Jones says his judo didn’t block the punches that beat his azz down on Superior Avenue

CLEVELAND, OH – A Cleveland resident gave former South Euclid and now Cleveland Heights resident Basheer Jones an early taste of the “beat down” he’s going to get if he seeks another elected office in Cleveland in 2021. 

Jones told his editorial protectors at and the Plain Dealer his jiujitsu skills couldn’t prevent the punches that came his way after he ran his mouth to the wrong coronavirus lockdown desperate and mentally-impaired man.  Russian-owned Advance Ohio writer Adam Ferrise originally reported that Jones claims he used jiujitsu skills to wrestle a man who attacked him to the ground and hold him for police.  That’s not exactly what happened.

East 79th and Superior Avenue is where Jones pitched a tent as his temporary Cleveland residence while he lived in South Euclid campaigning for a seat on the council in the city he didn’t live in during 2017.  It’s also where he dumped toys on the dirty sidewalk for Christian children during the holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ during Christmas in 2019.

Basheer Jones dumped cheap-azzed Christmas toys on the dirty sidewalk for Christian children.

This time Jones returned to his temporary Cleveland “tent” address to individually hand out food he claims he allegedly obtains from the Greater Cleveland Foodbank and distributes to individual homes throughout Ward 7 on his own.  Whatever food remains Russian-owned Advance Ohio employee Adam Ferrise reported that his publicity-seeking source, Jones, distributes to anyone who drives or walks by and wants it at the corner of E. 79th and Superior. 

Numerous foodbanks in the city operate at a building where families and individuals line-up and sign-up to receive it.  It’s what former Ward 7 councilman T.J. Dow did prior to Jones being “propped up” as a non-resident candidate to replace him. More than $40,000 was poured into Jones’ 14 vote victory.

Below is what Ferrise wrote that he was told by Jones and confirmed in a Cleveland police incident report.

“Jones said he noticed the man chasing people down, banging on car windows and scaring women and children. He called Cleveland Police Third District Commander Dorothy Todd.

While he was on the phone, he told the man leave. The man charged at Jones and hit him several times. Jones said he somehow wrestled the man to the ground and that others nearby helped hold the man on the ground until police arrived.” … Adam Ferrise

Further into his Jones-initiated story Ferrise notes that it wasn’t the councilman, only, who held the man for police.  It was other people who helped hold him for police.  Jiujitsu artists are martial artists who are supposed to be punch ducking experts.  If Jones got hit “several times” it could mean he learned martial arts watching Jackie Chan’s chop socky films. His shaolin technique was not very good.

Basheer Jones delivered brand new bikes to Muslim males. No females.  There’s no money in council’s budget for bikes.

The official duties of council members pursuant to Section 731.05 of Ohio’s Revised Code are “legislative only” and their work is in city hall and not the streets.  When they’re on the streets they’re performing no lawful duties that are associated with the public office.  Jones doesn’t even have the legal authority to operate a council office out of the Hough Multi-Purpose Center or control who has access to it under any law. 

Like any other citizen Jones had the authority to call 9-1-1 if he observed the man committing a misdemeanor.  He had the authority to make a citizens arrest if he knew his offense was a felony.   It wasn’t.   In fact, no charges have been filed against him.

Police said the man was incoherent. Given the crazed economy-disrupting shut down orders coming from Governor Richard Michael DeWine and his quack health director, Dr. Amy Acton, Ohioans like the incoherent man need help not incarceration. 

Basheer Jones called police to remove over 200 Negro men, women and children who had paid an admission to hear speakers at the African American History Museum.

Jones told Ferrise he loved his community and people; but he never in the spirit of a Christian sought to learn what was wrong with his fellow human and if he could help.  He told the man to leave after he called police.  He saw a nuisance not a human in need; and lacked the compassion or courage to simply ask him “what’s wrong?”

Had Jones kept his mouth shut and not told the man to move he’d have committed no crime other than a human being who appeared to be on the streets pleading for help.  

What Ferrise doesn’t appear to have asked the publicity-seeking politician is why he wasn’t practicing social distancing instead of personally exposing viruses he may be carrying to others; and picking up viruses he could be taking home in Cleveland Heights to his children.

Last year the World Health Organization (WHO) tracked a Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) from the Middle East to the U.S.  A zoonotic or animal connection was made that tied this CoVid to camels and alpacas.  The nations associated with those animals are Israel, India, Pakistan, Egypt and other parts of Africa.

Jones has travelled to India and Blaine Griffin and Jasmine Santana visited Israel.  All frequently interact with people who travel back and forth from those MERS-infected parts of the world; and then they interact with hundreds of people at Cleveland city hall and in the city’s neighborhoods. 

As members of council charged with the duty to oversee Cleveland’s department of health, council’s health committee meetings have never featured a discussion about epidemics and pandemics and how and where viruses are originating.  They don’t see their overseas travels and contact with foreigners in their own lands as making them possible carriers of foreign viruses to their families and constituents back home.  Former Cleveland Mayor Michael R. White raises alpacas in central Ohio.

Jones’ politicking on E. 79th and Superior from the “stay at home” orders of DeWine’s health director even if they’re wrong isn’t essential and possibly dangerous. 

Consider that Jones acknowledged to an Advance Ohio writer that he “wrestled” an incoherent man who appeared to be begging for help on the streets.  He also claims to have held him along with others; and none knew his health status. 

Jones’ reckless decision to intervene instead of leaving the man alone also created an interaction between the man, police, hospital workers and all their families.  Where Jones seemed to want him jailed: more caring officials saw the wisdom in sending an incoherent man to be cared for and treated in a humane and Christian way instead of being told to “leave.”

Kevin Kelley has been publicly silent about the two illegal $3000 donations Basheer Jones accepted from Milton Maltz and Tim Wuliger; as well as Jones not being a Cleveland resident when he campaigned for the job in 2017.

Three times Ward 7 residents have taken out petitions to remove the anti-Christian councilman who called police on over 250 Negro men, women and children at the African American History Museum as they gathered to hear from “Success Runs in Our Race” author George Frazer and Dr. Umar Johnson.  The azz whipping he got from the “incoherent” man was just a taste of the one he’s got coming from Ward 7 and Cleveland voters in 2021.

The story about the AIPAC-backed and Muslim Jones calling police on Negroes was not covered by the anti-Christian Plain Dealer and  It’s one of the reasons the Russian-owned newspaper’s been discredited and boycotted by Cleveland’s very strong Christian community since Solomon Isadore Neuhaus bought it in 1967; and decided Christmas was no longer about the birth of Jesus Christ because it wasn’t his belief.

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