These two lying lunatics unconstitutionally closed Ohio businesses and created conditions that have wrecked government budgets throughout the state as the United States of America heads into a Depression created by their reckless decisions not to obey the state's 26 pandemic mitigating laws. Governor Richard Michael DeWine and his ex-quack health director, Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton, deserve to be cursed by Ohioans forever.

DeWine acts like he’s in love with Stearns-Acton as he “talks tough” to protect her

CLEVELAND, OH – The way Governor Richard Michael DeWine is threatening to use his veto to protect Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton from the General Assembly, and sounding like a tough guy to the voters who elected him for protesting her unconstitutional and unlawful orders, Ohioans would think he was fucking the health director he pays more than his $154,000 salary.  DeWine acts like a man in love with the $230,000-a-year eye candy he hired instead of a governor managing and overseeing a criminally derelict public employee.

DeWine had the same problem with Mary Davis as Ohio’s Attorney General.  She’s the attractive blonde who worked for him and let hundreds of cops make unlawful arrests without Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy credentials like the 24 in East Cleveland activist Mariah Crenshaw exposed.  She operated on her own “honor system” instead of the law; and let them take online tests they couldn’t prove.  East Cleveland’s last two police chiefs, Scott Gardner and Michael Cardilli, even sought $10,000 in reimbursements from Davis for fake tests they administered to the city’s law enforcement officers.  She sent them the money.

Attractive blonde Mary Davis worked for Richard Michael DeWine when he served as the state attorney general.

Not only is it logical for the General Assembly of Ohio to enact legislation that restricts the authority of the unelected Director of Health to make civil rights restricting decisions, alone, that result in a closing of the entire state’s economy, the state’s lawmakers should go further.  The health director appointed by the governor should be confirmed by the Ohio Senate after a public hearing in the same manner as the members of the President of the United State’s cabinet.  

Stearns-Acton has clearly demonstrated she does not know and is not fit to perform the duties of the health director’s job found in Title 37 of Ohio’s Revised Code.  DeWine’s threat to veto legislation that better delineates the limits of the job’s authority places his failed appointee’s reputation over the interests of 11.7 million Ohioans.  It also covers up for the reckless decision he made to hire the quack.

The last three health directors between Governors John Kasich and DeWine have not been front line physicians with the day-to-day emergency room or widespread health care knowledge to understand what is and what is not a pandemic. Kasich’s health director’s weren’t physicians at all.  Lance Himes is an attorney and Rick Hodges was the director of the Ohio Turnpike Commission.  Himes is now the health department’s general counsel. 

Stearns-Acton is a “physician” in title but her background’s in teaching and non-profit research.  Not emergency rooms or healthcare management.  She spent 8 years as an assistant professor at Ohio State University’s college of public health.  Her 18 months prior to joining DeWine’s cabinet was as a Columbus Foundation grant manager.  The early years she spent in medicine before teaching was as a pediatrician.

There’s no record of a medical practice or a career on medicine’s front lines before the twice-married mother of three became the state’s top health expert.  She couldn’t answer a simple Medicare billing question from a blogger during one of her press briefings with DeWine.  Neither could DeWine as he stood silently by his once homeless health “expert.” 

Stearns-Acton’s admission that she and her brother were raised by a mentally-ill mother who took them to a Mahoning County park to live during a winter should have raised questions about her own mental health.  The children of homeless parents are taught to lie to avoid being placed in county custody. 

Research shows them having their own mental health issues as adults; so Stearns-Acton’s lying about 100,000 Ohioans being Co-Vid 19 infected came naturally.  So did the lies that followed.  This character flaw could have been detected during an Ohio Senate confirmation hearing.  So could her paper thin medical background.

DeWine’s number two top doc at the Ohio Department of Health is a psychiatrist who specializes in mental health, drug addiction and recovery.  Dr. Mark Hurst.  Neither he nor Stearns-Acton would know from daily experience that using ventilators to treat people who already have pneumonia worsens the pneumonia and causes death in 85 percent of patients. It’s clear the physicians using ventilators to treat Co-Vid 19 patients created the majority of the casualties. An experienced physician would have guided the state’s doctors away from overusing them as they did.  A person wearing a mask all day is breathing in their own carbon monoxide.

In Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson appointed former councilwoman Merle Gordon to lead the city’s health department. After council she worked for MetroHealth hospital in “government relations” talking to government officials about the hospital.  She doesn’t understand that letting George Michael Riley and Christine Beynon build the construction and demolition debris landfill behind homes on Noble Road in East Cleveland spewed deadly toxins in the air that weakened the immune systems of nearby residents and got them ready for a Co-Vid 19 viral attack.  

Non-physician and Ohio Department of Health General Counsel Lance Himes was once the states director of health.

