Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton answered "yes" on her Ohio Medical Board application to be treated for a mental illness or drug addiction. She claimed to have been homeless and lived in a park with her mother in Youngstown, Ohio. Her mother called her little Amy a liar.

Aw shit! Lyin’ quack Acton just learned that every Ohioan knows where she lives!

CLEVELAND, OH – When Governor Richard Michael DeWine decided to use Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton’s “one percent of Ohioans are Co-Vid 19 infected” lie to suspend the U.S. and Ohio constitutions, and the state’s general laws he was administered an oath of office to uphold and enforce, the term-limited elected official crossed the “dereliction of duty” line and violated R.C. 2921.44(d) and (e). 

Little Richard like a “Dick” recklessly created a deficit in the state’s budget while exceeding and failing to perform the duties of the public office he holds.  All because he acted on the crazed advice of his lyin’ delusional quack, Stearns-Acton, when she issued an order that resulted in the vote-suppressing obstruction and cancellation of the March 17, 2020 federal primary election and deliriously ordered businesses to close.

Governor Richard Michael DeWine is a liar. Period.

Reporters now carrying DeWine’s words of admonishment to the 11.7 million angry Ohioans whose lives he and his lyin’ quack health director disrupted are repeating them in headlines as if he has the power to make them mean anything.  Americans whose constitutional rights he “thought” he could use lies to violate are letting him and the reporters who carried his easy-to-disprove fables know he doesn’t. 

Nothing about us Constitutional rights-defending Americans with pre-Civil War roots to the nation is “conservative” and labeling us as such for defending them is reflective of a foreign perspective that shows no real understanding of our country.  Our constitutions and laws were designed for us to keep out-of-control and lyin’ elected officials and public employees in place.  We elect and un-elect “representatives” not “leaders.”

The 1st Amendment offers no protection to a media that operates as the public relations arm of known liars who are public officials.  It’s designed to protect defenders of the truth.  

DeWine’s a lyin’ term-limited politician.  Not a monarch or ruler with an army or loyal militia. Any time “the people” want to come for this malicious liar or any other tyrannical elected official or public employee they can.  Our constitutions and the laws that support them guarantee those “inalienable” rights. A simple court filing starts the process for removing a despicable lying public official like Stearns-Acton.

This is how Title 37 authorized the health director to protect first responders from being infected. No law authorized Governor Richard Michael DeWine to give first responders the names of infected Ohioans.

DeWine and Stearns-Acton should have remembered the oath they took before they went on a power trip. They serve the “will” of “the people” and not their own.  The purpose of our constitution is to prevent duty-exceeding elected officials like DeWine from even thinking they’re our “rulers.”  Americans don’t take “orders” from politicians and public employees living off their tax dollars.  

Stearns-Acton is learning she and her family have no “psychological” protection from the wrath of the 11.7 million Ohioans whose lives she disrupted with the “orders” coming from her slanderous lie that 117,000 of us were infected with Co-Vid 19 when the known total of infections worldwide was 134,000. She created the national stigma that damn near all of us were virus carriers when she knew only 13 Ohioans were infected with Co-Vid; and that nine of the 13 were from Cuyahoga County when she lied to the state’s 11.7 million residents.  She should not have lied to or slandered us. One percent of the state’s population was not Co-Vid 19 infected. 

All of the officials who co-conspired to promote Governor Richard Michael DeWine and Dr. Amy Stearn-Acton’s 100,000-infected lie should be criminally prosecuted.

Stearns-Acton knew from County Executive Armond Budish’s health director, Terry Allan, that three of the nine infected Cuyahoga County residents had just returned from Isreal.  She knew the other six were Hawken Upper School students who had become infected at an American Isreali Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference in Washington, D.C.  While there they were exposed to alien Israelis and back and forth travelers who think they’re dual citizens.  Cuyahoga County’s health officials had been alerted of the infected Cuyahoga County residents by members of the Cleveland Jewish Federation.

She knew or should have learned through investigation that the World Health Organization (WHO) had tracked a Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) from Israel, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran to the United States as late as December 2019.  Stearns-Acton also should have read, mastered, obeyed and ensured that health boards in the state’s 88 counties knew to enforce all 26 of the pandemic mitigating laws found in Title 37 of Ohio’s Revised Code. 

