“Enemy of the people” DeWine is sued by amusement operators and gyms

CLEVELAND, OH – Lying Governor Richard Michael DeWine will most definitely have fundraising problems if he attempts to seek re-election.  The businesses whose owners contributed $27.8 to fund the most expensive governor’s campaign in Ohio history are filing lawsuits against him and the quack he hired to lead the Ohio Department of Health. 

The sign Kalahari indoor water park operators erected expresses the sentiments of millions of Ohioans whose lives were disrupted when DeWine and Ohio health director Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton, ignored the state’s 26 pandemic laws and created their own set of “rules” to shut down businesses. They “assumed” the authority to determine which businesses were essential.  Both should face criminal charges.

Lake County Judge Eugene Lucci is hearing a complaint filed by 34 gyms against ex-Ohio Health director Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton and has allowed them to open. Lucci’s affirmed that Stearns-Acton’s business closing decisions were not lawful.

Litigation against Irish Catholic DeWine and Russian American Jew Stearns-Acton is growing as the majority of Ohioans seethe in anger over the disruption the two U.S. Constitutional rights violating anarchists created in our lives.  Social distancing, shelter-in-place and curfews over the seasonal common cold the coronavirus actually is seemed delusional as searches for the terms these two nuts concocted as pandemic-mitigating strategies produces no results in Ohio’s revised code.

The owners of Cedar Point and Kalahari Indoor Water Park have filed litigation against the two duty-exceeding public  officials.  So has Cleveland-area restaurant owner Tony George.  

Governor Richard Michael DeWine tweeted a lie on March 13, 2020; and used his lie to cancel an election.

So far Lake County Common Pleas Judge Eugene Lucci has firmly ruled that the once homeless Stearns-Acton didn’t have the authority to shut down businesses.  The state’s gyms, in a claim filed by 34 of them, have been allowed to re-open immediately by the constitution-protecting judge; and without Stearns-Acton’s crazed “social distancing” restrictions.

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