Cleveland Democrats warn American Negroes not to vote “straight D” in November

CLEVELAND, OH – Joe Biden is an attorney who served Delaware as a “take a plea deal” public defender.  Kamala Harris is an attorney who served the state of California as a civil rights violating prosecuting attorney.  Both lead a ticket that includes Judge John P. O’Donnell as a Cuyahoga County Democratic trying for another shot at the Supreme Court of Ohio; and hoping American Negroes who’ve “been” loyal to the Democratic Party’s civil rights violating candidates have a short memory.

Ward 9 Councilman Kevin Conwell

Cleveland Councilman Kevin Conwell for a second time is mobilizing voters he knows around the state of Ohio to reject campaign law violator O’Donnell for his “bench trial” decision to let killer cop Michael Brelo go free.  Brelo on November 29, 2012 stood on the hood of Timothy Russell’s car and fired 47 bullets through the windshield into his body and that of Malissa Williams.  The vicious Catholic killer cop reloaded on the two unarmed Christians twice. 

No authority is investigating the religions of the nation’s killer cops and co-conspiring prosecutors and judges and comparing them to those of their majority Christian victims to see the disparate treatment in certain ethnically-controlled political jurisdictions.  The media emphasis has exclusively been on the “color” of the cops and not their actual ethnic, religious and cultural identities.  In Cuyahoga County the killer cops and prosecutors and judges letting them off have been overwhelmingly Irish or Eastern European Catholic.  

Russell’s car engine had backfired in downtown Cleveland and a mentally-deranged cop decided to twist it into a claim that he was shot at and needed to chase the shooter down. A Democratic “lynch mob” of 101 cops violated traffic laws to engage in an unauthorized warrantless pursuit of someone who had not committed a crime into East Cleveland behind the old William H. Kirk Junior High School.  137 bullets combined were fired into their unarmed bodies by 13 Cleveland cop shooters. 

Catholics conspired to protect their own.  John P. O’Donnell had no legal authority to “enter” upon the performance of the discharge of a common pleas judge’s duties when he unlawfully presided over Michael Brelo’s trial. O’Donnell had failed to turn in his campaign finance reports on time. Elections board officials committed criminal violations of laws when they issued his certificates of nomination and election without the reports. Two Democratic county prosecutor haven’t thought twice about presenting cases to the duty exceeding individual who has three times usurped the office of judge.

East Cleveland’s criminal investigation was obstructed when Fraternal Order of Police president Scott Gardner colluded with Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association president Jeffrey Folmer at the crime scene to let the Cleveland cops control it.  Gardner was operating without Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy credentials when Richard Michael DeWine investigated the killing as Ohio’s attorney general.  It was DeWine’s duty under Ohio law to issue and also validate Gardner’s non-existent credentials.

Ex-Democratic prosecuting attorney Timothy J. McGinty, who as a judge sentenced Michael Green to prison for a crime he did not commit, opted to prosecute only Brelo and presented an argument that gave fellow Democrat and judge O’Donnell the room to free him.  All the crimes cops engaged in up to the killing during their unlawful warrantless pursuit were ignored by McGinty and O’Donnell in violation of 18 U.S.C. 4 under the heading “misprison of felony.”  It’s a federal law which makes it a felony crime for anyone with knowledge of a felony offense not to report it.  The words “prosecutorial discretion” don’t exist in any Ohio or federal law.

Christian Americans Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were chased to death by cops in “sanctuary city” Cleveland that makes it safe for illegal aliens to live without being arrested for stealing Christian jobs. Christian-hating Irish Catholic prosecutors and judges let their Catholic cop killers go free just like they refused to prosecute nearly 500 Catholic church sex offenders and sealed the records of their inhumane crimes against other Catholics.

The only aftermath of the weak civil review the Democratic Party’s president did to offer Tim and Malissa’s family “justice” was a warning to prosecutors and judges that the 1994 Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Control Act applied to them, too, if they engaged in conspiracy with cops to keep them out of jail for killing American citizens. 

