Black and Protestant voting rights violator Kelly must go if council doesn’t want 8 seats lost

CLEVELAND, OHEx-Cleveland councilman and U.S. soldier Terrell Pruitt stood right next to Kevin Kelley and didn’t utter a gotdamned word when he violated the voting rights of 22,000 majority Black Protestant Cleveland voters.  Right in front of a U.S. soldier, Kelley felt protected when he engaged in criminal dereliction of duty as he exceeded the authority of the office of the council president. 

Not a finger was lifted or a voice raised loudly in protest by either mic snatching Jeffrey Johnson or Zack Reed, so-called Black men in authority, as they stood by with their heads bowed and watched Kelley obstruct clerk of council Pat Britt from performing the duties of that statutory office.  Black attorney and councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland stood by and said nothing.  Kelley literally said fuck you to any voting rights effort to prevent him and his 16 colleagues from stealing $88 million of majority Black and Protestant money for the Jewish and Russian American Cavaliers owner … Dan Gilbert. 

Even the so-called 1st Amendment defenders the Russian-owned Plain Dealer and employs under the guise of exposing evil public office wrongdoers were silent.  If Black lives don’t matter; neither do Black “majority” Protestant voting rights when one of “their Russian own” wants access to $88 million in public funds.

Three of the ethnic and Protestant disgraces who descended from this nation’s civil rights sufferers, Pruitt, Johnson and Reed, are gone and replaced on Cleveland city council.  Kelley’s now preparing  to rally a majority council and majority Protestant and 60 percent Black voting public to prevent one wealthy Syrian American suburbanite from stripping the current 17 member council of 8 jobs.  Syrian American Tony George operates businesses that discriminate against the majority Black Protestant voters who signed his petition; and who as a single suburbanite who can’t vote in the city has more voting rights than their 230,000 citizen presence in a city of 385,000.

Kelley at the head of or anywhere near a public relations campaign to stop Westlake resident George from asking Cleveland’s voters to shrink the city’s council from 17 to 8, cut wages from $86,000 to $58,000 and make the job part-time because he’s pissed off is a loser from the git-go.  He’s been a despicably low-performing politician whose anarchist presence is offensive to anyone with a modicum of legal, racial and religious self-respect” as a Desecendant of Protestant U.S. Slaves; and Freed men and women whose ancestors invested more skin in the American game than Kelley’s did.

John Paul II is the Catholic pope whose image is on the statue behind Irish Catholic councilman Kevin Kelley. The pope whose statue now graces the city of Cleveland was dogged for how he handled news about Catholic priests fucking little Catholic boys in churches like those in Cleveland. 496 local Catholic priests and church workers committed heinous sexual acts against this town’s Catholic citizens. Irish Catholic Judge Brian Corrigan with the backing of Irish Catholic prosecutor William Mason sealed the records. Some of the Catholic sex offenders they hid were transferred to Pennsylvania, where they aided in creating another 1000 sex victims in that state. John Paul was also tied to a Vatican banking scandal and there are rumors his death may be related to it. From colloborating with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi’s, to international money laundering, to a never-ending series of sex scandals, the Catholic church has a horrible image for this majority Protestant community’s elected officials to erect busts that for loyal Americans are reminders of their evil World War II pro-Nazi activities.

Irish Catholics in Ireland collaborated with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi’s against Irish Protestants during World War II; and this town’s Catholic churches hid escaping war criminals from all parts of Eastern Europe.  That shit was traitorously anarchist and un-American as most Christians in this nation are Protestant; and even U.S. Descendants of Slaves have some “mixed” ancestral roots to Protestant England, Scotland, Wales and northern Ireland.

Kelley’s offensive brand of vote-suppressing politics, and his complete disregard for the “voice” of this town’s Protestant majority at council meetings, makes this racist and religiously-disrespectful Black and Protestant voting rights violator the wrong politician to culturally and politically lead this city in any capacity.  He’s got to go as someone who elevates his own while suppressing an overwhelming Protestant majority that doesn’t have to take that shit.

