Cleveland city council members voted unanimously to make an unnmasked face a reason for these anarchists to sic police on American citizens exercising their constitutional rights in public. The law also inhibits the public from entering city hall to review public records connected to their illegal acts..

Council’s mask ordinance increases encounters with the city’s violent police

CLEVELAND, OH – Leave it to Cleveland city council to move in the opposite legislative direction for law enforcement than cities with members who actually think about the Constitution of the United States of America as the basis for enacting laws. 

Without any input from the Cleveland residents and businesses their ordinance would affect, council during their July 14th regular meeting turned quack ex-Ohio Health Director Amy Stearns-Acton’s mask “rule” of March 22, 2020 into a dangerous mandatory mask “ordinance” so flawed it’s unenforceable. They’ve dangerously turned an unmasked face into “probable cause” and an opportunity for a violent, deadly encounter with one of the city’s poorly-trained and poorly-educated police officers.  

Ward 12 councilman Anthony Brancatelli is behind Cleveland’s mask ordinance.

The basis for the mask wearing ordinance in council’s “whereas” explanation is a series of global and national events and statistics that have little to do with the 50 current or most recent coronavirus cases in a city with a population of 378,000. No deaths. Like Governor Richard Michael DeWine and Stearns-Acton, the ordinance ignores the statutory solutions in the state’s 26 pandemic-mitigating laws in favor of their own. There is no reference to quaranting the infected as Title 37 of Ohio’s Revised Code requires.

The ordinance is supposed to expire when Jackson lifts his self-created “proclamation of civil emergency.”  Police with no training on the heavily-detailed new series of “civil laws” were given the authority to enforce them. 

Council created an “appeals” process that operates like that set up for handling metered parking tickets. The civil nature of the ordinance still doesn’t cancel a citizens right to a civil trial in the city’s municipal court to confirm a debt that comes from the issuance of a citation the serves as an arrest by a criminal law enforcement officer.  This is where it’s important that Blaine Griffin didn’t know the first three words of the U.S. Constitution were “We the people…” as he revealed this lack of knowledge to me during a conversation.  

26 pandemic-mitigating laws exist in Title 37 of Ohio’s Revised Code. The mask ordinances being enacted by Ohio councils is evidence no councilmember has read them.

Council’s legislation tautologically claims Jackson in his official capacity as mayor was granted the authority to issue a “proclamation of civil emergency” in the Ohio Constitution, Ohio law and the city’s ordinances.  The ordinance fails to cite a single section of either that provides the mayor with any authority to issue such a proclamation to mitigate pandemics. 

No section of the 26 pandemic mitigating laws found in Title 37 of Ohio’s Revised Code where the health laws are written describes any duty or authority conferred upon the office of “mayor.”  A keyword search of Cleveland’s ordinances returns no results for “proclamation of civil emergency.”

The ordinance also violates the “one subject” enactment law found in Section 731.19 of Ohio’s Revised Code; and sections 32 through 35 of Cleveland’s charter under the procedure for enacting, amending and revising ordinances.  The charter of each community mirrors, in part, the state of Ohio’s general law found in the Revised Code free and online I know Cleveland elected officials, after decades in office, have not “mastered.”

731.19 Subject and amendment of bylaws, ordinances, and resolutions.  No ordinance, resolution, or bylaw shall contain more than one subject, which shall be clearly expressed in its title. No bylaw or ordinance, or section thereof, shall be revived or amended, unless the new bylaw or ordinance contains the entire bylaw, ordinance, or section revived or amended, and the bylaw, ordinance, or section so amended shall be repealed. Each such bylaw, resolution, and ordinance shall be adopted or passed by a separate vote of the legislative authority of a municipal corporation and the yeas and nays shall be entered upon the journal.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .

In one ordinance Council sought to enact a new section in “Part Six” of its “offenses and business activities code” by adding Sections 602.01 to 602.06.  Part Two of its “Health Code” was amended by adding sections 236.01 to   236.07.  Sections 238.02 to 238.05 was also added to the health code.  They then added Section 437.30 to Chapter 437 of its “Safety and Equipment code.”  Each of the four “codes” should have been amended in a separate ordinance.

If Jackson were fully in tune with the duties of the mayor’s office he’d veto the legislation lawyers in the law department prepared for all the objections I’ve identified.  The “general laws” of the state of Ohio do not include the terms “social distancing” and “masking wearing” as a method of mitigating any pandemic.  The ordinance imposes duties on healthy citizens that are not authorized in Title 37 of the state’s health laws. 

