It’s insane for Acton to have compared the health of heavily-polluted Italy to Ohio

CLEVELAND, OH – When Ohio director of health Dr. Amy Acton compared the deadly impact of the coronavirus on Italians in Italy to Americans in Ohio it was another act of fear-mongering she insanely deployed to boost her fake March 12th estimate that 117,000 Ohioans were coronavirus carriers.  Thirteen was the actual number of carriers expected to double every six days at the time she shared those words from her lying lips.   The reference to Italy’s problems made no sense.  It’s the worst polluted nation in Europe.

Trash brings diseased pigeons, rats and other vermin around humans.

Backed with her comparison to Italy as her imagery, Acton completely “imagined” that one percent of the entire state’s 11.7 million residents were coronavirus carriers.  After all her imaginary hype, the 13 actual carriers Acton cited on March 12 is the only number that has doubled every 6 days.  Acton quietly acknowledged her “one percent” estimate was fake on March 13th.  But by then the damage was done. 

Publicity-hungry Governor Richard Michael DeWine had already tweeted his quack health director’s lie across the nation and spread fear to other governors that Ohio was the USA’s coronavirus epicenter.  Every six days, DeWine told the world as he left 17,000 Ohioans off Acton’s faked estimate for some reason, the 100,000 infected Ohioans would double from community spreading. 

According to DeWine’s medical quack, we were supposed to see hospitals flooded with 3000 to 8000 coronavirus patients a day based off their false estimate.  320 million U.S. citizens were required to suspend their constitutional rights and “social distance.”

Using DeWine and Acton’s one percent faked estimate there should have been 3.2 million coronavirus infected U.S. inhabitants living among us on March 12th.  6.4 million by March 18th the day after Acton issued an illegal order DeWine misused his office to enforce to cancel the March 17th federal primary election.  By March 24th DeWine and Acton’s “doubling every six days” estimates should have resulted in 12.8 million infected Americans … alone.  25.6 million domestic infections by March 30th. There are 1.4 million cases and 82,000 deaths on a planet of 10 billion. 

DeWine’s influence and the praise he was getting from the media for acting quickly to stop his and Acton’s imagined one percent of Ohioans from infecting the entire state sometime in April created the “me too” effect among the nation’s other governors.  Little Richard and Acton were creating a win-win scenario for themselves with their nation-panicking fake 100,000 to 117,000 Ohio coronavirus carrier claim.  The nation’s other governors were being suckered into DeWine’s delusion.  A high estimate created an opportunity for them all to claim their quick-acting stopped community spreading from becoming a reality as justification for their illegally cancelling elections.

The canals of Venice are actually sewers built 3000 years ago by the engineers of the time.

Had quack “doctor” Acton and her 42 state quack counterparts bothered to read the European Environmental Agency’s 2019 “Air Quality in Europe” report before repeating her fear-mongering lies, DeWine and the other governors “follow the lunatic” health director wouldn’t have compared Ohio’s plight to Italy’s.  They would have all known Italy leads Europe in the number of premature deaths of people 30 and over because of air pollution.  They account for 30 percent of respiratory deaths such as COPD. 

A report from the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2017 echoed the same concerns to U.S. leaders about the high rate of COPD deaths among young Americans.  COPD death rates among females increased 95 percent between 1980 and 2014. 

Negroes in the U.S. are hardist hit because their elected officials are not enforcing air, water and soil pollution laws and because of alien and non-resident control of businesses, properties and institutions in majority Negro cities.  In Cleveland a majority Negro city council and mayor didn’t know they had a contract with the Ohio EPA to keep a deadly illegal dump out of 96 percent Negro East Cleveland. America is plagued with non-reading individuals holding elected offices and making reckless and uninformed decisions.

In 2012 there were 84,000 Italians in Italy who died prematurely because pollution weakened their immune and respiratory systems.  It gave them diabetes, COPD, asthma, heart and kidney disease at earlier ages.  Their already weakened respiratory systems made Italy’s old and young more susceptible to the immune depleting coronavirus’ severe effects once they caught it as a “bad cold” that turned into pneumonia. 

One of the Clevelanders hospitalized with the coronavirus and in a local intensive care unit is a Negro man in his 60’s with chronic COPD.  A close friend said he caught a cold his immune system couldn’t handle.  According to the University of Texas’ 1996 Medical Microbiology handbook from the state’s school of medicine, coronaviruses are common and local to the U.S.