Without the knowledge she could have learned from the U.S. EPA’s website for free, Gordon didn’t order the dust tested that inspectors identifed after 26 visits to learn it contained particulate materials that were weakening the immune systems of Collinwood and Apex Charter school children in East Cleveland and Cleveland.  It’s why replacing water lines from the curb to the faucet and forcing dumpers to remove their deadly debris is not in her plan to re-open the city.  She can’t see why physicians on EMS squads would allow infected Clevelanders to be treated in their homes.

Neither of DeWine’s appointees appear to be emergency room or trauma physicians: evidence he may have scraped the bottom of the barrel to find anyone with the title of “doctor” who was willing to work with him.  The reason for fewer real physicians in the state and their reluctance to deal with DeWine is simple.

DeWine in 2011 maliciously targeted 62 Ohio physicians he slandered as “drug dealers” for treating patients who needed their life and work-related pain managed with narcotic and narcotic-like pharmaceuticals under “controlled” conditions.  The slandered physicians left Ohio along with the team of physicians Huron Road hospital built into the state’s number one gunshot wound trauma center in East Cleveland when Cleveland Clinic’s board voted to close it in 2011. 

Prosecutors across Ohio refused to accept his allegations as evidence of criminal misconduct against the 62 accused physicians.  Eventually only two faced charges.  Word got around the national medical community that DeWine was making Ohio unfriendly for physicians.  Doctors bypassing the state has resulted in Ohio hospitals now being staffed with low-paid doctors who are Middle Eastern and Asian immigrants.

When he replaced Richard Cordray as attorney general his predecessor’s last year’s narcotic death total was 84. Cordray didn’t turn doctors into Public Enemy #1 because his narcotic death tolls didn’t reflect a serious problem. 

Within a year after Cordray left office and DeWine replaced him, the narcotic death toll grew into the hundreds as his attacks on physicians sent Ohioans to the streets for pain managing narcotics as doctors were now too fearful to treat them.  Over 30,000 Ohioans died from narcotic overdoses during and between 2011 and 2018. 

Richard Michael DeWine’s attack on 61 Ohio physicians he falsely-accused of being drug dealers is the exact and traceable reason Ohioans went to the streets instead of doctors for pain medications.

The struggling famlies of the overdosed and dead Ohioans will now face Medicaid cuts thanks to DeWine and Stearns-Acton’s economy-killing recklessness.  Expect more dead Ohioans and not just from Co-Vid 19, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and starvation as rising food prices, layoffs and fewer jobs create hungry families and individuals.  Just as he’s cutting Medicaid, Northern Ohio Recovery Agency (NORA) director Anita Bradley told me crack is making a Cleveland and Ohio big city comeback.

DeWine’s ego-driven thirst for publicity left the state with fewer real medical practitioners who knew and know how to save lives.  At no time has he used the authority of a public office to “save” one of the dozens of hospitals that employed them in Cleveland and elsewhere that have closed across the state.  It could be because DeWine’s campaign coffers include hospital board members and their law firm vendors.  Telling mayors and councils to use Section 749.01 of Ohio’s Revised Code to create free municipal hospitals for $1 a year on $1000 in property taxes works against their interests in keeping health care costs profitably-inflated and corporate-dependent.

Stearns-Acton, Hurst along with DeWine knew or appear to have ignored instructions in Title 3707.08 to quarantine the infected and placard their homes.  Article 1.18 of Ohio’s constitution doesn’t grant any single official of the state the authority to suspend a general law either through failing to enforce or obey it. 

Cuyahoga County health director Terry Allan could not be given the authority by Stearns-Acton or DeWine to let the county’s 9 Middle East-infected residents “voluntarily self-quarantine.”  Like Stearns-Acton’s social distancing and stay at home orders; voluntarily self-quarantining is a made up term that doesn’t exist in the revised code.  Allan, like DeWine and Stearns-Acton, exceeded the legal authority of the public office he holds by not enforcing Title 3707.08.  The entire state didn’t need to close.  Most of the state’s 88 counties have few, one or no infected persons.

Neither Cuyahoga County’s nor Cleveland’s health board directors are physicians. Terry Allan has degrees in biology and public health. Merle Gordon is a former Cleveland councilwoman who worked in government relations for MetroHealth.

The result of their lawbreaking lunacy is that none of the orders Stearns-Acton issued were in compliance with Title 37 and the 26 pandemic-mitigating laws in the revised code; which renders them unenforceable.  She and DeWine appear to have concentrated only on using “portions” of laws whose four corners they stretched to justify the lunatic false reality they’d created that they were gearing up to treat 3000 to 8000 Ohioans a day with coronavirus or “cold” symptoms.   They had hyped themselves to believe their 100,000 flu-infected Ohioans lie was real.  They ignored Title 37’s instructions to report only the facts learned from investigation.  Only 13 Ohioans were known to be Co-Vid 19 infected.  That’s the only number Stearns-Acton was authorized by law to release to Ohioans.

