SEC and FBI should investigate LA Times’ scam artist Soon-Shiong for using the newspaper to boost his NantKwest stock; and lying about the FDA approving him for CoVid trials

CLEVELAND, OH – Each time Chinese immigrant Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong published “interval” stories in the Los Angeles Time about the stages of his business interest in the CoVid vaccine his Nantkwest stock shares on the NASDAQ increased.  The stories in a newspaper that serves the nation’s largest county appear to have buffered criticism that his NantKwest was not a good investment; as well as an emerging portrait of the deception involved in his unproven scientific claims and the company’s previous attempted theft of intellectual property.

NantKwest since the July 28, 2015 Initial Public Offering (IPO) that resulted in Soon-Shiong gaining control of ConKwest and changing the name has had “accuracy” and “lying” problems.  Mary Beth Breslin, from the SEC’s “office of healthcare and insurance,” wrote directly to Soon-Shiong on August 23, 2016, as a response to his August 17, 2016 filed Registration Statement on Form S-3, that the SEC has not and will not review it.

We urge all persons who are responsible for the accuracy and adequacy of the disclosure in the filing to be certain that the filing includes the information the Securities Act of 1933 and all applicable Securities Act rules require.  Since the company and its management are in possession of all facts relating to a company’s disclosure, they are responsible for the accuracy and adequacy of the disclosures they have made,” she wrote to the Chinese billionaire.  File number 333-213174 was rejected.

Two months earlier, on June 14, 2016, violations of the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities and Exchange of 1934 were discovered in the IPO Soon-Shiong packaged after acquiring  control of ConKwest.   A class action claim was filed alleging that NantKwest and its former officers and directors, along with the IPO underwriters, “made material misrepresentations” to what appears to be foreign and domestic investors.

This “staged” photo was created by NantKwest to support Chinese alien Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong’s fake claim that the FDA had given him approval to conduct clinical trials for a CoVid vaccine. The Chinese girl in the picture may not be a patient but a model.

The case is captioned Sunil Sundunagaunta v. NantKwest, Inc. et al and numbered 16-cv-1947-MWF (JEMx).  The class plaintiffs were Brayton Li and Donald Hu, both Chinese.  Soon-Shiong had to pay a $12 million settlement and publish the case on his NantKwest website.

In 2013 ConKwest attempted to patent a cancer process with a claim it had discovered a “method of treating cancer in a mammal or a human by administering NK-92 cells to recognize and lyse cancer cells in vivo; i.e., in the mammal or the human.  The word “lyse” means to destroy.  The United States Patent and Trademark Office rejected ConKwest’s attempt to patent what had previously been patented in 1995 to a scientist named “Santoli”; and in 1997 to another named “Gong.”  The court when ConKwest appealed ruled that …

“Even considering the new evidence and drawing all inferences in CoNKwest’s favor, it is clear that a [person of ordinary skill in the art] in 1997 would have had a reasonable expectation that NK-92 cells would recognize and lyse one or more cancer cells in vivo in a mammal.”

ConKwest appealed and lost.  When legal fees and administrative costs were sent to the company as a bill for the review it had requested of the USPTO or patent office, its officers sued to keep from paying.

What the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) should see as a “national security risk” is Soon-Shiong’s Los Angeles Times newspaper appears to have fabricated claims that the United States Food & Drug Administration has approved clinical trials for him to test the CoVid vaccine he claims he’s working to create.   The only sources where his CoVid vaccine claims appear to be authenticated is either in the Los Angeles Times he owns, the websites his pharmaceutical companies own or where he caused news releases to be shared on Business Wire that were picked up and published without any verification whatsoever by other publications.

There’s no reference whatsoever to ImmunityBio on the FDA’s website.  A “search” returns with “no results.”  NantKwest is mentioned once for a drug in 2017.

On May 27, 2020, Soon-Shiong published a news release on his Nantkwest website that “Immunitybio & NantKwest sign Covid-19 joint development, manufacturing and marketing agreement; ImmunityBio selected for “Operation Warp Speed” to develop novel adenovirus CoVid-19.”

