This Russian alien’s stupid enough to think she’s better than American Negroes

CLEVELAND, OH – Russian immigrant Svitlana Flom’s in the wrong nation to be making 911 emergency calls to police that an American Negro whose ancestors built this mutha fucka dared to sit across from her in the park at Waterline Square on West 59th Street in Manhattan, New York.  All this occurred on May 29 just two days after Amy Cooper called and lied to police that she was being attacked by Harvard educated former Marvel Comics editor Christian Cooper.  “I’m going to say an African American man is attacking me.”  Bitch please!

Flom, a Ukrainian-Russian alien here on a questionable green card, claimed Janae Brown, a New York health care worker on the coronavirus front lines, was playing “the Black card.”  Flom was too ignorantly-foreign to know the proper term was “the race card.”

She claimed “THIS AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN ATTRACTED ME, ME AND MY CHILDREN.” She couldn’t pronounce the words “attacked” right.  That’s too much English for a green card alien with a 12-year-presence in this nation of 280 million mixed race Americans who actually do speak  English.  In the U.S. one drop of Negro blood makes a white person a Negro.  Flom doesn’t realize she’s surrounded by Negroes.

American Negro Janae Brown got righteously indignant when a Russian immigrant decided she was sitting too close to her and her children. How folk here on green cards think they’re better than the folk who are already here is lunacy.

Police showed up and Brown stayed with the Russian-Ukrainian alien to share the truth.  What New York police wrote in their report was that the incident was a verbal dispute.  What they should have done was  investigated Brown’s claim that the call was false; and charged the immmigrant for making a false report of a crime.  Flom should have left the Ukraine’s attitude about its nation’s African immigrants in the Ukraine.  The American Negroes she meets here aren’t immigrants; and none are going to subordinate themselves to an immigrant from Russia unless they work in her restaurant’s kitchen.

Russians make up 1.9 percent of the population in the United States of American and the majority of the nation’s less than 6 million Russians are Jews.  And yes, in 1919 President Woodrow Wilson rounded them up for deportation after their Red Summer of that year resulted in violent attacks on White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP) and American Negroes in 40 cities; and planned assassinations of more than 300 political and industrial leaders.  They were trying to take over the nation and the nation wanted them out.  Flom should have done a bit more reading on American history before she showed up thinking she’d be welcomed here with open arms.

In 1899 Russians were included with the Chinese for restricted access to immigrate here under the Chinese Exclusion Act. I attended Assumption Catholic High School in East Saint Louis, Illinois with the grandsons of the Irish Catholics whose grandfathers had participated in the 1917 riots in that city along with the Russians.  They torched 100 homes.  They beat, shot, burned and lynched nearly 300 American Negro men, women and children when they fled from them.   Why? 

American Negroes dared to move north in the nation our ancestors built to compete with them for jobs.  Russian Samuel Gompers had founded the American Federation of Labor in 1888.  This Russian piece of shit’s motto was “not to let a nigger touch a tool” American Negro slaves had designed and used to build the nation they’d already built before Gomper’s arrived after the Civil War ended to take advantage of a nation reorganizing itself from free to paid labor. 

I was raised in the Samuel Gomper Homes in East Saint Louis.  I hate that mutha fucka’s legacy with a union-busting passion.  Ohio governments shouldn’t be forced to negotiate with them.  That shit is pure tax stealing evil.

For deporting these violent unassimilable anarchists, Wilson is now called a “racist” by the Russian-founded and racist Anti-Defamation League.  Thanks to media omissions of their real history and violent presence in this nation, 33 Russians serve in the U.S. Congress.  12 in the Senate and 21 in the House in a nation that once excluded their ancestors as undesirable and unassimilable anarchist aliens. 

Wilson would be turning over in his grave if he’d been able to witness U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, a Russian American, leading a congressional hearing to impeach the President of the United States for not arming the once Nazi-controlled and Communist Ukraine.  That’s where Flom’s supposed to have immigrated from, according to published reports.  There was no Ukraine unil 1921. Poland … either.  It’s all Russia.

Wilson would see 33 Russians in the U.S. Congress as the infiltraion his decision to deport 240 of them aboard the USS Buford in 1919 sought to avoid.  He’d want to know how a Svitlana Flom even ended up here with a green card to get a master’s degree in something; and then stayed to marry another Russian immigrant who’d infiltrated our armed forces. Gary Flom.

The USA doesn’t need another foreign restaurant owner with a master’s degree as a justification for her to stay.  It’s fair to ask how Russian-Ukrainian Flom got the same access to the nation in 2008, just a few years before Slovenian Melania Knavs arrived here on a green card to “model” before the daughter of a Communist party official married Donald Trump.

President Woodrow Wilson warned the U.S. that unassimilable Eastern European immigrants didn’t fit in with this nation’s racial uniqueness.

My 18 percent WASP ancestry is the problem for Russians or Ukrainians like Flom who think they’ll find a willing ear everytime they’re dogging out American Negroes to someone they think is “white.”  In Europe one drop of Negro blood makes a person white.  In this nation one drop makes our white people Negroes.  She could have called a White cop to arrest a Black man in this country and learned he was the cop’s grandfather.

280 million people in this nation are mixed-race Negroes under that paradigm.  It means Flom’s completely surrounded and in the wrong place for that “pure blood” Eastern European bullshit. 

As a Russian immigrant she’s also not in the same social status as “the WASP Karen’s” in this nation.  She’d have been “their” housekeeper. Maybe.  She missed the period when signs in this nation’s businesses told her kind she was not welcomed.

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