Jackson and Kelly give demolition contracts to 6 family-run companies led by an Albanian organized crime figure the FBI busted in $170 million credit union scam

Critics are blasting Jackson and Kelley for giving demolition contracts to Albanian aliens with a limited knowledge of English, environmental and dump laws

CLEVELAND, OH – Mayor Frank Jackson, Council President Kevin Kelly and their “sanctuary city” lawlessness is now allowing an Albanian alien organized criminal, one who fled his financially-ruined “Ponzi scheme-run” nation in 1997 during a civil war, to bid on and receive demolition contracts under at least six company names through his children.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2014 busted Sata Satka and others for paying over $1 million in bribes to Anthony Raguz of the St. Paul Croatian Federal Credit Union (SCPEFCU) to steal $3.7 million with inside help to build a downtown Cleveland parking lot, property and business empire. Altogether the immigrant theft ring cost the nation $170 million.  One of his business associates was Louis Frangos, the brother of James Rokakis’ law and business partner Gus Frangos.

Raguz told federal officials he made loans to Satka and others with no collateral, few or no assets, no employment history and fake names.  This is who Jackson and Kelley are giving access to the treasury of the City of Cleveland and federal funds.

Some of the companies organized under the names of Sata Satka’s daughters Florenca Xhosa, Brunilda, Ardita, Gertie and and son, Firdeo Satka, are as follows:  Firdeus Enterprises, Inc.  Den Demolition, LLC.  High End Demo, Inc.  Arberia, LLC.  Progressive Demolition, LLC.  Metro Demo.  Demo Trax.  Companies have agents listed to 10371 Notabene in Parma Heights, Ohio.  Some of the “family” businesses were once registered at 13405 Lake Avenue in Lakewood, Ohio.

Satka and his “enterprises” are well-known to then U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio Steve Dettelbach.  He indicted the Albanian alien on March 5, 2014 for stealing $3.7 million from the St. Paul Croatian Federal Credit Union (SPECFCU) with “inside” help.

The question is why Dettelbach did not call for his deportation. Another is why Jackson and Kelley are giving aliens with unverified immigration statuses unrestricted access to city “set-aside” contracts possibly associated with federal funds after his “federal” conviction?  Read the background information from the U.S. DOJ’s website that sent Satka to prison for two years.

Satka conspired with others, including Anthony Raguz, the former Chief Operating Officer of the St. Paul Croatian Federal Credit Union (SPCFCU), to defraud the credit union. Satka paid bribes and kickbacks to Raguz for using his position at the credit union to approve numerous loans to Satka, and the entities he controlled and associates, according to the indictment.

From 1999 through 2004, Satka, his family members and businesses he controlled received more than $4.4 million in loan proceeds from SPCFCU, but little or no legitimate monthly payments were made to the credit union. As a result, the loans were in default, but in order to avoid detection from the credit union board, Raguz ordered “resets” to make it appear the loans were not in default, according to the indictment.

Satka controlled several enterprises, including F&S Satka Enterprises LLC, Sako Satka Parking West 3, Satka Parking Summer, Satka Parking Bolivar, Satka Parking Prospect and Titanic II, according to the indictment.

In October 2003, he purchased a commercial real estate property at 1350 West 3rd Street, Cleveland, for $460,000, according to the indictment.

Satka purchased the former CEOGC building for $460,000. The agency is spending $17 million on a lease with the Plain Dealer at its former offices at 18th and Superior. Obviously the CEOGC board could have purchased the building for less the Plain Dealer lease; and bought it instead of paying rent. This is the type of playing around with property shit politicians have been doing to pad each other’s pockets with public funds for years. No one seems to get caught: especially the Rokakis’ and Frangos’. Sources say Sakta got raped, no grease, by Louis Frangos and thrown to the wolves. Just another dumb immigrant sucker with a lot of money who thought he was gonna play with the big boys in America. Has anyone heard the name Jimmy Kassouf in awhile? Not since he crossed Sam Miller.

J.P. is a person known to the Grand Jury but not charged herein. He purportedly controlled several non-operating entities, including: Metropolitan Restaurant Systems, Buckeye Cartage, Play Magazine, Celebrity Limousine, Victor/John Model & Talent, Jay Kay Records, and others, according to the indictment.

Around November 2004, Satka recruited J.P. to apply for multiple fraudulent loans from SPCFCU. On Nov. 5, 2004, approximately 13 months after Satka purchased the West 3rd Street property for $460,000, he sold it to J.P.’s company, Metropolitan Restaurant Systems, for $3 million, according to the indictment.

To induce Raguz to approve J.P.’s loan in November 2004, Satka handed Raguz a brown paper bag filled with $90,000 in cash and stated the money was for the approval of J.P.’s loan so that those proceeds could be used to settle Satka’s loan obligations to SPCFCU, according to the indictment.

