Video shows bats, dogs, cats, snakes at Asian market that sells them for food

CLEVELAND, OH – Andrew Kaczynski is a CNN reporter who in an “investigative” story for his employer exposed tweets newly-appointed Health & Human Services spokesman Michael Caputo made about Chinese people his expert azz labeled “racist” and “xenophobic.”  A video taken of a market in Tomohon Indonesia shows exactly the type of animals Caputo described being sold to Asians for food. Europeans are also seen in some of the videos featuring the Tomohon “extreme” market online.

Kaczynski’s Linked In page shows him attending Benedictine Catholic High School in Cleveland, making sandwiches for a Cleveland Heights Subway franchise; and then jumping to BuzzFeed as a political reporter before he dropped out of college. 

His investigative style appears to have focused on finding videos of politicians and public officials making contradictory statements and offering uninformed assessments of them like he did about Caputo.  Kacyznski found Caputo’s tweets after a search of the Wayback Machine.  Doing things like this made him YouTube popular and he caught Buzzfeed’s attention.  Use of words like “racist” in online “news” is known to be a popularly-searched algorithm that draws traffic.  Bloggers likle Kaczynski search for creative ways to use it.

What the “Cleveland” investigative reporter’s Linked In page doesn’t show is travel to Asia or an education in this nation’s culture or history.  No time serving in the U.S. armed forces in places like Thailand for a year like I did during the end of the Vietnam War to know it’s not racist or xenophobic for Caputo to have tweeted the following words because they’re actually true:  

“Millions of Chinese suck the blood out of rabid bats as an appetizer and eat the ass out of anteaters.”  

Kaczynski appears not to know anything about “pangolin” ant-eaters eaten by Asians and Africans that are in the protected species category. It’s a scaly, armadillo-like mammal found in east Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.  The Chinese eat it as an imported food.  There are armadillo-eaters in the U.S.  Describing another American as such doesn’t make this American a racist. 

Armadillos were eaten by Americans during the 1930 Depression.  They were called “Hoover Hogs” because the animals when cooked taste like pork.  They also named it after President Herbert Hoover for lying about promising them a “chicken in every pot.”  Journalists like Kaczynski incorrectly attributed it to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 

American farmers consider our “ant-eaters” or armadilloes to be scaly ant-eating pigs they don’t want on their property.  They also carry a virus that causes Hansen Disease in humans.  It’s better known as “leprosy” and incidence in the U.S. is low.  People have a natural immunity to it if their immune systems are well-fed with zinc and the other minerals it needs.  The real reason is millions of Americans don’t eat armadilloes and anyone reading this shit is probably thinking they’ll never try it.

It’s also not new news that millions of Chinese eat bats and “ant-eaters” as Caputo correctly claimed; making Kaczynski and CNN ignorantly-informed to consider telling the truth to be “racist.”  It’s more amazing that CNN is passing this bullshit off as “news.”

Had Kaczynski searched beyond Wikipedia for information he might have “investigated” and found a January 1, 1938 article in Nature magazine that would have informed him and his equally uninformed CNN editors and co-writing team about “Chinese medicine and the pangolin.”  Its scales, according to the 1938 article, are dried, cooked and specially-prepared for use as a medicine for ailments like “excessive nervousness and hysterical crying in children, women possessed by devils and ogres, malarial fever and deafness.”  Eighty years later and even National Geographic produced a 2018 news segment on pangolin trafficking to Chinese restaurants Kaczynski could have researched beyond Caputo’s Twitter page.

Stories like the one he “created” about Caputo have generated criticism for Kaczynski’s so-called investigative reporting style.  In 2013 he wrongly-identified Sunil Tripathi to his 81,000 followers as the Boston Marathon bomber.  Tripathi committed suicide after the false claim.  That should have ended his career at Buzzfeed.  Bad reporting has rewarded him so he continues at CNN.

Had Kacyznski completed his college studies on American history,he might have discovered a piece of 1899 legislation called the Chinese Exclusion Act.  From his Eastern European perspective he’d view it, too, as racist because among the excluded were his Eastern European ancestors. 

Congress was tired of the violent labor wars mainly Russian Eastern European immigrants whose last names were similar to his had engaged in “against” the nation’s overhwelming Negro and White Anglo Saxon Protestant Christian majority.  It’s what led President Woodrow Wilson in 1919 to round up 4500 of his Eastern European countrymen; and to deport 240 of them back to Russia.  Wilson would really be a racist to Kaczynski instead of a hero to Americans tired of his people’s violent attacks.  Perhaps this best explains Kaczynski’s support for the Chinese.

There’s nothing to debunk. This is a real fucking bat laid out on a table with other bats to be eaten. Most Americans have no curiosity to learn how bat meat tastes.

Instead of trying to embarass Caputo, CNN’s so-called “investigative journalist” might have offered its viewers and readers more insight had he learned to look beyond the limits of his limited perspective and false opinions.  Real learning doesn’t come when the Catholic schools you attend have the answers to questions in the back of textbooks; and the students of your school are exempted from Ohio’s proficiency tests.

The last name “Kaczynski” is somewhat unique to a town like Cleveland that became the home of a large eastern European population after World War 1 and World War 11.  Fleeing Nazi and communist war criminals ended up being hidden in the city’s Catholic churches and parishes.  Several Kacyznski’s show up in the Cuyahoga County Clerk of Court’s databases since the CNN reporter’s from Cleveland.  I checked. 

Drug trafficking, possession, aggravated burglary, domestic violence, intimidation of witness, lots of foreclosures.  Wonder if he’s related?

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