Back shooting cop who shot Blake 7 times, Rusten Sheskey, is a Russian American Jew

CLEVELAND, OH – There is a curious irony in the events unfolding in Wisconsin as “who” is actually involved in the police violence against citizens of this majority Protestant Christian nation and those protesting it comes into sharper focus.  

Rusten Sheskey could not forget the extermination consciousness his Russian ancestors learned and spread to the U.S. as they burned up 100 homes in East Saint Louis, Illinois and then shot, beat and burned to death 300 unarmed American Negro men, women and children on July 6, 1917. Antifa’s Russian members are still leading the economic destruction of cities lived and invested in by American Negroes just like the Red Summer of 1919. Who do people think was responsible for the shit in Tulsa and the destruction of the Black Wall Street?

Kenosha, Wisconsin police have released Rusten Sheskey’s name as the extermination-minded cop who brutally shot Christian American Negro Jacob Blake in the back seven times in front of his children and left him paralyzed.  Sheskey, a Russian American Jew, was holding on to the back of the unarmed man’s shirt as he shot him. 

The description of Sheskey only as a “white cop” is wrong.  His boss, Chief of Police Daniel Miskinis, is Greek American.  The majority of cops killing Christian Americans are those with immigrant roots to Communist, Catholic, athiest and Jewish nations.  Catholic and Buddhist were the religions of the cops involved with George Floyd’s killing.

Christian American Negro Jacob Blake was shot in the back by Russian American Jewish cop Rusten Sheskey.

Published reports of Sheskey’s employment with Kenosha’s police department shows him on the job for nearly 7 years. Prior to his Kenosha police job he worked as a cop for the University of Wisconsin.  Sheskey’s father is allegedly a retired 33-year “administrative” employee of the city of Kenosha.

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