All councils across Ohio are doing with the enactment of separate “health laws” is create an environment for the General Assembly of Ohio to step in and say “no.”  Health laws across Ohio are “uniform.”  Statewide health is not an area where “home rule” prevails.

Cleveland’s health department has been informed that 50 Clevelanders are infected with coronavirus.  If  it is believed that the seasonal common cold could turn into a deadly flu then the Ohio Director of Health’s duty is to ensure the health department Jackson oversees placards 50 homes and keeps the infected maintained and cared for in them.

The coronavirus’ most susceptible victim is an overweight human being with an immune system compromised by the toxins from one of the deadly construction debris dumps council lets pile up around the city and county; and the high level of lead poison in municipal drinking water from the curb to the faucet. Several veteran members of council have and had no knowledge of the city’s more than 40-year contract with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to enforce air, water and soil pollution laws for the entire county.  I’ve asked OEPA official Kurt Princic to strip the city of the agreement for its failure to protect the area’s residents from pollution.

This Facebook photo identifies three members of Cleveland city council who traveled to the Middle East last year when the World Health Organization identified the area as carrying the MERS virus that travelers were importing to the United States. None quarantined themselves when they returned to Cleveland and their families, friends and co-workers.

It’s obvious the recklessly thoughtless officials of the Democratic party-controlled government still believe Stearns-Acton’s lie that Ohio would see anywhere from 3000 to 10,000 cases a day; and that one percent of the state’s 11.7 million residents were infected.   On March 12, 2020 the former health director knew only 13 Ohioans were Co-Vid 19 infected and that nine were from Cuyahoga County. 

All nine Cuyahoga County residents were Russian Jews who’d traveled from Israel; or who were exposed to Isrealis at an American Israeli Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington, D.C.  The World Health Organization in December 2019 identified the current virus as having its origins in the Middle East where the majority of this area’s doctors and medical specialists appear to be from.  

The zoonotic or transmission from humans to animals is from camels and alpacas that are indigenous to Israel, sub-Saharan Africa, Palestine, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia.  All these foreign nations are sources of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) WHO warned the U.S. was being imported here and globally to nations like China as recently as December 2019. 

The first known U.S. CoVid 19 case was a 35-year-old Chinese “American” man who was diagnosed on January 19, 2020 in Snohomish County in Washington state.  The so-called “American” had returned “home” to visit family.  WHO tracked the MERS from Saudi Arabia to China in a December 2019 global map that showed where the virus was spreading.

The SARS Cleveland city council referenced in its ordinance is a bat transmitted CoV virus that deflects the public’s thinking away from the Middle East and where many of the nation’s doctors and medical experts are from; and travel back and forth to on business trips and visiting family members.  Cleveland’s mayor and council exposed themselves to foreign viruses in their interaction with Israeli government officials through Joe Cimperman when they agreed to fly an Israeli flag over city hall and visited the nation.  Councilmembers Blaine Griffin and Jazmin Santana took Espionage Act violating trips to camel-infested Israel.  Ward 7 Councilman Basheer Jones took a trip to camel-infested India.

138,000 people with severe pre-existing medical conditions have died in the U.S.  There are 3075 Ohio deaths that have been “assigned” to the current Co-Vid 19 flu season.  Governor Richard Michael DeWine’s attack on 62 pain management doctors he falsely accused of being “drug dealers” sparked narcotic death tolls that went from fewer than 85 in 2010 to nearly 4000 a year beginning in 2011. 

The increase in narcotic death misery occurred in Ohio less than a year after he defeated Democrat Richard Cordray for Ohio Attorney General in 2010. As of the date of this article, the Ohio Department of Health was reporting 3075 deaths that may have a CoVid 19 connection.  3980 Ohioans died of narcotic overdoses in 2018 and DeWine’s silence about the now annual deadly parade of narcotic deaths his recklessness created is chilling.

DeWine’s constant fear-mongering has caused governors in New York and New Jersey to think Ohioans are nasty-azzed disease spreaders who should be kept out of their states and those that surround us.  Nationally, council’s ordinance reinforces the disease-carrying image of Ohioans that DeWine continues to spread; and that Mayor Frank Jackson encouraged when he called the city “the butthole of the world.”

What Jackson’s words truly reflect is that the city’s elected officials are the real “buttholes” for enacting laws that demonstrate their lack of knowledge and respect for the Constitution of the United States of America; and a complete disregard for already enacted laws they didn’t read or master to navigate us through a fake pandemic and a governor and health director’s daily lies.



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