Sewer water gets everywhere and carries bacteria that’s damn near impossible to get out of an Italian’s home, restaurant, businesses, hospitals and schools. It’s a nation with a 3000 year old infrastructure that doesn’t compare to anything in the USA.

The air pollution problem isn’t also new in Italy.  A 2015 report from the same European Environmental Agency triggered a “red alert” over the nation’s bad air and the number of young people dying from it.  Italy’s political leaders were told the same thing in 2003 during that year’s SARS coronavirus outbreak that originated in China and affected Canada. 

Italy’s 60 million population of pollution-impacted inhabitants lives on 114,000 square miles of land.  For a U.S. comparison think of the 113,000 square mile state of Arizona.  That state’s population is about 7.2 million.  Ohio’s 11.7 million residents are on 44,825 square miles of land.  

Italy’s infrastructure is over 3000 years old and Ohio was organized as a state in 1801.  So Venice’s 3000 year old sewer system of canals that carry human shit, animal shit and everything else that goes into sewers directly into the Mediterranean can’t compare to the sewers in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo and Youngstown where Acton, who was partially homeless raised as a child, is from.

This Chinese visitor to Italy attends the University of Toronto. After spending time up close with these diseased pigeons in Italy he returned to Toronto where he spread whatever the fuck he picked up from these nasty-azzed birds around Canadians. What if he was a medical student in the U.S. now treating Americans infected with coronavirus who don’t know avian disease-carrying shit like this is in his Facebook profile?  The 2003 coronavirus SARS pandemic started in China and ended up in  Canada.  This Chinese student has shown us all very clearly how diseases with foreign origins end up in the USA.

Not only does Italy have an air pollution problem it has a trash problem along with its sewer flooding problems.  They can’t get rid of the trash of 60 million people landlocked people so it piles up in the streets of cities like Rome attracting pigeons, rats, roaches and other vermin that feed on it.  All carrying diseases that affect humans.

Rome’s Italians also deal with idiot pigeon-feeding foreign tourists who think it’s cute to take pictures surrounded by the disease-carrying birds living among them daily.  Zoonotic connections to Italy’s diseases are well-established.  Pigeons shit on everything and every body.  Along with Italy’s polluted air and its trash and shitty water comes even more disease, bacteria and virus carrying vermin other than the pigeons.  For some reasons foreign visitors to Italy think it’s romantic to ride gondola boats over sewer water, to be shit on by nasty-azzed pigeons and breathe in the stench of polluted shit smelling air.

Since Italy is also a tourist destination Italians have no idea what foreign diseases the aliens entering their nation are spreading among them.  None of Italy’s ecology would have any effect on Ohioans who haven’t been exposed to it.  A traveler from Italy to Ohio who’d exposed themselves to disease-carrying pigeons for a Facebook photo could possibly infect an Ohioan and every passenger on the airplane that carried them through borders. 

Trash creates air pollution that creates disease in humans; and Italy doesn’t know what to do with its trash.

In her comparison to Italy Acton seems to ignore the threat of Ohio hospitals being staffed with foreign and non-Christian doctors, nurses and technicians who are exposing Americans native to the U.S. to the diseases they’re either bringing with them from “home” or picking up in their international travels.

Italy has other realities that make it unlike the U.S. in comparative terms.   Its border neighbors aren’t Canadians and Mexicans.  Its border neighbors are France, Slovenia, Switzerland and Austria to its north.  More thousands years old European countries dealing with old sewer systems and pollution from being landlocked.  Libya on the continent of Africa is Italy’s southern “cross the water” neighbor compared to the U.S’s Cuba.

Governor Richard Michael DeWine tweeted a lie on March 13, 2020; and used his lie to cancel an election.

All this makes Acton’s crazed decision to use Italy’s high deaths to terrify Ohioans into accepting her false estimate that 117,000 of us had the coronavirus just another act that confirmed her reckless disregard for the truth.  The anticipated infection rate from Acton’s fake estimate was the legal basis for her and “Little Richard” DeWine’s decision to obstruct federal and state elections by ordering polling locations closed on March 16th the day before the primary.

The real number was 13 infected Ohioans whose “community spreading” would cause the virus to spread; and not the 100,000 to 117,000 Acton and DeWine were using as the basis for their decisions as if their imaginary number was factual when they knew it was not.

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