She would have learned the origins of the MERS, not SARS, was zoonotic and connected to human contact with camel mucus and saliva from an online WHO search.  Camels are indigenous to the lands where the majority of Ohio’s foreign and “dual citizened” physicians and health care workers originate.

Reporters for all of Ohio’s media outlets recklessly spread quack Dr. Amy Stearn-Acton’s lie knowing only 13 Ohioans were officially infected.

What Stearns-Acton never investigated was why so many health care workers tested positive; and if physicians, nurses and specialists from the infected Middle East and Eastern Europe working in Ohio were the source of the MERS Co-Vid 19 transmission to sick Ohioans who have never come in contact with camels.  An Eastern European Croatian alien named Tomislav Mihaljevic leads Cleveland Clinic hospital and its large crew of Middle Eastern, Eastern European and non-Christian doctors, nurses and specialists. There’s no better place or reason for blame to be misdirected at China than in American hospitals controlled by Eastern European and Middle Eastern health care officials and workers issuing statements to the public that protect their own ethnic, religious and economic interests.

Christian Ohio lawmakers who lived through the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic specifically wrote a set of instructions for their descendants to follow on how to deal with those in the future we live in today.  Stearns-Acton and her co-liar, DeWine, were criminally derelict and irresponsible to all Ohioans by ignoring our caring and thoughtful ancestor’s instructions to future Ohio health care professionals. What Ohioans should observe is how DeWine, Stearns-Acton, health boards across Ohio and reporters for the mainstream media have all ignored the laws they left for us to follow.  No media outlet has compared the state’s 66-year-old pandemic-mitigating laws to the so-called “official acts” DeWine and Stearns-Acton created out of thin air.

None of the 26 mandatory duties Stearns-Acton was required to perform included “social distancing” and “stay at home” orders to protect the privacy of 13 Co-Vid 19 infected Ohioans whose homes should have been “placarded.”   They should have been “quarantined” to their homes and not allowed to self-quarantine on some made up honor system as if a shared religion gave at least nine of the 13 instant integrity.  The MERS Co-Vid 19 virus spread in Cuyahoga County and DeWine along with Stearns-Acton were both criminally-derelict in ensuring that Budish and his health director, Allan, contained it.

R.C. 3707.08 is the general law Dr. Amy Acton and every board of health was required to obey to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. This law came from lessons learned in the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Little Richard DeWine and his quack health director had no other choice but to enforce them.

Stearns-Acton was not embued with any authority to abuse the public office she holds to protect the privacy of members of her Jewish faith; and it’s an act of religious racist supremacy so despicable that this state’s Christian majority and Catholics should demand her immediate removal from office for it.  Ohio’s general assembly must use their U.S. Congressional-like investigative authority to issue subpoenas to DeWine, Stearns-Acton, Allan and other health directors in the more affected counties to learn why they all failed to enforce the 26 pandemic mitigating laws identified in Title 37 of the Revised Code.

The homes of the known infected should have been placarded as required by Title 3707.08.  The known infected should have been ordered to remain in their homes.  Ohio lawmakers gave health boards the authority in Title 37 to place a guard outside a known infected person’s home to keep them in it.  No law granted DeWine or Stearns-Acton the authority to cancel a federal election and “order” healthy citizens whose Constitutional rights “are never and cannot be suspended” to stay the fuck at home, close their businesses and stop working.

Neither should feel a sense of peace in this state for the short time they have left in public office.  Both should be criminally prosecuted and jailed; and the pressure for their prosecutions should come from the 11.7 million Ohioans their lies deceived.  DeWine should have the decency to resign; and Lt. Governor Jon Husted should go with him for operating as a cowardly co-conspirer instead of blowing the whistle on these two recklessly Title 37 usurping lyin’ lunatics.

Tomislav Mihalevic is a Croatian alien who leads Cleveland Clinics crew of Eastern European and Middle Eastern alien physicians, nurses, specialists and officials who travel back and forth to the Middle East and expose this nation’s sickest and immune-depleted Americans who never leave this nation’s borders to the viruses they pick up “back home.” Saudi Arabia was identified as a source of the MERS virus by WHO. Cleveland Clinic has a facility in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabian medical workers in a city where students from our public schools should have those jobs. It’s offensive to think no American physician native to this land is qualified to lead Cleveland Clinic.