America’s Democratic so-called “black president” (Barack Obama) had sent a black attorney general to a predominantly American Negro city led by a black Democratic mayor, council and municipal court.  Even the police chief is black.

John P. O’Donnell let their 47 bullet killer get away scot-free. He should NEVER be elevated to a higher elected office; and should be jailed for the thousands of illegal trials he presided over.

What all these so-called justice-loving Democrats failed to ensure was that the Russian American Democrat leading the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Northern District of Ohio, Steve Dettelbach, followed up on prosecuting them.  Dettelbach did not use Title 18 of the United States Code a single time to prosecute a cop in this district for a civil rights violation under the Obama administration.

Another alarming fact connected to O’Donnell presiding over Brelo’s trial is his failure to deliver campaign finance reports to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections no later than 38 days after his elections for judge.  Criminals leading the local elections board presented O’Donnell with certificates of nomination and election despite his failing to obey the duties of candidates found in R.C. 3517.10 to deliver campaign finance reports on time.  R.C. 3517.11(d) instructed O’Donnell not to enter the office and discharge its duties without complying with the state’s election laws as written.

This is pure and simple anarchism as attorney John O’Donnell arrogantly ignores the Ohio Legislature’s campaign finance filing deadlines in Title 35 for his own board-supported policy of submitting them anytime he wants long after he’s held and sought to be re-elected to the same office. Look at the dates. Look at the laws. This document is fraudulent. O’Donnell should be investigated and prosecuted; and not running for Ohio’s highest court.

Between January 2002 through January 2014 O’Donnell failed through two elections to deliver “any” campaign finance reports to the criminals leading the elections board.  All of O’Donnell’s campaign and annual filings were delivered on January 22, 2014 years after he’d presided illegally over thousands of trials and discharged the duties of a judge, collecting wages and a pension without ever obeying R.C. 3517.10.

With a history like that described above, Conwell, political strategist Jerry Primm and other Cleveland Democratic politicians with long memories are saying “no” to “party loyalty” when it comes to candidates like O’Donnell with a demonstrated track record of injustice. 

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris lead a ticket of Democrats who are known for being racist violators of civil rights in the states, counties and cities they politically control.

In previous conversations Conwell has said it is illogical for the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party to think American Negro voters will blindly support every offensive candidate they offer simply because a “D” is associated with their name.  Democratic Party insiders say Cuyahoga County chairwoman Shontel Brown warned the Ohio Democratic Party about the hard feelings voters have against O’Donnell.  Her warnings and others were rejected by the party’s insider racists.  30 percent of Democrats in 2012 said they would “never” vote for an American Negro for anything.

U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge warned Ohio Democrats not to offend and take for granted the state’s American Negro voters by placing John P. O’Donnell on the ballot with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris; and expecting his presence to be welcomed.  The racist idiots leading the state party did not listen.  They’ll be taught a lesson they won’t forget this November.

Justyn Anderson publishes the East Cleveland Sunrise and is working with Ward 2 Councilwoman Juanita Gowdy to enact legislation that addresses the issues of cops discharging duties without credentials, civil rights violations and unauthorized warrantless pursuits.  To help his city Anderson’s filed complaints with Democrats full of evidence of corruption and asked for help its officials have concealed.  At 28 he no longer trusts the anarchist system of “policies” Democrats have concocted to avoid discharging the duties of offices as prescribed by laws to hold themselves and each other accountable.

“My generation is not loyal to a political party and we’re not blind,” Anderson said.  “We see the corruption and we see who’s involved in it.  If the Democrats want my generation’s vote the candidates they ask us to support had better have track records that match the party’s claims of being for justice and civil rights.”

Akron city councilman Russ Neal, Jr. texted a message to EJBNEWS that he and others in Akron would follow Cleveland’s lead in not backing O’Donnell regardless of his political party affiliation.

“I, along with others in the Akron community, are standing with our brothers and sisters in Cleveland against John O’Donnell’s bid for the state Supreme Court,” Neal wrote.

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