Killer Mike couldn’t ask Sanders why he didn’t create a free city hospital as mayor

CLEVELAND, OH – To the politically-knowing Bernie (Gitman) Sanders is all hype and no substance.  He served for 8 years as Burlington, Vermont’s mayor from 1981 to 1989.  His most significant accomplishment is a trip to Russia where he violated the 1917 Espionage Act in 1988 by initiating correspondence with a Russian mayor then President Mikhail Gorbachev appointed.  The last minute decision to marry his wife and turn the Soviet Union trip into a honeymoon sounds like a cover story.

Americans still don’t know what his Russian father Eliasz Gitman did after he arrived here in 1921 at 17 and started living under fake names until 37 in 1941 when his son was born.  According to Gitman-Sanders all his poor old man did was sell paint.

Ohio’s Socialist Democrats and Bolsheviks Nina Turner and Tara Samples ran into a Christian brick wall with their Russian American candidate in South Carolina. Negro Christians ain’t trying to hear from a pro-labor Russian in the anti-labor south.  They should read Mr. Booker T. Washington’s “Atlanta Compromise” for a more relevant perspective of his “cast down your buckets” words. Black Reds for Bernie. Black Commies for Bernie.  Bernie’s Black Bolsheviks.  Sounds like a t-shirt slogan.

Atlanta rapper and activist Michael Render goes by the stage name “Killer Mike” and he’s supporting Gitman-Sanders.  Had Render took a second to investigate Gitman-Sanders when he started backing him for president in 2015; he might have spotted the jive in his non-reading game and “Medicare for All” so-called “plan.” The rapping Black Bolshevik or Socialist Democrat backing Bernie might have also had questions for ex-Cleveland councilwoman and state senator Nina Turner and Akron, Ohio councilwoman Tara Samples in their newfound roles as “Socialist Democrats.”   

“Are there any state laws that allow for a local free health care solution besides Obamacare and Medicare for all?”  The answer from a knowing elected or former official would have been “yes.”  Render next’s question should have been, “Did you use it like politicians in Atlanta, Georgia have done with Grady Memorial Hospital?

It’s ridiculous from even the most basic concept of background research that no reporter or Sanders supporter has asked him if he used Title 24 and Section 2608 of Vermont’s state code under the heading, “Appropriations for hospitals; cities may make.”

“When the charter of a city provides that a board or body, other than the legal voters in city meeting assembled, may assess taxes and appropriate money, such board or body may assess taxes and appropriate such sums of money as it deems necessary for the support of a nonsectarian hospital established in such city and incorporated and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the State.”

Nina Turner served on Cleveland city council and Tara Samples is a current member of Akron’s city council.  Both are Sanders supporters in a state that enacted Section 749.01 of Chapter 749 of Title 7 of Ohio’s Revised Code on October 1, 1953.   The heading sits in plain site for any Ohio councilmember or mayor who dares to go online and read it for “free.”  Legislative authority may levy tax to compensate free public hospital.

“The legislative authority of each municipal corporation, annually, may levy and collect a tax not to exceed one mill on each dollar of the taxable property of the municipal corporation and pay the amount to a private corporation or association which maintains and furnishes a free public hospital for the benefit of the inhabitants of the municipal corporation, or not free except to such inhabitants as, in the opinion of a majority of the trustees of such hospital, are unable to pay. Such payment shall be compensation for the use and maintenance of such hospital. Without change or interference in the organization of such corporation or association, the legislative authority shall require the treasurer of such hospital, annually, to make a financial report setting forth all of the money and property which has come into its hands during the preceding year and the disposition thereof, together with any recommendations as to the future necessities of such hospital.”

So in Ohio for $50 a year on a $50,000 home, Cleveland and Akron’s city councils could right now create a free municipal hospital using a 66-year-old law.  The same in Burlington, Vermont.   Free means no worries about “pre-existing” conditions. 

Bayonne New Jersey Mayor Jimmy Davis is correctly using the authority of the public office he holds to move forward on creating a city hospital to serve residents. The health care solution is local and not national.

On October 21, 2019, Bayonne, New Jersey’s Mayor, Jimmy Davis, led his city council in a news conference to announce their creation of the Bayonne Municipal Hospital Authority to purchase a hospital license to keep it out of the hands of one of Sander’s fellow Russians, Alaris Health owner Avery Eisenreich.