Reporters and bloggers who took advantage of the hysteria around Stearns-Acton’s lie to generate “click bait” advertising profits for themselves and their media companies disgrace the profession of journalism.  They weren’t in pursuit of the truth.  They’re nothing more than malicious editorial profiteers fueling panic instead of truth to line their depraved manipulative pockets.  Every publication and blogger who pushed Stearns-Acton’s estimate instead of the known facts that only 13 Ohioans and not 100,000 of us were Co-Vid 19 infected deserves the scorn they’re now getting from readers and viewers who should have known not to trust them.

What’s now known is that 13 Co-Vid 19 infected Ohioans “community spread” it to fewer than 20,000 others during the season of the “common cold” known as the “coronavirus.”  Fewer than 1000 Ohio souls are no longer with us.  That’s the sad but realistic average for a flu season. 

The disgusting truth is that the Ohio Health Department doesn’t blast governors, general assembly members or mayors and councils with EPA contracts for taking campaign cash from contractors leaving immune-weakening piles of deadly debris in the state’s urban neighborhoods; and for not ensuring that drinking water from the curb to the faucet is lead-free.  I asked the Ohio Department of Health to investigate the health of the residents harmed by the pile of construction debris Pete & Pete dumped behind East Cleveland homes on Noble Road.  No fucking response.  Cleveland’s immune-killing drinking water from the curb to the faucet has more lead in it than the water in Flint, Michigan.

Since Stearns-Acton has a career as an educator and researcher, and not as a front line emergency room doctor, she panicked and lied instead of admitting she was medically in over her head.   The flu season was too much for DeWine’s inexperienced quack.  

Since the governor who appointed this medical quack is a publicity-hound, Stearns-Acton’s lie for a diminuitive political mutt with a hystery of hysteria became the springboard that catapulted DeWine’s nationally obscure azz to another level.  “Look ma’ I’m on TV.”  How this lyin’ lunatic constitutional rights violator gets on TV doesn’t matter.  There are still 24 East Cleveland police officers working without Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy certifications in violation of cease orders he failed to enforce as Ohio’s attorney general both times he’s served in the job.

DeWine’s numbered his own political days now that he’s calling the American citizens who elected him names they don’t deserve for exercising their constitutional rights to address his and his quack state health doc’s law breaking; and the lies manipulative reporters and bloggers helped him spread to determine who among us was “essential” and could work and feed ourselves and our families and who was not.  Every working and taxpaying Ohioan is essential to themselves and their families.  Fuck any Nazi-minded politician or public official who thinks otherwise.  No Amy.  Ohioans are not going to be issued “immunity passes.”

DeWine and Stearns-Acton’s duties by law were and are to keep the infected away from the uninfected.  Not the other stupid economy-killing way around. The once homeless Stearns-Acton had no legal authority to offer a delusional and highly-crazed guess in place of known facts.

Governor Richard Michael DeWine lied about Asians being human traffickers and doctors being drug dealers all for publicity. DeWine hit the media jackpot with an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show with his latest lie.

Whatever psychological fear Stearns-Acton and her family now feel from the wrath of Ohioans her lawless decisions affected does not compare to what’s coming as more “truths” are revealed about what happened and how she chose options that violated Title 37 as a way to mitigate a pandemic that never happened.  100,000 Ohioans were not Co-Vid 19 infected.  That recklessly false estimate did not “community spread” and double every six days as she and DeWine piled on lie on top of lie.  No hospital in the state saw admissions of 3000 to 8000 patients a day. 

Both she and DeWine lied as Ohioans in the middle of life saving medical treatments that weren’t connected to Co-Vid 19 were denied or impeded from receiving it. These two lyin’ spotlight seekers deserve criminal prosecution and jail; not editorial praise from complicit so-called “journalists.”

DeWine’s now got the insane nerve to think any Ohioan is going to listen to his malicously lyin’ azz just as his and Acton’s fear-mongering whoppers have been busted wide open.  It ain’t happening. Especially since most Ohioans don’t know he’s been running for and holding elected office under a pseudoynm.  

His real name’s Richard Michael DeWine.  It’s understood why he’d rather be called “Lil Mike” instead of “Lil Dick” as a Napoleanic wannabe. Dick shouldn’t worry.  Ohio’s coming after him.   The same general laws that elected him will take him out. 

Ohioans with grievances against Dr. Amy Acton’s unlawful stay at home “orders” took their concerns to her home at 932 Pleasant Ridge Road in Bexley, Ohio.

