davis-Bacon Act in 1931 to stop Freed men and women who controlled 85 percent of the south’s construction jobs from competing with them in the north.]

In 1919  Wilson assigned his U.S. Attorney General, Alexander Palmer, to round up and deport over 3000 Russians like Emma  Goldman as “anarchists.”  John Edgar Hoover, a U.S. Descendant of Slaves who led the Federal Bureau of Investigation, developed the list of Russians to deport.

In Cleveland, Ohio the Plain Dealer newspaper Russians who changed their name from Neuhaus to Newhouse now own, its front page carried a headline about the “Soviet ark headed for Russia” with 240 Russian anarchist Jews who’d preached an overthrow of the U.S. government.  The WASP’s in this nation made it known they didn’t appreciate a Russian named Leon Cszolgosz traveling from Fleet Avenue in Cleveland to Buffalo, New York to assassinate President William McKinley in 1901; and after he’d met with Goldman.

Republicans in the United  States Congress have refused to let up on their allegations that the Schiff’s committee hearings are not connected to an impeachment as citizens of the nation have been led to believe.  That point has even been made clear by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that Schiff’s hearings are not connected to an impeachment; which appears to underscore Trump’s point that connecting it to an impeachment is a “sham.”

The House could initiate the impeachment process after Schiff’s hearings conclude; and if evidence exists that Trump actually committed a crime.  It seems unlikely now they will as Republicans have succeeded in convincing this nation’s overwhelming majority of pre-Civil War citizens that the hearing are political in nature and designed to do nothing more than embarass President Donald Trump before the 2020 election.

The bottom line for any pre-Civil War citizen of the U.S. is the Ukraine is Russian business and not ours.  Sending nearly $300 million a year to arm Ukrainians to keep from being occupied, again, by the neighbor that borders them seems to be the point federal officials like Collins make when he wants to question Schiff.

The U.S. government didn’t care about the Russians in the Ukraine or even Israel until 33 Russians got elected to  Congress and started pushing what Duffy said was Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s line of thinking as a child born in the Ukraine and this nation’s so-called top Ukrainian expert.

“We all have an affinity to our homeland where we came from.”

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