Immunity bio is Soon-Shiong’s privately-owned company.  Nantkwest is his publicly-traded company.  Soon-Shiong’s ownership or control of both companies is disclosed in his news release.

The headline claims “ImmunityBio” was “selected” for “Operation Warp Speed” to develop novel adenovirus CoVid-19.”

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong is but one example of the type of scientists claiming their working on a vaccine that we’re supposed to let the United States Government that’s not “investigating” him tell us to inject in our bodies. This is the “only” reference to NantKwest on the Food & Drug Administration’s website. It’s from 2017. All his FDA approval claims in the Los Angeles Times he owns, and the websites he owns, are from the last two years. Each and every one of his FDA claims should be available right here for Americans to view. I trust God. Not scientists. I trust what I know about liars not to let them create something that’s going into my body. I trust what I know about Communist China not to trust a provenly-lying doctor from Communist China.

Operation Warp Speed is a name the United States Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) is using in coordination with other federal agencies to direct funding Congress has approved to develop a vaccine.   Below is a quote directly-attributable to Soon-Shiong where he personally claims his ImmunityBio was “selected” by the coordinated agencies of the Government of the United States of America to join 14 other companies engaged with Operation Warp Speed.

“ImmunityBio is honored to have been selected as one of the 14 companies for Operation Warp Speed and is committed to moving our vaccine candidate through the process to prevent people from contracting this deadly virus,” said Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D., Chairman and CEO of ImmunityBio and NantKwest. “Using our unique technologies, we are working just as furiously to develop therapeutics for people who are already infected. With this work, we hope to contain and eventually conquer the virus.”

In his news release, Soon-Shiong also announced that “the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized the use of ImmunityBio’s IL-15 (generic name nogapendekin alfa inbakicept) to treat patients prior to the onset of severe disease by potentially activating natural killer cells to mitigate viral replication.”

He further claimed the FDA gave him authorization to “study the use of mesenchymal stem cell treatments to modulate the immune system’s excessive response to COVID-19 infection, thereby potentially reducing the debilitating and sometimes fatal effects of the disease.”

Blue Cross Blue Shield issued Policy Number 254 under Reference Number 8:01 as a guidance to physicians seeking to use mesenchymal stem cell treatments. The science is promising as a way to rebuild the area between damaged bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and intervertebral discs aka the backbone.  People with skeletal and bone defects want it.  The problems are in the “morbidities” associated with the unproven treatment Soon-Shiong claimed the FDA gave him the approval to study.  The lives of the people sacrificing themselves are not improved but worsened.

“Limitations in these initial trials preclude reaching conclusions, but the results to date do support future study in phase 3 trials. Alternative methods of obtaining MSCs have been reported in a smaller number of trials and with mixed results. Additional study in a larger sample of patients with longer follow-up would be needed to evaluate the long-term efficacy and safety of these procedures. Also, expanded MSCs for orthopedic applications are not FDA approved (concentrated autologous MSCs do not require agency approval). Overall, there is a lack of evidence that clinical outcomes are improved. The evidence is insufficient to determine the effects of the technology on health outcomes.”

The negative outcomes means that instead of allowing clinical trials; the FDA is not approving them.  That’s particularly so for someone who’s been using the Los Angeles Time and the newspaper’s “credibility” to place himself in the middle of a vaccine discussion that involves the national security of Americans Communist China and Communist Russia wants to destroy.

The members of the boards of all pharmaceutical companies operating inside the United States of America are involved in the creation of drugs and engaged in clinical trials that are proving themselves to be debilitating and deadly to natural born Americans. The vast majority of them are foreign owned and controlled. None are thoroughly investigated for their citizenship and loyalty to the United States of America. None are elected in public campaigns so the people they’re dispensing drugs gets to know them. They’re making billions killing us in the name of “science.” These are the players in the Securities fraud NantKwest engaged in that resulted in a $12 million settlement.

ImmunityBio appears to have no relationship with the FDA despite the partnership Soon-Shiong created between two business entities he either owns or controls to develop a CoVid vaccine; the lying Communist Chinese alien can’t prove he has the authority from the Government of the United States of America to touch.