Imagine a governor who’s allowed to appear on the ballot under a fake name that’s different than the one on his birth certificate, drivers license, voter registration card and deed to his property. 

Consider that every document a deputy attorney general submitted to a court under the name “Mike DeWine” or “Michael DeWine” is fraudulent as no such person legally exists in the form of the person Richard Michael DeWine has pretended to be.  If his elections board counted the name “Mike DeWine” as a valid signature on a petition the circulator and the validating employee committed election fraud.  The same if he signed a petition as “Mike” knowing it’s not his legal name.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr has affirmed to Americans that the U.S. Department of Justice may join citizen complaints of civil rights abuses.  Watching this now unlicensed former attorney squirm in front of a prosecutor and judge will be a pleasure.  DeWine and Acton maliciously rigged how Co-Vid 19 cases were identified and included Ohioans with common colds and allergy symptoms to create the appearance that number of infected was growing.  Two viciously deceiving liars.

Recall.  Court.  General election loss.  Criminal prosecution.  Jail.  Either way.  DeWine’s got to get the hell out of Ohio’s governor’s office and take his lying quack with him.   

Eric Jonathan Brewer

Cleveland's most influential journalist and East Cleveland's most successful mayor is an East Saint Louis, Illinois native whose father led the city's petition drive in 1969 to elect the first black mayor in 1971. Eric is an old-school investigative reporter whose 40-year body of editorial work has been demonstrably effective. No local journalist is feared or respected more.

Trained in newspaper publishing by the legendary Call & Post Publisher William Otis Walker in 1978 when it was the nation's 5th largest Black-owned publication, Eric has published and edited 13 local, regional and statewide publications across Ohio. Adding to his publishing and reporting resume is Eric's career in government. Eric served as the city's highest paid part-time Special Assistant to ex-Cleveland Mayor Michael R. White. He served as Chief of Staff to ex-East Cleveland Mayor Emmanuel Onunwor; and Chief of Communications to the late George James in his capacity as the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority's first Black executive director. Eric was appointed to serve as a member of the state's Financial Planning & Supervision Commission to guide the East Cleveland school district out of fiscal emergency and $20 million deficit. Former U.S. HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson told Eric in his D.C. office he was the only mayor in the nation simultaneously-managing a municipal block grant program. Eric wrote the city's $2.2 million Neighborhood Stabilization Program grant application. A HUD Inspector General audit of his management of the block grant program resulted in "zero" audit findings.

As a newspaper publisher, Eric has used his insider's detailed knowledge of government and his publications to lead the FBI and state prosecutors to investigations that resulted in criminal prosecutions of well-known elected officials in Ohio; and have helped realign Cleveland's political landscape with the defeat of candidates and issues he's exposed. Eric's stories led to the indictments of the late Governor George Voinovich's brother, Paul Voinovich of the V Group, and four associates. He asked the FBI to investigate the mayor he'd served as chief of staff for public corruption; and testified in three federal trials for the prosecution. He forced former Cuyahoga County Coroner Dr. Elizabeth Balraj to admit her investigations of police killings were fraudulent; and to issue notices to local police that her investigators would control police killing investigations. Eric's current work has resulted in Cuyahoga County Judge John Russo accepting the criminal complaint he guided an activist to file against 24 civil rights-violating police officers in the city he once led for operating without valid peace officer credentials. USA Today reporters picked up on Eric's police credentials reporting from his social media page and made it national.

Eric is the author of of his first book, "Fight Police License Plate Spying," which examines the FBI and local police misuse of the National Crime Information Center criminal records history database. An accomplished trumpet player and singer whose friendship with Duke Fakir of the Four Tops resulted in his singing the show's closing song, "Can't Help Myself": Curtis Sliwa of New York's Guardian Angels counts Eric among his founding chapter leaders from the early 1980's role as an Ohio organizer of over 300 volunteer crime fighters in Cleveland, Columbus and Youngstown, Ohio. For his work as a young man Eric was recognized by Cleveland's Urban League as it's 1983 Young Man of the Year.

Known in Cleveland for his encyclopedic knowledge of government and history, and intimately-connected with the region's players, every local major media outlet in Cleveland has picked up on one of Eric's stories since 1979. There is no mainstream newspaper, television or radio outlet in Cleveland that does not include an interview with Eric Jonathan Brewer in its archives over the past 40 years.


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