Harris’ fellow Indians in India are drinking cow dung and piss mixed with curd and ghee to fight the coronavirus as an ayurvedic remedy

CLEVELAND, OH – The next four years with Indian-Jamaican Kamala Harris, as Irish Catholic Joe Biden’s Vice President of the United States of America, is going to be a culture shock for the nation’s 300 million majority of pre-Civil War Americans as they learn about the nuances of her and all the other undocumented Indians who are about to flood the federal workforce Mina Chang-style.  Instead of Harris assimilating to the pre-Civil War American culture of the nation’s majority; she’s already signalling that she wants to shove her ancestral nation’s attitudes about cows down our throats.

Indians have a different attitude about the cows we eat.  They’re sacred … there.  Burger, steak and beef rib meat in the USA and pretty much everywhere else.  Good for milk, belts, boots and jackets.  We use the dung for fertilizer.  Hooves for gelatin to make jello.  My ancestors were also “cow boys.”  We do rodeos in the United States of America.

They have 33 Supreme or Crore Gods in the Hindu religion.  330 million in all.  Seriously.  330 million different Gods. That’s one God for every American.  Most people have a hard time with Yahweh.

The Puranas are a series of ancient Hindu stories that among some include references to their many different Gods.  Among them are references to cows being seen as the highest gift a person could deliver another.  The Indian attitude about Americans and others eating cows is the same as ours is of them eating cow shit, urine and piss mixed with curd and ghee to call it panchagavya.  Americans stop at the milk.

They eat goats and we eat sheep.  If you ask for lamb in India they’ll serve you goat.  I wouldn’t even think of giving my panchagavya to my cats.  They’d have sense enough not to eat it.  I couldn’t find any YouTube vidoes of cats and dogs eating panchagavya.  Just Indians.

Just as Muslims are drinking raw camel milk and piss for religious and health purposes in the Middle East, Indians are consuming panchagavya in India because they think it’s ayurvedic healthy.  The byproducts of live cows are connected to their ayurvedic medicine.  One of India’s late prime ministers, Moraji Desai, in 1977 told India’s medically-uncovered poor to drink their own piss to improve their health.  He did and died on April 28, 1995 at 100.

Right now Indians are promoting panchagavya as a natural cure for coronavirus and CoVid.  Americans are advised to take vitamins and minerals with Zinc and D boosts.

India, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudia, Arabia, Israel, Iran, Iraq and the Middle East is where the World Health Organization (WHO) first identified the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus in 2012 that lingered and mutated into a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) now known as CoVid 19.  This year’s coronavirus and CoVid strain should have been named CoVid 20 as next year’s flu strain should be called CoVid 21.  WHO identified the source of the infection as a zoonotic transmission from camels to humans.

Medical research on the National Center for Biological Information’s website identifies coronavirus and CoVid as naturally occurring in nearly all camels; but not in cows.  Leptospirosis comes from cows, sheep, pigs,goats and even dogs.  From the cultural perspective of Harris’ Indian family in India, eating cow shit and piss with cow milk is healthy.  Just don’t eat the cow.  It’s meat, according to Harris, is unhealthy and cow farts are bad for the ozone layer as a creator of methane gas.  That’s according to science.

Harris did indeed say at a Town Hall meeting after a woman she addressed as Caroline, who had a thick French accent, asked her a question about “American” food habits.  The town hall host, Katie Pavlich, a Russian, asked Harris  if she’d specifically seek a ban on red meat as a dietary restriction and she said “yes.”

[NOTE: Caroline Coursant is an attorney for the French insurance and investment company called AXA the Securities & Exchange Commission has investigated and caused to pay millions in fines for federal law violations.  French courts ordered Coursant’s employer to pay $1.8 billion in CoVid claims it had denied. There’s a federal case in the Southern District of California captioned BROADWAY 104, LLC d/b/a CAFE DU SOLEIL the restaurant filed against the employer of the woman Harris said asked her good question.  AXA paid up in France but Cafe Du Soleil’s court case was filed on May 15, 2020 and still hasn’t been resolved in the favor of Harris’ constituent.  The French lawyer asking Harris the question should have been asked if she’s violating her work visa; and why  her foreign employer’s fucking American businesses.]

There are roughly 330 million mostly meat-eating people living in the United States of America.  1 billion mainly vegetarians are in India.  In 2019 they counted over 302 million head of cows, buffalo and sheep in India.  535 million when goats, horses, donkeys, pigs, camel and mithun are added.  Over 845 million chickens.   Chickens in Rome were sacredly used to predict future outcomes called auguries.  Popeye’s would have gone broke … then.

India also has monkeys.  15 different species in the millions.  The streets and neighborhoods in Indian cities are overrun with cows, monkeys, dogs and the other animals they don’t kill and eat.  Wild packs of monkeys in India are killing humans.  The zoonotic diseases Indian’s are picking up from all the filthy animals they let roam through their neighborhoods makes the nation still prone for leprosy.  India is the source of origin for all the “lepers” in the world.

India’s livestock population is the largest in the world at close to 35 percent since the meats they eat are limited for religious purposes.  The poor in the nation are and have been starving for years like in bat and rat eating China.  As far back as 2008 a Government of India official named Vijay Prakash, Bihar’s social welfare secretary, advised the nation’s poor to eat rats.

Notice how the only nation where the greenhouse gas emissions are coming from agriculture and livestock is India where Kamala Harris’ is a citizen. Yet she wants to blame our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions on red meat from cows where India has the most cows and starving people in the world. The people are starving because their religion prohibits Indians from eating cows. Harris wants Americans to stop eating red meat that starving Indians could feast on just by going outside and killing a cow for barbeque and steaks. She should have run in her family’s country to solve the problems we don’t have in the United States of America. There’s the majority of Americans rejected her presidential campaign.

Harris has couched her cultural opposition to the slaughtering of cows for food as an environmental issue.  Cow farts generate methane gas.  That’s not an American problem because we’re killing and eating the cows they’re letting roam around Indian streets like feral cats and dogs.

America’s greenhouse gas creation is mainly “utility” based as our agriculture is more sophisticated; and the nation’s majority religion of Old Testament Christians includes animals instead of humans being used during ritualistic sacrifices.  The methane gas problem in the United States of America is “solved” as a nation whose citizens eats the majority of its livestock … annually.

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