Jewish Acton ignored quarantine laws after 9 Jews were Cuyahoga’s and among the state’s 1st 13 CoVid 19 exposed residents

CLEVELAND, OH – According to a December 2019 report of the World Health Organization (WHO),Co-Vid 19id is actually a Middle East Respiratory Syndrom (MERS) transmitted from camels and alpacas to humans. The U.S. was warned by WHO all last year through December that MERS had been “imported” to New York, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, California and even China where large numbers of Middle Easterners from countries with camels have re-herded to create their own communities.  As but one example, the November 2019 WHO MERS report showed a majority of the cases that month were coming from Saudi Arabia.

This WHO MERS map shows the virus originating in the Middle East and spreading to New York, Florida, Illinois and California.

In Cuyahoga County Governor Richard Michael DeWine on March 9th identified its first nine Co-Vid 19id 19 or MERS carriers or exposed as Russian American Jews who had either returned from a trip to Egypt or were around other Russian or ‘Soviet Jews from Israel at an American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference in Washington, D.C.  The AIPAC conference was from March 1 – 3.  Six Jewish Hawken school students were also exposed to the virus bringing the total of known infected Ohioans to 9 of the 13 Acton reported on March 12th.

In New York Governor Mario Cuomo identified that state’s first Co-Vid 19 as an Iranian hospital worker who had just returned from her home country and begun infecting residents of the U.S.  

California Governor Gavin Newsome’s first Co-Vid 19 patient was a Chinese alien who brought MERS-Co-Vid 19 here from Wuhan, China.  The current Co-Vid 19 is clearly identified by WHO as a virus people living and traveling to the Middle East exported to the nations they either traveled to or resided in after traveling to that part of the world.  There is a zoonotic connection tying it to camels. [NOTE:  The video of the Hindu woman below is very clothes-on “r” and not x-rated.]

Camels are indigenous to Israel, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Africa as well as India where U.S. Senator Kamala Harris’ mother is from;  along with Pakistan where in Cleveland Subodh Chandra’s parents are from.  The Chinese government rejected itself as the site of MERS Co-Vid 19’s origins and has been expelling and quarantining Africans, Indians and Eastern European Jews.  Out of 46 new Chinese cases in one day, its government officials reported 45 were imported from aliens entering China. China has barred all short term visitors.  Orthodox Jews in Morocco account for 10 percent of the nation’s MERS Co-Vid 19 deaths.

Cleveland’s Jewish Federation immediately confirmed the Irish Catholic DeWine’s claim that three of its members were infected by the contagious virus WHO has confirmed camels are transmitting to humans.  

At its largely religiously-segregated AIPAC meetings, American Jews interact with Russian Jews from the heavily-infected Middle Eastern Israel.  In April Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered police to surround and erect roadblocks around the ultra-Orthodox Russian or Soviet Jewish city of B’nai B’rek where he told Israelis 40 percent were infected by the animal-to-human or camel spread virus.  It’s unknown if any of these Israelis attended the AIPAC conference in the U.S.

This Estonian woman’s trip to Egypt came with a very intimate connection to the pictured camel. Notice she’s got a cigarette she’s holding as she touches her lips to blow a kiss. She fed the camel with the same hand she’s holding the cigarette and blowing a kiss. The animal’s spit got on her fingers and she actually kissed the beast on the lips picking up whatever bacteria or viruses it’s nasty spit was carrying. Not a hint of hand sanitizer was anywhere near her. The animal’s fur is touching her hair. Its fur and whatever bugs on it are now embedded in her hair and clothing.  Every person she touched, hugged, kissed or breathed on after this picture didn’t know how unclean she was from her intimate experience with a filthy animal. Whatever virus she picked up from this nasty-azzed camel was taken back home. What if this nasty bitch was a physician or a nurse working in hospitals in Estonia or even in the U.S.?

In Israel as well as the other Middle Eastern nations, tourists become intimately fascinated by the filthy animals and ignore all sense of respect for personal hygiene as they feed the animal, hold or try to kiss it.  They then mingle with other humans who have no idea the lips kissing them just kissed a virus-carrying camel.

What Title 3701 of Ohio’s Revised Code required Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Leigh Stearns-Acton to do was order Cuyahoga County’s health department to quarantine the nine infected Jewish residents in their homes and place a placard on it as a notice to individuals who interacted with them.   

There is no rhyme or reason to human beings doing this nasty-azzed shit.

Laws learned from the 1918 pandemic instruct Ohio’s health officials to quarantine the infected.  Not the general population.  The quarantined are maintained and financially-supported.  Economies are not disrupted because of the careless personal health habits and weakened immune systems of foreign travelers and aliens.

But Stearns-Acton is Jewish and so is Russian American and Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish.  Eastern European Jews were blamed for spreading the Black Plague of 1347 that wiped out anywhere from 75 to 200 million humans.  More recently unvaccinated Orthodox Russian Jews have been accused of creating another measles epidemic in the U.S. that had been wiped out as a disease.  The idea Russian Jews living in the Middle East were importing another disease to the U.S. and Ohio may have given Acton a religious self-interest to deflect the public’s attention away from and protect members of her religious faith from being disliked “as they perceive” even more.  .

Instead of ordering Cuyahoga County Health director Terry Allan to placard the homes of the three Russian Jewish residents of Cuyahoga County with a “quarantine” sign, as well as the homes of the six MERS-Co-Vid 19 exposed Hawken students who attended the AIPAC conference, Acton approved Budish’s health director’s decision to ignore the instructions of Title 37 and allowed them to voluntarily self-quarantine with no controls or sign.   The words “self-quarantine” don’t exist anywhere in Title 37 and neither Acton nor Allan was authorized to give Ohioans infected with a pandemic disease the option. Each official exceeded the authority of the public offices they held.

After the MERS-Co-Vid 19 the Cleveland Jewish Federation’s members brought at least to Cuyahoga County had spread, Stearns-Action on March 16th ordered all Ohioans instead of just the infected to stay home.  This came after she and DeWine lied that one percent of the state’s entire population was infected when the known infections they were authorized by law to report was 13.

R.C. 3707.08 is the general law Dr. Amy Acton and every board of health was required to obey to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. This law came from lessons learned in the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Little Richard DeWine and his quack health director had no other choice but to enforce it.

She and DeWine opted to protect the “privacy” of the 13 infected Ohioans instead of protecting the health of 11.7 million Ohioans from them.  Nine of the 13 infected Ohioans were Russian American Jews living in Cuyahoga County.

Thanks to President Donald Trump having a daughter who married a Russian Jew named Jared Kushner, and his grandchildren from her being half-Russian and American Jews, Acton’s deflection became easy after he blamed China instead of the Middle East though WHO and China knew better.  Trump’s criticism that WHO didn’t warn the U.S. seems out-of-place since its warnings are free and available online to health professionals across the nation.

Neither Acton nor DeWine have released the names of the infected; or ordered county and city health boards to placard their properties as Title 3707.08 requires the officials to do to protect those who interact with them.  Instead the two recklessly and maliciously used their fake 117,000 infected Ohioans estimate to shut down the entire state and its economy without any regard for our well-established and unrepealed general laws.

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