It’s understood why Pruitt and the others stood silently next to or behind Kelley.  A review of the City Record in comparison to Pruitt’s dates of absence while in the military reserve confirm that Kelley, in his official capacity as council president, presented legislation in his name while Pruitt was not even in the state or country.  

The U.S. Department of Defense’s orders to Pruitt were that he couldn’t be an elected official and a soldier at the same time without the written permission of the Secretary of the Army he didn’t seek or receive.  Instead of reporting Pruitt’s violation of U.S. Department of Defense directives to the U.S. Attorney for referal to the Secretary of the Army, Kelley committed misprision of felony and conspired with him to create the illusion he was still present to continue receiving a paycheck and building pension credits. Theft in office.  Obstruction of official business.  Fraud.  Dereliction of duty.  All crimes against governments and people; and anarchist Kelley’s supposed to be an attorney.

Irish Catholic politician Kevin Kelley sits next to a U.S. flag that symbolizes values he disrespects. Under anarchist Kelley’s presidency, council members meet with their backs to the public as they enact unlawful emergency legislation to keep voters from having opportunities to referendum repeal it within 30 days if it’s their desire; and so it’s enacted immediately. The public under Kelley isn’t allowed to speak at council meetings as he has modeled an American government after the fascist ones his ancestors supported during World War II when they sided with Nazis. Many Catholic church leaders were on the wrong side of World War II from an American perspective. Cleveland’s Protestant voting majority should simply enact the changes they want in the charter to fit their citizenship desires to be heard. It’s un-American and unconstitutional for barriers to be erected that prevent citizens from redressing government either in “mic snatching” public meetings or when accepting petitions. Kelley’s got to go. Period.

Johnson’s silence was also understood as a Twinsburg resident faking that he lived in Cleveland for two years as a happily-married man with a pond in his 33-mile away spacious backyard. Kelley knew and took no steps to enforce the city’s residency laws with Johnson and now with Basheer Jones.  His anarchist disregard for this state and nation’s laws even led him to rig Mamie Mitchell’s resignation to deliver Ward 4’s seat to Blaine Griffin. 

Mamie’s family and I are friends and everyone on council knew she was “functionally impaired” under Ohio law definitions.  Kelley knew and accepted her vote when convenient despite his knowingly using a functionally-impaired public official that way cheated the residents of Ward 4 and violated her patient rights.

A series of laws exist in Chapter 3 of the General Provisions section of the Ohio Revised Code that controlled and limited Kelley’s conduct once he knew of Mamie’s functional impairment.  The simplest and less-embarassing way to seek her removal would have been for Kelley to use R.C. 3.08 and ask the governor to release her from office quietly instead of through a petition process. What Kelley can’t explain is the specific line-by-line plain English statute he used as the basis for Mamie’s orchestrated resignation and installing Griffin as her replacement.

Mamie signed a form expressing her intent to seek re-election when Kelley concocted a scheme to announce her retirement and install Griffin in the seat.  Kelley and his co-conspirers led this “patient with rights” to unknowingly sign a document announcing her retirement and recommending Griffin.  It was a big laugh in city council because she wasn’t present for the meeting where he read her letter into the record, lauded the functionally-impaired citizen for her service and announced that Griffin was her chosen successor.

The fact his colleagues have elected him twice as council’s administrative officer under Ohio law reflects a “curve graded” mentality of not wanting someone in the presidency who actually sought to elevate members through hard work and study in their committees. It’s why councilman Kevin Conwell and Johnson didn’t know Cleveland’s had a more than 40-year contract with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency that gave them the power to shut down the Noble Road dump in East Cleveland.  They thought it was East Cleveland’s responsibility when Cleveland’s air, water and soil pollution enforcement authority is countywide.

