Basheer Jones dumped Christmas toys on the dirty ground for Christian children.

Asshole councilman dumps Xmas toys on a dirty Cleveland sidewalk to give Ward 7 kids

CLEVELAND, OH – A Ward 7 resident drove by E. 79th and Superior the day before Christmas and couldn’t believe the eyes that spotted Basheer Jones with boxes of toys he’d dumped on the filthy sidewalk to “supposedly” distribute to the ward’s children.  Unlike former Councilman T.J. Dow who he narrowly defeated by 14 “recounted” votes, the toys weren’t gift wrapped and set-up in a warm comfortable building where he knew residents would participate.  Jones dumped the cheap, shitty toys he’d obviously already picked through on the sidewalk and anyone who drove or walked by could grab them.

If U.S. Descendants of Slaves ever seek to learn how their ancestors were sold out and arrived here they need look no further than the consciousness of Basheer Jones for an example of who sold us out. Look at this disrespectful shit he does to Black people.

“I’m just out here for my people” Jones says with his always shifting eyes.  Jones didn’t drive the black Jaguar he doesn’t park at the address he uses at 1384 E. 94th Street as his fake Cleveland residence; and that his “come up” on a Cleveland instead of South Euclid council salary gave.  On the $87,000 a year he gets as a councilman, and his “all you can steal” mindset, Jones looked like a straight up African potentate with his jewel-adorned coat collar.

The child shown holding the toy Basheer Jones left on a filthy-azzed sidewalk doesn’t know what germs or bacteria are on the same hand she’ll put in her mouth or use to touch her face and possibly private parts of her body if she makes a trip to the restroom before being taken home.  Imagine all the years of uncleaned filth that’s gathered on the sidewalk from cars, buses, trucks, bikes, dogs, cats, rats and gophers crawling from the sewers; and all the people who’ve urinated or defecated in the area and walked in the same area where this fucked up dude left toys for her and other Black children to take home and play with for hours.  Jones’ religion doesn’t embrace Christmas.  But anyone who thinks his own suburban children went digging through their toys on a filthy fucking sidewalk is a gotdamned fool.

If a Caucasian member of council treated Black people with such contemptuous disrespect there’d be a rally to condemn him.  But Jones, who’s earned the nickname Sellout Jones for calling police on over 200 black men, women and children who’d gathered to hear speakers at the African American History Museum, continues to get “we don’t police our own” pass from a stolen council seat.

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