The bottom line is the once homeless Stearns-Acton’s lack of experience did not prepare her to deal with a common coronavirus cold during the flu season that turned into pneumonia for already-sick Ohioans with pollution and lead water weakened immune systems.  

Her and DeWine’s failure to obey Title 37 has caused the residents of Ohio to both suffer and shoulder the burden of their high paid public employees’ derelict and incompetent handling of public duties.  If the $230,000 salaried Stearns-Acton was a real health professional she’d realize the displaced youth she claimed to be concerned about have now become more displaced.  

Lying Stearns-Acton couldn’t conceive a thought beyond her intellectual limits. It’s why she invested her time in studying data instead of Title 37 and how the state’s health director handled the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918.  It explains the deceptions involved in how she and her lying “protector” reported the Co-Vid 19 data back to Ohioans.  “The Force” she dubbed her team of researchers.  A bobblhead doll of this quack is about right.

Reporters for all of Ohio’s media outlets recklessly spread quack Dr. Amy Stearn-Acton’s lie knowing only 13 Ohioans were officially infected.

To justify the fake estimate DeWine and Acton floated that 100,000 Ohioans were Co-Vid 19 carriers, the two eventually started counting all Ohio hospital deaths where a person had a cold or flu-like symptom as Co-Vid 19 hoping to inflate numbers to those they’d recklessly predicted.  Ohio was never going to see 3000 to 8000 patients a day during the flu and allergy season. The 94-year-old Ohioan did not die of Co-Vid 19 and under Ohio law he would get no automatic autopsy.

That’s the basis of the scam DeWine and Acton pulled on Ohioans.  It’s why he’s got to cover for “his girl” and place her reputation over the interests of 11.7 million Ohioans with his threatened veto. They partnered to exceed the authority of the public offices they hold. With both their asses out on a “constitutional rights violating” limb, DeWine has no choice but to use his veto to create the illusion of support for the public employee he appointed to a $230,000 job she isn’t qualified to hold.  The way he’s using the veto also makes it personal. He’s got his own lies to Ohioans to conceal.

On the same day he “tweeted” that 100,000 Ohioans were infected, and claimed his quack doc’s estimate would double every six days, they both appeared on FOX’s Tucker Carlson show. DeWine sat right next to Stearns-Acton and heard the state director of health say to Carlson that her 100,000 quote was not a real number.  That was on March 13th. 

Three days later on March 16th the delusional duo “knowingly” and “recklessly” committed a series of state budget wrecking acts that resulted in the cancellation of a federal presidential primary election.  Stearns-Acton issued an order using the conclusions of her delusional and unreal estimate as the legal basis for ordering the state’s polling locations to close.  

Even with her boss being the state’s former attorney general, Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton couldn’t follow these simple state pandemic mitigating laws.

There’s a real public and statewide interest in Ohio’s economy being protected from the reckless lies of a future state health director whose background is as thin as Stearns-Acton; and from her panicking again and shutting down the state when the flu season returns during the remainder of DeWine’s four years in office.  The state has an interest in seeing that the director of health obeys Title 37 as written or criminally-prosecuted if she doesn’t.  DeWine was supposed to make sure she enforced it as the state’s top law enforcement officer.

DeWine is refusing to see the lesson from what just took place in the legislation that’s being discussed in the general assembly because he’s only thinking about covering his own azz and Stearns-Acton’s for ignoring Title 37, creating a statewide panic and conjuring all this made up social distancing and stay at home bullshit.  Using her reckless estimate gave Little Richard an opportunity to finally develop a national profile.  He slandered the state’s 11.7 million residents with the smear that we were the most diseased humans in the world to get it.

No matter how they spin their despicable acts both DeWine and Stearns-Action violated constitutions and laws; and exceeded the duties of the public offices they hold.  Should DeWine exercise the governor’s veto authority he will be using it to protect his own interests.  Not Ohio’s.  He’s in too deep with Stearns-Acton and has lost all sense of objectivity and responsibility to the state.  He’s forgotten his oath of office over a pretty face.  

The truth is DeWine does act like he’s in love with an employee instead of a governor protecting the state.  That, alone, is a reason for the General Assembly to protect Ohioans.  This is the world of politics and politicians do have sexual relationships with the government workers they supervise.  Whether there’s a relationship between DeWine and Stearns-Acton or not, economies shouldn’t be shut down because a governor may have hired his inexperienced “side piece.”

The flu season is coming again.  These two reckless fools have got to go or be contained.   They’ve already demonstrated an inability to make lawfully sane decisions when it comes to the state’s masses. Every Ohio lawmaker who votes against limiting the health director’s authority should be removed from office if the vote to overturn DeWine’s veto is not unanimous. 

What this criminally-derelict, delusional duo did to Ohio and Ohioans because they didn’t now how to handle a bad flu season is insane.

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