The know-nothing consultants Kelly’s hired knows “something” about the job, but there’s nothing about the job a council member who has served 12 to 30 years shouldn’t already have mastered.  Three terms on council is the equivalent of a 1 -12 education.  For some … twice.  There are members of council who’ve been administered oaths of office 4 to 8 times fo obey two constitutions and local, state and federal laws who can’t recite a single law from them except those related to wages and benefits.  This writer queried three veteran members of council who didn’t know the first three words of the Bill of Rights were “We the people” after they were administered oaths of office affirming they were supposed to know it.

Had Kelley’s mindset embraced his duty to “obey” the city, state and nation’s laws instead of an anarchist’s twisted conscious that he could lead other officials of the city to disregard them, there’d have been no criminal complaint I filed against him that demonstrated even another official’s disregard for laws; law director Barbara Langhenry. 

Kevin Kelley’s racist attempt to block 22,000 majority Black and Protestant voters from having their say about how he wanted to spend $88 million of their money was met with a criminal complaint this writer filed in Cleveland municipal court. A Black and Protestant ex-judge named Ronald B. Adrine decided the same laws used by the Supreme Court of Ohio to confirm evidence of Kelley’s duty-exceeding crimes did not constitute evidence of a crime. Adrine’s justice-obstructing “ruling” wasn’t authorized in any language of R.C. 2935.09 and 2935.10. He created it as a tool to cover for Kelley. Black Democrats are Democrats first as evidenced by all the silence among them as Kelley fucked over “their” people’s civil rights.

The Supreme Court of Ohio confirmed Kelley’s obstruction of the petitioners even after Langhenry manipulated the same facts the judges reviewed to cover for him.  The fact Kelley lost and as an attorney was not presented to the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association for his knowing law violation is yet another example of the depth of unaccountability in this once mob-run county.

The city’s “civil rights” ordinance hasn’t been updated since it was enacted in 1974.  Better to pass unlawful emergency legislation without discussion, and deprive the people of the right to be heard during council meetings, than to actually work on eliminating cop high speed chases, unlawful police stops and arrests; or updating ordinances to remove those that are outdated or unconstitutional to prevent another Tamir Rice from being killed by cops who had no duty to respond to a call of a person in a 2nd Amendment state possessing a firearm. 

Kevin Kelley has been publicly silent about the two illegal $3000 donations Basheer Jones accepted from Milton Maltz and Tim Wuliger; as well as Jones not being a Cleveland resident when he campaigned for the job in 2017. He’s still not a resident; but he wants Cleveland voters to save “his” job because he’s cares about us good ol’ Clevelanders so much he’d lie about living here to help us. Both are examples of the trouble council’s going to face convincing voters not to reduce the size of the body.

It’s why some council members stupidly violated the Logan and Espionage Acts with visits to a foreign nation to meet Russian Israeli government officials.  They didn’t read the 103 U.S. Code chapters on foreign relations that has clear instructions to local officials not to do what these fools did when they flew the Israeli flag with the U.S. flag over city hall.

Kelley is by far the worst and most criminally-minded and duty-exceeding council president in Cleveland history, but he’s got his loyal defenders.  

Griffin went off “on the people” for his boy, Kelley; and told “us” we had to respect members of council as if they were the equivalent of ranking officers in the armed forces of which he knows nothing as someone who didn’t volunteer or was never drafted to serve.  He didn’t like an SEIU member asking Kelley to leave a meeting.

City employees may kiss council’s azz.  Not the people who send them to city hall and pay their wages. It’s why some of the more vocal and needy ones are now begging the people not to put their lazy and criminally-minded asses out of work. 

Kelley’s got to go before council attempts to engage a public discussion about George’s ridiculous council shrinkage plan.  22,000 majority Black and Protestant voters whose rights this racist and religious asshole violated haven’t forgotten him; and we’re still pissed.  Ain’t no more plantations or plantation bosses in the U.S.

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