“Dosvedanya” you lying, lunatic bitch! You need to be prosecuted and sent to jail!

CLEVELAND, OH – No one in Ohio gives two shits about Governor Richard”Little Dick” Michael DeWine’s praise of the medical quack he appointed to lead the Ohio Department of Health.  They both deserve criminal prosecution and jail in an uncomfortable state prison.  Fuck federal time.

Cleveland businessman and politician Brandon Chrostowski shared an announcement with me today from Cuyahoga County’s Medical Examiner.  Narcotic deaths are up, again, under the state’s vampiric and blood sucking-governor.  What the fuck did he think was going to happen when millions of once family-feeding and working Ohioans are forced into a depressing state of poverty because of his and his lying quack health director’s lies?  

DeWine’s never done anything right in government.  That includes appointing a once homeless “physician” to lead us through a common cold and flu season that began with 13 infected Ohioans she truth-stretched to 100,000.  Her next lie was that her first lie would double every six days.  3000 to 10,000 hospital patients a day.  Where the fuck are they you lying, Constitution and law-breaking lunatic?

The Ohio Revised Code has 26 laws where the word “pandemic” is identified with specific duties associated with each for the “director” of the Ohio Department of Health to obey, first, and then enforce.  Most were enacted in 1953 and have remained unchanged, for the most part, with few amendments. 

 The only authority the governor had during a pandemic was over adulterated products.  Little Dick didn’t stop the flow of deadly Chinese-made adulterated fentanyl that the Russian “American” chief executive officer of Johnson & Johnson, Alex Gorsky, let flow into the state to kill over 30,000 Ohioans during his self-created “narcotics pandemic” that began in 2011.

Article 1.18 of Ohio’s Constitution spelled out in English that “there shall be no suspension of laws but by the General Assembly.”  Since the General Assembly didn’t suspend any of Title 37 before Little Dick administered his quack the oath of office to perform only those duties that were authorized by law for her job title, neither Stearns-Acton nor DeWine were authorized to lie the state into a panic and order a federal election cancelled and businesses to close.  The use of the word “shall” in every law creates a “mandatory duty” the official has no other duty but to obey as written.

The public offices they held and hold were granted no legal authority anywhere in the Ohio Revised Code to suspend any part of Title 37. No law gave them instructions to determine which businesses were essential or not; or to order healthy Ohioans to “shelter in place” and “social distance” themselves into poverty over 13 known-infected CoVid-19 carriers.  Mass masking and ordering life-sustaining merchants not to sell food to starving people because they don’t wear one is not in Title 37.

Nine of the known infected were Russian American Jews living in Cuyahoga County.  Three had returned from a trip to Israel.  Six were Russian American Jewish students of Hawken Upper School who attended a conference of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington, D.C. where they co-mingled with Soviet-Israeli government officials and others from the Middle East. The FBI has declared AIPAC to be an organization that spies on the U.S. for Israel. [NOTE: U.S. citizens exchanging national defense information or cutting deals with Soviet-Israeli officials violate the 1917 Espionage Act and the 1799 Logan Act that’s been used to prosecute President Donald Trump’s friends.]

The World Health Organization in December 2019 had identified Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, India, Pakistan and other Middle East nations where camels are indigenous as the location of a MERS virus that was imported from there to New York, Chicago, Washington, Florida, Georgia, California, Texas and Oregon.  The virus was “zoonotic” and transmitted from camels to humans. 

Ohio physicians and health workers with origins to those nations, and traveling back and forth from them, were identified as disproportionate MERS virus carriers. Stearns-Acton took no steps to prevent them from infecting already sick and hospitalized Ohioans who’d never left the neighborhoods; let alone the state and nation.

Title 3707.08 provided infected Ohioans with the safety of their own homes for treatment with professional medical care instead of exposing them to infected health care workers and others.  Ventilators could have been brought to their homes pursuant to R.C. 3707.14.

The only legal authority granted to Stearns-Acton’s public job was to investigate the source of the virus and quarantine the infected as she was instructed in writing and in plain fucking English the vicious serial liar and Little Dick ignored in R.C. 3707.08.   That same unsuspended law gave her the authority to placard the infected’s homes with the word “Influenza” or something less innocuous;  but keep “their” asses “only” at home.  

