Little Richard DeWine’s big 100,000 doubling every 6 days coronavirus lie didn’t happen

CLEVELAND, OH – Americans in Ohio who have wondered why Russians in Russia aren’t in a panic and locking down over the coronavirus have only this state’s so-called “journalists” to blame.  Instead of questioning Governor Richard Michael DeWine and his homeless-raised director of the Ohio Department of Health’s completely fabricated and panic-inducing 117,000 infected March 12th estimate, Ohio’s editorial dummies helped hype her fake data.  There were only 135,000 known cases in the entire world.  How could 117,000 infected people be just in Ohio … alone?  No inquiring editorial Ohio reporter wanted to know.

One of the long term effects of being raised homeless by a mentally ill mother is schizophrenia and delusional thinking. Dr. Amy Acton once lived in a tent during the winter in a Mahoning County park with her mentally ill and chronically homeless mother. She’s shown a dramatic penchant for making up fantastic stories.

Russia Today immediately told Russians in an un-bylined March 13th news story that Acton’s estimate was bullshit; and that DeWine’s quack doc had “backtracked” on her false numbers that very day. Acton admitted that only 13 people in the state were known to have the virus and that she was merely estimating with her fabricated 117,000 figure. 

The same March 13th date Acton was admitting her number was fake, Little Richard Michael DeWine was making himself look stupid by retweeting it as real and claiming the 117,000 would double every six days.  It’s why President Donald Trump’s been telling the rest of America to calm the fuck down.  Ohio was being caught up in a Little Richard DeWine delusion.

Russians didn’t buy the delusional estimate of Governor Richard Michael DeWine’s homeless raised director of the Ohio Department of Health.

Do the math.  Acton called herself “guess-timating” that one percent of 11.7 million Ohioans were coronavirus carriers on March 12th.  That’s 117,000 Ohioans.  DeWine retweeted his Ohio Department of Health director’s completely unsupported estimate on March 13th; and added that the number of infected would double every six days.  Acton was publicly making the same claim.

For extra fear-inducing panic Acton also added that 40 to 70 percent of all 11.7 million Ohioans would carry the virus in a year.  At 70 percent that’s 8.2 million infected Ohioans.  The 40 to 70 percent was not her guessing.  She was certain.

On March 16th, the 4th day after Acton’s already-discredited 117,000 infection claim, she used the estimate she’d made up to issue an order that closed the state’s polling locations to prevent a federal election from occurring on March 17th.  The legal basis of her election cancelling order was the fake 117,000 and growing number of coronavirus carriers “community spreading” across Ohio.   Her fantastic prediction gave Ohioans the very clear fear that we were all “doomed.”   The “force” was not with us.

By the time Acton’s order went into effect there should have been close to 234,000 infected Ohioans as the 6th day from her first 117,000 guestimate was on March 18th.  The day after the canceled March 17th primary election.  438,000 by March 24th.  876,000 by March 30th if DeWine’s “double every six day” claim is to be believed. 

By the time the April 6th order is “expected” to be lifted, DeWine’s math would have Ohio hospitals dealing with 1,752,000 coronavirus infected Ohioans.  The number would be hitting 3,504,000 by April 12th.  Acton’s fabricated math and DeWine’s wild claim.  Not mine. 

No matter how fast Ohioans “social distanced” there was no way for Acton’s order to stop 117,000 Ohioans she couldn’t individually identify as coronavirus carriers from spreading it to infect her 40 to 70 percent of “all” Ohioans as she had concluded. 

Dr. Amy Acton’s crackpot estimate of 117,000 coronavirus carriers doubling every six days has turned out to be bullshit.

Along the way to DeWine and Acton’s predicted “doom” were facts that destroyed their fantastic story of millions of infected carriers and hospitals filled with 6000 to 8000 coronavirus patients a day.  15 days after creating her fantastic March 12th 117,000 “guess-timate” the patients didn’t show up as the state’s highly-delusional health director and governor had predicted.   Not even close.  They weren’t even filling up Ohio’s emergency rooms or morgues as she was still operating as if her 117,000 estimate was real to Ohioans.

15 deaths  as of March 27th and no autopsy for each to prove their demise had anything to do with the coronavirus.   DeWine and Acton have been refusing to release the public records that identify the dead. 

By their own data DeWine and Acton could only identify 867 cases as of March 27th with 223 hospitalizations. Up to 70 percent of Ohio’s hospital beds have been drained of other patients to get ready for a virus that’s going to be wiped out when the weather gets warmer; just like the flu. 

Instead of admitting they were wrong and caught up in their self-created delusion, DeWine and his mentally ill-raised state health director have doubled down on possibly extending their constitutionally-violative stay-at-home order for another month.  Based on more “estimates” they’re figuring Ohio’s emergency rooms will be hit with 3000 to 8000 patients a day sometime in May.

Does Dr. Amy Acton realize how delusional she looks as she’s still estimating the number of coronavirus cases beyond what the actual data and hospital visits are showing; and then making up more reasons why she thinks what should be nearly 1 million infected Ohioans are staying home?

DeWine even supported mayors who want to prevent Ohioans from congregating in parks and basketball courts.  Social distancing he shrugs as if the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has become non-existent while he lives out his and Acton’s 117,000 infected delusion.  Ohioans will have to change the way they attend weddings and funerals.  Six feet apart according to a governor with limited authority who thinks he can suspend constitutions and laws in support of his delusions.

It appears DeWine and Acton and the check-taking public employees they’re misdirecting are the only officials in the world who “believe” the hype their 117,000-and-doubling-every-six days infection lie created. 

Acton thinks what should now be a “doubling every six day” nearly one million infected Ohio carriers are staying at home and caring for themselves instead of identifying themselves in emergency rooms.  But just like every other “estimate” she’s offered, the mentally ill and homeless-raised health doctor can’t support her quackish math with even the data she’s getting from “The Force.” That’s the name she’s given her team of “quack” researchers.  She calls them “The Force” as their data continues to disprove her wild theories.

Most people seemed to figure out what was going in Ohio was a little “off.”

DeWine, unfortunately, can’t seem to wrap his mind around the reality that no one but him is listening to his quack doc and believing her fake math.  After reminding Ohioans they should stay six feet away from each other in public parks, social distancing, DeWine told reporters he was hoping to relax his unconstitutional and completely unenforceable stay at home order.        

“We’re telling people it’s a crucial time.  A critical time.  What we do now will determine whether we over run these hospitals; and get to a decision where our medical folk are making life and death decisions,” he said.  Not according to the math.

DeWine’s the only official in America who doesn’t know his mentally ill raised health director has already admitted she lied; and he’s not being helped by Ohio reporters simply carrying his delusional government’s messaging without questioning.

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