Democrats run not 1 but 2 cheating-azzed ho’s for president and vice president

This is going to be the most Jerry Springering-azzed campaign for POTUS and VP ever as the Brit's get Jill's ex-husband's story of how ho' Joe broke up his home

CLEVELAND, OH – Here’s what voters of the United States of America know about President Donald Trump’s sex life over the past nearly four years.  He’s been living in the White House with his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, in full view of the public.  There’ll be no tales of Trump’s bad boy sexual escapades during this campaign season.  He’s even been attending church and praying with the nation’s leading Christian clergymen and women. 

Compared to what we’re learning about the tramp-azzed sex lives of Joe Biden and his running mate, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, Trump’s going to look like a saint. Dementia Joe and his Indian Ho.  I’m still fucked up about how this freaky mutha fucka played with that little 8-year-old girl’s breast and her punk azzed uncle, Montana State Senator Steve Daines, didn’t say shit about how he did that to his sister’s child.  Democrats.  Come on now!  This shit ain’t right.

Five days after Joe Biden’s August 12th announcement of U.S. Senator Kamala Harris as his morally-loose running mate for Vice President of the United States, the British media read by many American’s who don’t know it’s foreign is carrying a story from Jill Biden’s ex-husband about how she fucked around on him.  Bill Stevenson of Wilmington, Delaware is about to publish a 300-page book that carries 80-pages of information about his marriage to Jill that began in 1970; and how Biden dicked her behind his back.

Is this how Jeffrey Epstein got his start? Joe Biden couldn’t keep his hands off this little girl’s breast, so she walked away from him and this dirty old pervert just wouldn’t let her go.

The Daily Mail account of Stevenson’s tale of sneaky-azzed Biden dicking his wife reveals he discovered it from a guy who worked for an automobile body shop.   He’d bought a Corvette for Jill that she was driving Biden around in and crashed. 

They’d told him to fix the bumper and Stevenson wanted to know who the fuck “they” was.  That’s when he learned what a rat piece of immoral shit Biden was as a so-called back stabbing friend.  The average man gets pissed when he thinks he’s been kissing behind his wife after she’s sucked another man’s dick.  I don’t know how else to describe this bawdy Democratic party sexual ribaldry.

Bill Stevenson is Jill Biden’s ex-husband. Imagine being a married man with a fine wife you trust; and she’s letting another dude slide all up in her snatch, drop a load and coming home to you. Maybe she’s a knob slobber who enjoys oral and swallowing her man’s load; and coming home and kissing you. That’s the fucked up shit Joe Biden brought to this man’s life when he couldn’t keep his mutha fuckin’ hands off and his dick out of his wife’s pussy. Democrats are running the anti-7th Commandment ticket for Prez and Vice Prez. Who cares about “Thou shalt not commit adultery?”

Stevenson told the Daily Mail Jill was supposed to go with him to meet Bruce Springsteen and had already blown him off to take care of Biden’s sons: Beau and Hunter.  That and the car shit pissed him off; and Stevenson ordered Jill to get the fuck out of his house.   The cheated on husband was done with his tramp wife; and not even her father begging him to take her back mattered.

None of this is information the story Biden and Jill have been telling over the past 40 years; and that’s what’s got Stevenson pissed enough to talk to the press and publish his story.  I can’t wait to see the trail of dudes who decide to publish their stories and possibly sex tapes of Harris.  One website  claims she sexed up over 61 married men; and that’s in addition to Willie Brown.

What’s revealing about Stevenson’s story is his claim to have given Biden $10,900 in cash for his first U.S. Senate run.  That’s a Federal Elections Commission problem for Biden and a tip to another story that should have been exposed during his run with Barack Obama or Democrats wouldn’t have to deal with it now.

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris and married ex-San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown were more public about their cheating together on his wife than Sneaky Azzed Joe, her fellow hoe, was when he snuck around behind a friend’s back with Jill.

It’s becoming apparent that the Biden-Harris ticket isn’t serious when his major opposition was Russian American Commie and U.S. Senator Bernie (Gitman) Sanders; and I understand.  Who would want to take on a now “presidentially-skilled” Trump with nearly four years of investigating every possible opponent against him from “inside” the White House?  LOL.  Democrats are just trying to hold on until November.

From a pure entertainment perspective I am going to enjoy the fuck out of watching “the producer” of “The Apprentice” play with these mutha fuckin’ Democrats from now until November.  I am already cracking the fuck up over this Jerry Springer shit right here!

$10,900 in campaign cash.  Hmmmm!

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