Cleveland Heights Jeff Epstein-like sleazebag’s a registered sex offender

CLEVELAND, OH – The Clevelanders whose homes and property registered sex offender Michael Francis Cosgrove once helped the city take for its own purposes as an assistant director of law and later as director of community development may find some sense of revenge in learning all of his fate. Cosgrove’s now a registered sex offender in addition to being suspended from practicing law and forced to resign a cushy job as the former director of Neighborhood Housing Services.

Cosgrove announced his resignation from the city’s community development department on December 8, 2017, two days after the December 6th date law enforcement agents from the FBI, U.S. Department of Treasury and HUD’s inspector general raided the office of one of the many bribe taking employees he oversaw, Khalil Ewais. 

Cosgrove had also covered for a complaint Cameron Farley levied at Detroit Shoreway’s Adam Rosen for criminally falsifying the daily time allocation sheets he submitted in exchange for HUD funds.  Matt Zone had interfered with Farley’s landlord tenant relationship with Pioneer Savings & Loan owner Virginia Barsan; and was working “through” Cosgrove, Rosen and Ramsey to drive him out of the loft he resided in above a restaurant on Detroit Avenue near 65th Street.

Farley identified approximately 180 dates where Rosen’s work on his vegetarian website and planning his wedding conflicted with the records Jeff Ramsey submitted to Cosgrove for approval.  Instead of following HUD regulations he misused the office to protect another Russian American at the taxpayer’s of Cleveland’s expense.  [DISCLOSURE:  Cameron Farley is this writer’s step-Son and I assisted him with his complaint to Cosgrove as a former director of community development. After Cosgrove rejected I called, spoke with him, and asked him to identify the specific federal laws and regulations that authorized him to pay Detroit Shoreway for the fraudulent time allocation sheets.]

Cosgrove’s management of community development and the city’s building department is still being investigated by federal agents who have not yet sentenced former inspector Rufus Taylor.  Taylor was indicted and convicted for asking contractors for bribes in exchange for favors that some reported to Cosgrove and those under him, like Ayonna Donald, who did nothing. 

The following December 14, 2018 after he resigned from Cleveland and took the new job, Cosgrove was indicted by the Cuyahoga County Grand Jury for setting up a sexual encounter with what he thought was a 15-year-old girl.  Cleveland’s Russian American “almost” Jeffrey Epstein didn’t get his funky off when what the pedophile child molestor thought was a “girl” turned out to be an undercover cop.

Late Cleveland Housing Court Judge Ray Pianka knew it was against the law to lie to federal agents; so he didn’t.

Adding a bit of drama to Cosgrove’s indictment and the federal investigation of his department was the death of late housing court Judge Ray Pianka.  The Greek American died on January 11, 2018 within weeks after his secret meeting with federal agents who had questions about his disposal of city properties. 

One of Pianka’s friends, Mansfield Frazier, was “given” a Hough home once-owned by David and Marva Collins taken by the city.  They also wanted to know the role he played with the Cuyahoga County Landbank Jim Rokakis and Gus Frangos ran under the federal protection of Rokakis’ brother, Alex, who critic suspect provided some cover for his kin and his dirty deals as an assistant U.S. Attorney. 

Rokakis should have been busted along with Jimmy Dimora, Frank Russo and other county officials for the way his and Frangos’ law firm’s downtown property owner clients ended up with property tax reductions through his board of tax appeals appointee.  Rokakis was the county’s treasurer and his law partner was his interest-conflicted number two.

More specifically, through Frangos the two directed demolition contractors to use the illegal dump Michael Riley and Christine Beynon set up in East Cleveland behind residential homes on Noble Road. Their malicious 

Ex-city inspector Rufus Taylor.

Sources close to Riley said he’d close the door when Frangos called; and he called often.  Cosgrove as Mayor Frank Jackson’s community development director controlled the process for how and which Cleveland homes were selected for acquisition and demolition.

Jackson, an attorney and former assistant city prosecutor, trusted and failed to tightly supervise Cosgrove and other criminals under him because he doesn’t know any of HUD’s federal laws and regulations they were violating.  [NOTE:  This writer managed East Cleveland’s department of community development twice.  Once as mayor when the city received zero audit findings during a HUD Inspector General audit.  East Cleveland is a direct entitlement city that receives its money directly from HUD through legislation the late U.S. Rep. Louis Stokes was able to get Congress to enact during Attorney Darryl Pittman’s term as mayor in 1987.]

Cosgrove entered a guilty plea on April 24, 2019 and was referred the same day for a psychiatric incarceration at a state prison in Toledo.  On July 3, 2019 the Supreme Court of Ohio received a certified copy of the judgement entry of his felony conviction and suspended him from the practice of law for an interim period effective that day.  

Cosgrove was ordered by the Supreme Court to return all files and monies to clients and not to even think about practicing law.  His law license currently remains suspended.


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