The information Soon-Shiong shared in his ImmunityBio news release about his partnership with his publicly-held NantKwest is public and searchable through the websites of both federal agencies.  The claims he’s publishing in the Los Angeles Times are not being confirmed by the reporters he employs; nor are they being fact-checked by website operators repeating his lies.

The only “official” place Soon-Shiong’s Nantkwest and ImmunityBio shows up is on a “draft” from the World Health Organization dated November 3, 2020 that identifies 47 candidates who “claim” they are beginning trials.  That, too, is information he “created” and “inserted” into the CoVid discussion.

Operation Warp Speed needs to be shut down.  It appears to have been “infiltrated.”  Dr. Soon-Shiong should be demanded by federal authorities to prove all of his claims; and to identify why he’s been so aggressive in manipulating the readers of the Los Angeles Times to believe his lies.

Eric Jonathan Brewer

Cleveland's most influential journalist and East Cleveland's most successful mayor is an East Saint Louis, Illinois native whose father led the city's petition drive in 1969 to elect the first black mayor in 1971. Eric is an old-school investigative reporter whose 40-year body of editorial work has been demonstrably effective. No local journalist is feared or respected more.

Trained in newspaper publishing by the legendary Call & Post Publisher William Otis Walker in 1978 when it was the nation's 5th largest Black-owned publication, Eric has published and edited 13 local, regional and statewide publications across Ohio. Adding to his publishing and reporting resume is Eric's career in government. Eric served as the city's highest paid part-time Special Assistant to ex-Cleveland Mayor Michael R. White. He served as Chief of Staff to ex-East Cleveland Mayor Emmanuel Onunwor; and Chief of Communications to the late George James in his capacity as the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority's first Black executive director. Eric was appointed to serve as a member of the state's Financial Planning & Supervision Commission to guide the East Cleveland school district out of fiscal emergency and $20 million deficit. Former U.S. HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson told Eric in his D.C. office he was the only mayor in the nation simultaneously-managing a municipal block grant program. Eric wrote the city's $2.2 million Neighborhood Stabilization Program grant application. A HUD Inspector General audit of his management of the block grant program resulted in "zero" audit findings.

As a newspaper publisher, Eric has used his insider's detailed knowledge of government and his publications to lead the FBI and state prosecutors to investigations that resulted in criminal prosecutions of well-known elected officials in Ohio; and have helped realign Cleveland's political landscape with the defeat of candidates and issues he's exposed. Eric's stories led to the indictments of the late Governor George Voinovich's brother, Paul Voinovich of the V Group, and four associates. He asked the FBI to investigate the mayor he'd served as chief of staff for public corruption; and testified in three federal trials for the prosecution. He forced former Cuyahoga County Coroner Dr. Elizabeth Balraj to admit her investigations of police killings were fraudulent; and to issue notices to local police that her investigators would control police killing investigations. Eric's current work has resulted in Cuyahoga County Judge John Russo accepting the criminal complaint he guided an activist to file against 24 civil rights-violating police officers in the city he once led for operating without valid peace officer credentials. USA Today reporters picked up on Eric's police credentials reporting from his social media page and made it national.

Eric is the author of of his first book, "Fight Police License Plate Spying," which examines the FBI and local police misuse of the National Crime Information Center criminal records history database. An accomplished trumpet player and singer whose friendship with Duke Fakir of the Four Tops resulted in his singing the show's closing song, "Can't Help Myself": Curtis Sliwa of New York's Guardian Angels counts Eric among his founding chapter leaders from the early 1980's role as an Ohio organizer of over 300 volunteer crime fighters in Cleveland, Columbus and Youngstown, Ohio. For his work as a young man Eric was recognized by Cleveland's Urban League as it's 1983 Young Man of the Year.

Known in Cleveland for his encyclopedic knowledge of government and history, and intimately-connected with the region's players, every local major media outlet in Cleveland has picked up on one of Eric's stories since 1979. There is no mainstream newspaper, television or radio outlet in Cleveland that does not include an interview with Eric Jonathan Brewer in its archives over the past 40 years.


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