Heather McCollough acts like she learned law from Josef Stalin and politics from Adolf Hitler. This is one evil bitch who should never be allowed anywhere near a trusted public office. As an attorney she witnessed Che Gadison sign another woman's name to an affidavit to recall Councilwoman Juanita Gowdy and notarized it. She knows each and every individual impersonating a law enforcement and is still presenting their arrests as if they're valid instead of bringing charges against them for impersonating law enforcement officers. She's supposed to be guiding the officers and employees to discharge only official duties; and she's got no valid oath of office or bond to have even been appointed by a director of law who lives in Shaker Heights.

No recall of Gowdy as Gadison admits she and McCollough engaged in fraud


CLEVELAND, OH – The fraudulent recall petitions Che Gadison collected and submitted to fired ex-East Cleveland council clerk Khadijah Guy to recall Ward 2 Councilwoman Juanita Gowdy have been invalidated by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections during a September 28, 2020 hearing.  Resident Justyn Anderson obtained affidavits from some of the 200 individuals who had signed the petitions Gadison admitted she asked them to sign that actually bore Kelly Bright’s name as the circulator.

East Cleveland resident Kelly Bright appears to have had nothing to do with Che Gadison’s circulation of the recall petition against Juanita Gowdy, nor the affidavit Heather McCollough notarized in her name. She has a right to file a criminal complaint against Gadison if she so chooses. Gadison, McCollough, Willa Hemmons and Guy owe her an apology.

According to Gadison’s testimony before the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections on September 28, 2020, Bright, a woman she claimed had multiple sclerosis, was waiting for her in the car as she collected the 200 signatures.  The lunatic, defeated ex-councilwoman offered no explanation for the affidavit Heather McCollough, the city’s unsworn deputy law director, notarized in Bright’s name that she admitted on social media was brought to her by Gadison.  McCollough tried later to claim that Bright was with Gadison after council learned of her fraud from EJBNEWS.COM.

Anderson found three separate signatures connected to Bright.  The one on file with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections does not match her “alleged” signatures on Gadison’s petition or affidavit.  All three are different.  East Cleveland resident and former school board Dr. Patricia Blochowiak questioned Gadison at the hearing, as a Ward 2 resident, and secured the evidence for what will take place next into the records of an official proceeding. 

Gowdy and Anderson want Gadison prosecuted.  Hemmons called the board to say she was going to represent Gadison on behalf of the city with no resolution of counsel that authorized her to aide the criminally-minded private citizen. Council intends to enact a resolution cancelling Willa Hemmons’ already-expired contract. 

McCollough’s misuse of the city prosecutor’s office to sign Gadison’s fraudulent affidavit makes her unfit to discharge any duties of the public office.  Gowdy wants her removed from office and criminally prosecuted for obstruction, theft and dereliction of duty.  Like the director of law, McCollough’s official duty is to advise the officers and employees of the municipal corporation to discharge their official duties as written into constitutions, laws, the city’s charter and local ordinances.  

Council vice president Juanita Gowdy, Nathaniel Martin and newly-elected council president Korean Stevenson have warned attorney Willa Hemmons that she is not an oath sworn and contracted official of the city; and to stop impersonating the city’s director of law.

By signing the affidavit Gadison signed Bright’s name to, McCollough knew she was initiating a process authorized by law that would cause East Cleveland taxpayers to cast a vote to recall a member of council based on fraud.  She should have been prosecuting instead of conspiring with Gadison to remove a councilwoman who has questioned her legitimacy as an official of the city. 

McCollough’s “backdated” oath was submitted after Gowdy asked ex-clerk Guy to produce them as required by R.C. 705.28.  Guy had none for any employee including the two “advisory” city lawyers.  The ex-Clerk was fired after she obstructed a regular council meeting and replaced almost overnight with an “in waiting” Victoria Deneau.  Deneau had worked in my administration in the community development department.

When she left, Guy stole the Gowdy recall petitions along with other city equipment.  An old laptop computer was returned in place of the new one the city had purchased for the office.  Council is considering criminal charges against her as well.

Anderson sees Hemmons’ attempt to represent Gadison as confirming U.S. District Court Judge James Gwin’s ruling that she was not discharging the duties of a city director of law with municipal funds; and under the authority of the municipal corporation’s council with a resolution as the law required for all of her so-called “representations” as an unsworn private contractor with an expired contract.

Newly-elected council president Korean Stevenson has warned Hemmons in writing that she is not an authorized official of the city with no oath and no contract; and that her communications with the city officials are to cease until they decide to renew her contract or not. 

Hemmons continues to send email with “opinions” about the new council leadership’s acts they’re using as evidence  to demonstrate her continued obstruction and theft.  Hemmons resides in Shaker Heights.  Ohio law requires city directors of law to be residents.  They’re also supposed to deliver an oath of office to the clerk of council and a bond.  Neither exists for Hemmon.

There’s the growing suspicion among Hemmons’ critics that she’s experiencing the health effects of her advanced years as her acts are examined by council’s new leadership under the lens of only the law.   The call to the elections board in an effort to represent Gadison “for the city” was seen even by elections officials as bizarre, according to Anderson.

Bright was a no-show at the elections board hearing.  She wasn’t “in the car” waiting for a report as a contrast to the lunatic story Gadison told the election board’s officials. 

A high ranked police officer I know asked me if she was “troubled” in some way with a chemical imbalance.  I don’t know nor have I ever heard of the woman until she appeared on East Cleveland city council.  I asked why.  He explained his reasons and I asked those who knew her and they offered their assessment.

Khadijah Guy took the recall petitions home and obstructed Justyn Anderson and other members of the public who wanted to inspect them as authorized under the city’s charter.

I’ll offer that the way she handled the petition circulation and her answers are consistent with the way I observed her “fidgety” conduct on council.  Fidgety people usually come with a story that makes them unfit for public office and positions of trust. 

Brandon King,  Michael Smedley.  Scott Gardner.  Michael Cardilli.  Larry McDonald.  Che Gadison.  Ernest Smith.  Timothy Austin.  Melran Leach.  Willa Hemmons.  Heather McCollough.  Gary Norton.  Basheer Jones.  You get the picture.  These folk are “fidgety as fuck  and only deserve to be watched … closely.  Gadison’s where she belongs.  Out of elected office.

Whatever plans King, Smedley and crew thought they were hatching in conspiracy with McCollough to recall Gowdy have been crushed.  Anderson’s armed kidnapping at the hands of McDonald expands outside “federal” awareness of what’s already known about the criminal enterprise these two-bit wannabe gangsters think they got going.   Even the Russian-owned Plain Dealer is calling these criminals by their proper organized crime titles.

The old school who knew Carl Stokes will remember these words in connection with the street cool, pool playing (like me) first American Negro Mayor of Cleveland.  Carl told me that in politics he advised his opponents that when they took a swing at him to make it a good one.  Because if they missed it’s his turn.

King, Smedley, Gadison, Guy, Hemmons and McCollough swung.  They missed.  Big time.  Aww shit did they miss!  Now it’s the other side’s turn.

The best place for municipal workers is out of the politics.  It’s Government: 101.  Leave the politics to the politicians and discharge only the duties of the offices you were hired or appointed to discharge. 

Trix are for kids. These non-reading azzed, curve-graded trick-azzed fools done fucked themselves … big time!

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