If the infected refused to remain at home, R.C. 3707.09, an unsuspended general law of the state, specifically instructed this criminally-derelict public official to direct local “board of health” or “general health districts” to do the following:

3707.09 Board may employ quarantine guards.  The board of health of a city or general health district may employ as many persons as are necessary to execute its orders and properly guard any house or place containing any person affected with or exposed to a communicable disease declared quarantinable by the board or the department of health. The persons employed shall be sworn in as quarantine guards, shall have police powers, and may use all necessary means to enforce sections 3707.01 to 3707.53, inclusive, of the Revised Code, for the prevention of contagious or infectious disease, or the orders of any board made in pursuance thereof.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953.

There are key statutes referenced within R.C. 3707.09 that were specified as enforceable sections S?Stearns-Acton had a duty to obey. R.C. 3707.01 to 3707.53 … inclusive.Nothing else.

Neither Stearns-Acton nor Cuyahoga County board of health Director Terry Allan had the authority to let nine CoVid-19 infected residents of this county “self-quarantine” and hide their identities by not placarding their homes.  Little Dick didn’t have the authority in any law to give “only” first responders the names and addresses of the infected to protect them.  His duty was to protect us all from them by making sure Stearns-Acton kept the infected at home and cared for in it.

If she’s still on the state payroll the legislature should force the state’s anarchist and lawbreaking governor to identify the specific “statutory” process he followed to award her what amounts to now a public contract as an “advisor” where she gets to stay at home with her family.  What are her new job duties and how did he create the position? 

The “personal advisor” job smells like “hush money” this begging-azzed, love sick fool’s paying the quack.  Stearns-Acton’s comments to the media made it clear that at some point the job became too much for her to handle; and that she had been intending to resign after the evil mess she and “Little Dick” made of the state’s economy.  This is an area that should be fully-investigated by the General Assembly.

By her own “I wanted out month’s ago” admission, handling the common cold during a bad flu season appeared to be too much responsibility for a physician who’d been raised with her brother by a mentally ill Mahoning County mother who once pitched a tent in a park during the winter as a place of residence for them. 

There are residual effects to that lifestyle DeWine never considered when he appointed her.  Lying to avoid being placed in a foster home is among them.  I’m sure she told her elementary school classmates and teachers that she and her brother were living in a tent and may have begged for money for food or ate from the dumpsters at McDonald’s.

Governor Richard Michael DeWine tweeted a lie on March 13, 2020; and used his lie to cancel an election.

It’s disgusting to see Democrats throwing the religion card into the game by acting as if Stearns-Acton’s been burdened by anti-Semitic comments because she raised the issue of her religion before anyone else knew it.  The semitic religions are from the tribe of Abraham.  They include Christanity, Islam and Judaism.  I’m a Christian.  She’s a Jew.  So fucking what?  The USA is an 85 percent Christian semitic nation.  Jews represent 1.7 percent.  Muslims another 1.1 percent.  Christian’s can’t be anti-semitic in a semitic Jesus loving nation.

If Stearns-Acton’s decision to disregard Title 37’s instructions was based on protecting members of her part of the semitic religions, then that’s a level of religious racism against this state’s Christian majority that should be discussed because it affected her ability to separate it from the duties of the job.   Our U.S. Constitution as written by our Christian founding fathers, if the Democrats playing the religion card had read it, prevents discrimination along religious lines.

Her duty as the state’s director of health was to quarantine the infected and placard their homes irrespective of their religion.  If her religion prevented Stearns-Acton from obeying Title 37’s duties that religious supremacist decision elevates her faith over the majority’s and is a matter of public concern.  No Christian American citizen in this 1st Amendment nation is going to be bullied or intimidated out of talking or writing about it.

The most compelling evidence of Communism among this state’s elected officials is when they violate the U.S. Constitution and disregard our nation’s laws.

It’s regretable that in nation of laws the last thing elected officials and the media discusses during matters of great public concern are those laws.  For some the oath of office are mere words instead of mandates this nation and Ohio’s constitutions intended.  For those of us whose ancestors slave and indentured servant lives built this nation, and  served to defend its values, they are inviolate; and fuck any Communist-minded un-American whose ancestors weren’t here and who thinks otherwise.

DeWine and Stearns-Acton deserve the most severe punishment the law allows for their recklessly failing to perform the duties of the elected and appointed public offices they hold; and for the level of life and liberty robbing misery their unlawful acts caused 11.7 million Ohioans whether all are aware or not of how much damage they’ve done. Any elected official backing Stearns-Acton over the people of this state deserves to be defeated at the next election or replaced in office earlier.

The only money Ohioans should invest in Stearns-Acton is in an uncomfortable jail cell for a long time. The same for Little Dick.  He needs to be somebody’s prison bitch.

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