Video shows armed Russian antifa criminals attacking Rittenhouse before he shot them

Nothing about Kyle Rittenhouse’s “American” perspective makes him un-American or a vigilante. The media tried that bullshit with me when I worked as a reporter for the Cleveland Press and decided to help Curtis Sliwa organize Guardian Angel chapters in Ohio in 1981. Every part of me wanted to organize 1000 armed men to go downtown Cleveland to make sure peacefully-protesting citizens, law enforcement officers and businesses were protected from the violent antifa thugs who destroyed the city. I also served as a gun-toting director of public safety who encouraged Shaw High students in  96 percent American Negro populated East Cleveland to join the police and fire cadet program, like Rittenhouse, so I could hire them. Americans should not let the anarchists in the media turn Rittenhouse into anything other than a young American man who retreated from a mob trying to kill him until he had no other choice but to save his life.

CLEVELAND, OH – The anarchist media Americans should know not to trust are the newspaper and television outlets whose foreign-named writers and commentators are pushing “politically positioned opinions” as truth and facts.  Details that negates the opinions of these “foreign named” writers or commentators “politically positioned opinion” are omitted if they alter the perspective being offered by the news outlet. 

It makes the information being presented by foreigners who “appear” or “claim” to be American nothing more than manipulative “propaganda.”  No information coming from these individuals should be accepted as fact; especially from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC.  I’ve been in the news business since 1977.  I advise readers to investigate the backgrounds of the reporters and bloggers sharing the information they read and watch.

American Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, was being attacked by a mob of anarchist criminals who have been destroying property and affecting the freedom of Kenosha, Wisconsin residents to exercise their U.S. Constitutional rights to move about freely.  Among the mob were armed criminals unlawfully carrying concealed weapons.  

There is video footage of a Russian American anarchist, Joseph Rosenbaum, shouting a word as a white male that so offends the American Negro it should have been outlawed and not made common by a generation of despicable rappers who ignorantly demeaned instead of uplifted the Negro race.  “Shoot me nigga,” Rosenbaum, a convicted pedophile, screams at the top of his ignorantly belligerent lungs. 

How the use of the word respected Jacob Blake, an American Negro man whose violated rights he was supposed to be protesting, is left to the low-consciousness of this convicted pedophile.  Blake was shot in the back 7 times by a Russian American Kenosha cop named Rusten Sheskey who only saw “goyim.” 

The shooting was in front of the American Negro man’s children.  He’s now paralyzed.  Rittenhouse has been criminally charged but Sheskey has not.  Kenosha is a county that’s politically-controlled by Russians, Catholics and non-Christians.

Christian American Negro Jacob Blake was shot in the back by Russian American Jewish cop Rusten Sheskey. He is now being represented by Attorney Ben Crump.

Video footage on social media shows an armed Rittenhouse fleeing instead of shooting a group of armed thugs chasing him.  He’s knocked to the ground and the armed thugs, one of them, Gaige Paul Grosskreutz, carrying a concealed handgun, attacks the 17-year-old with a skateboard as Anthony Huber and Rosenbaum appear to kick him.   

Both Grosskreutz and Huber are Russian Americans with violent criminal records.  Grosskreutz was convicted of armed burglary.  Huber was convicted of suffocating and strangulation connected to domestic violence.

Armed Russian American antifa thug Gaige Paul Grosskreutz had no business with a concealed handgun as a violent ex-offender violating Kenosha’s curfew and destroying property. Why hasn’t this known offender been charged for his skateboard assault on Kyle Rittenhouse as a known felon under disability with a weapon in volation of Kenosha’s curfew?

Rittenhouse, not his violent attackers, was the only citizen engaged in lawful activities with the consent of law enforcement as someone who had properly identified himself and his intent to them.  All of the antifa and BLM anarchists were on Kenosha streets in violation of an 8 p.m. curfew.

As Huber is seen kicking Rittenhouse in the head, and Grosskreutz is seen beating him with a skateboard, the American citizen defends himself against the overwhelming threat to his life by firing at his specific attackers.   Rosenbaum is killed.  Huber is killed.  Grosskreutz is shot in the arm.  The rest of the anarchist thugs flee. 

The video shows one man with his hands up and backing away.  Rittenhouse lowers his weapon and the video shows him walking towards law enforcement officers with his hands up to surrender himself.  He checks his “flank” or rear to make sure he’s no longer facing a threat.  His hands are nowhere near his weapon.  It incenses me as to how this young American is being maligned by the foreign influences controlling this nation’s media.

The late antifa radial Anthony Huber has a criminal history of armed violence.

Video footage of the attack that would show Rittenhouse defending himself is available, but it’s not being shared by a mainstream media that’s offered the “politically positioned opinion” of him as an “armed vigilante” who had involved himself with militia-minded Americans.  There’s nothing American about a media that turns law-abiding citizens who love the nation, respect the flag, defend the Constitution and its laws into criminals.

Regrettably for the anarchists who’d like Americans to disarm themselves to be taken over by Communists like Bernie Sanders (Gitman) and his “Progressives,” militias are very American and written into state laws.  America is a “total war nation” of 330 million well-armed and 85 percent majority Christian citizens.  We’re not ending up in mass graves like they have all over Eastern Europe.

Anarchist and Russian American Gaige Paul Grosskreutz was shot in the arm by American Kyle Rittenhouse after he beat the rifle-armed and police trained teenager with his skateboard.

“If” he’s a Christian in a county that’s politically dominated by Catholics,  Russians and non-Christians, the idea of Rittenhouse receiving a fair trial for killing three Russian American criminals trying to take his life is a non-starter.  In Cuyahoga County the Catholic prosecutor, William Mason, conspired with Catholic Judge Brian Corrigan to hide the sex offenses of 496 Catholic church officials and workers.  These same Catholics sent Christians to prison for crimes they didn’t commit.  All Democrats.

With Wisconsin’s U.S. Senator, Amy Klobuchar, admitting she’s the descendant of illegal Russian immigrants, the consciousness of that state is un-American and anarchist loving.  It’s their “antifa” children tearing shit up.  It’s their children who Rittenhouse shot to death as they tried to take his weapon and end his life.

Russian American cop Rusten Sheskey has not been criminally charged for shooting Jacob Blake in the back in front of his children for violating no laws. Why not?

What the video clearly shows is that until he was attacked, Rittenhouse had not fired his weapon.  Law enforcement officers at the scene of the events knew this when they allowed him to leave.  Unlike the masked and illegally-armed anarchists, the authorized officials on the streets knew his identity and how to contact the self-reporting natural born citizen of the United States of America.

Rittenhouse must be freed and all charges dismissed.

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