Gitman-Sanders and Pete Buttigeig are both former mayors.  Not a single reporter has bothered to examine the state laws that guided their conduct in office.  We’ve seen no review of either former mayor’s council meeting agenda, minutes, audits or the results of lawsuits against the city.  Reporters haven’t had the insight to investigate the “management letters” that showed whether they managed municipal employees who substantially complied or not with the laws that guided their official acts.  The same for his current and former elected official supporters.

Gitman-Sanders like Buttigeig is a first generation “dreamer” of alien born parents.  So are many of this nation’s media owners and “short-sighted” so-called journalists.  Neither has roots to this nation’s American Revolution or Civil War to know the health care industry was legislatively-intended to be free.  So much for the “newness” of Sanders and his foreign “Democratic Socialism” Americans who know this nation’s history and no other don’t want.

Had either Gitman-Sanders or Buttigeig studied the U.S. Constitution they were administered oaths of office locally to uphold, they’d have understood the 10th Amendment gave states certain rights to determine how federal laws would be enforced.  Forward thinking Christian-led states factored “charity” not “socialism” into local laws to care for the indigent, orphans and infirm.  It’s a religious model that was disrupted when immigrants who weren’t Christians thought their old country shit was better and tried to enact what they didn’t know existed here already “their” way.

In fact, several U.S. states enacted similar laws around the same time in the 1950’s to take advantage of the Hill-Burton Act’s passage in 1946 when the Congress Sanders now sits in supported it to pay for hospitals that provided free health care to residents in cities.  Cleveland’s existed until 1957 when “reformists” thought a free county hospital would cover more people when Mayor Anthony Celebreeze agreed and left Cleveland residents without their population-building exclusivity.  Employers hiring Cleveland residents didn’t have to worry about health care coverage. 

In recent years since the 1990’s, Hill-Burton hospitals have been intentionally absorbed and closed by mega-private hospital corporations like Cleveland Clinic and UH.  UH hired a Russian South African physician named Michael Nochomovitz to buy small private pratices in 2001 after the mob tookover health care insurance companies and jacked up the cost of malpractice insurance for independent physicians.

The late Cleveland Mayor Harold Burton stands to the right of Olympic track legend Jesse Owens. To his right is attorney Norman S. Minor. Burton envisioned a strong free health care system when he co-sponsored the Hill-Burton Act in 1946.

Ohio is important to the enactment of the Hill-Burton Act because the “Burton” in the name belongs to U.S. Senator Harold Burton who served on East Cleveland, Ohio’s school board while serving as Cleveland’s director of law before he led Cleveland as mayor.  Burton later served in the U.S. Senate and on the U.S. Supreme Court. There this former thoughtful Christian Cleveland mayor sided with the majority in Brown v. Topeka Kansas Board of Education 1954 to desegregate U.S. schools.

As Cleveland’s mayor, Burton welcomed Olympic track legend Jesse Owens back to Cleveland after he showed Adolf Hitler who really was the “master race.” Burton hired attorney Norman S. Minor as the first Christian Negro assistant municipal prosecuting attorney.

Frank Lausche replaced Burton as Cleveland’s mayor; and by 1953 he was serving as Ohio’s governor.  Instead of disrupting Burton’s long-time use of the offices he held at the time his predecessor had the power to promote charitably-free health care, Lausche respectfully continued it with his own support for R.C. 749 in 1953 as governor.  Their work was disrupted by Celebreeze in 1957 as a politician who hadn’t studied the history of the office before he made a decision that had been well-considered by his more “charitably-focused predecessors.

Gitman-Sanders’ mindset reflects that of the typical non-Christian and alien born politician who goes someplace else to find what Americans already created; or who think what they left or see in another country is better. 

Had Gitman-Sanders respected U.S. history, and the “history” of the public offices he’s held, this uninformed pied piper wouldn’t have misled Burlington residents down his foreign-inspired “socialist” pipe dream instead of the “charitable” path this nation’s Christian leaders already created.  He could have spent his 8 years building a free municipal hospital under Vermont’s existing laws instead of initiating correspondence with foreign leaders to express his disloyal views about the nation that welcomed his Russian father in 1921.

Supporters like Render, Turner and Samples wouldn’t look so poorly-informed or suspect in their own performance while in office had they figured out his “Socialist Democratic” bullshit shit ain’t nothing but a pie in the sky con game.  

More states to go.  It only gets worse for the Gitman-Sanders campaign from here.

[NOTE: All photos are fairly-used for educational purposes.]

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