The multiple demolition companies registered with the City of Cleveland and other government agencies under the names of Albanian alien Sata Satka’s children are said to be under his control by his daughters. Consider that there are roughly 892 federal trucking laws in one section of the United States Code. Containers the family has hauled to Minerva have been rejected because of their failure to obey Resource Conservation Recovery Act laws that require containers carrying asbestos from construction debris to be lined. That federal law was enacted in 1974. So were many others that American contractors born in this nation, multiple generations deep, know as part of their passed down culture. On one project their asbestos law violations resulted in containers being emptied onto the group and redone because the immigrants with English language and cultural deficiencies were told by the hauler he wasn’t violating any laws.

Raguz proceeded to issue approximately $3.7 million in loans to 10 entities controlled by J.P., of which approximately $3.6 million was used to pay off loan balances on accounts held by Satka, his relatives or businesses he controlled. J.P. made no legitimate attempts to repay any of the loans and SPCFCU incurred a loss of $3.7 million, according to the indictment.

SPCFCU, located in Eastlake, was placed into conservatorship by the National Credit Union Administration on April 23, 2010. One week later, the NCUA liquidated SPFCFU and discontinued its operations after determining the credit union was insolvent. At that time, SPCFCU served about 5,400 members and was believed to have assets of approximated $239 million.

About two dozen people, including Raguz, have been convicted of crimes for conduct that led to the credit union’s collapse.

A significant portion of government funds for contracted services, our tax dollars, are supposed to be “set-aside” for American Negro and other natural born American business owners whose descendants suffered the “historic” effects of this nation’s uneven property ownership, voting and access to capital laws.

The beneficiaries of these laws are supposed to be the actual descendants of the men and women, Americans living in this nation at the time, whose ancestors’ freedoms were restricted by laws that gave rights to only “free white male property owners over the age of 21.”  The vast majority of the nation’s 280 million natural born citizens with pre-Civil War ancestry are for whom these laws were intended.

Aliens relocating to the United States of America after these laws have long been stricken down have no right of privilege to the benefits of “minority set-aside laws” created for the descendants of the “actual sufferers.”  They don’t apply to “the Dreamers” who are lawfully-restricted from receiving any access to these benefits.

Collecting pictures of politicians makes an illegal alien look legitimate. Who knows if Sata Satka is a legal alien? U.S. Rep. Nancy Kaptur didn’t bother to check before she took this picture with him before the FBI finished an investigation that sent the Albanian organized criminal to prison. Mayor Frank Jackson and Cleveland council president Kevin Kelley have failed to ensure funds intended for natural born and legal citizens of the nation are actually reaching their businesses.

Sato Satka and the women in his family can claim that as Albanian immigrants they are “minorities” and their businesses are “women owned.”  So what?  That claim and the original intent of the “set aside” laws in a 1993 state “predicate study” still does not include them.  They arrived in the United States of America long after “equal rights amendments” were enacted; and no one in Satka’s family was here to experience the discrimination of these not to ancient laws “when” they existed.

Instead of accepting applications from Satka’s six family-run demolition companies under his control, Jackson administration officials should have done the investigation I’ve done and reported them to Homeland Security pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4, “Misprision of felony.”

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Every municipal worker who knows a “felony” crime is being committed by government officials and vendors will find themselves facing “Misprision of felony” charges when the federal agents who raided city hall twice ask them about the details they’ve learned of regarding the way they did not discharge the duties of the public jobs they hold in the documents they obtained and are reviewing.  If I’m on the outside of city hall and know all this shit; every city hall worker should know the FBI and the other federal law enforcement agencies investigating the city knows more.

If you’re concealing more information like this from federal agents you had better call 216-522-1400 and report what you know to Special Agent Sean Roth in the public corruption unit.  I’ve been watching the FBI arrest bureaucrats, contractors and immigrant gangsters all my “natural born American” life.

I’ve read hundreds of indictments and transcripts.  I’ve testified in three federal trials.  I saw the Jackson administration negligence surrounding the dump in East Cleveland.  I delivered the information I acquired to federal agents in 2017 when I pressured former Ohio EPA director Craig Butler into closing it in 6 weeks.  Armond Budish made the decision to get it cleaned up in 6 months.  Jackson and Kelley presided over a city government that inspected an illegal construction demolition and debris dump 26 times and the only thing inspectors saw was “fugitive dust.”  According to George Michael Riley the cash made everybody blind.

Satka was aided by an Albanian immigrant Jackson hired to work under Ed Rybka in the building department; and who he elevated from a clerk to handling payroll.  Liljana Vajusi.  They had language difficulties and she spoke it. In Vajusi’s official capacity as an “American” public official discharging the duties of the mayor as one of his 6000 employee “surrogates,” she should have reported them to ICE instead of conspiring with them to acquire government funds.

How did Walter Vajusi arrive ine USA from Albania and get a job as a Cleveland building department inspector on a green card? That’s not how it goes. How did his wife, Liljana, arrive her and get a job at city hall on a green card?

Vajusi’s Albanian alien husband is a building inspector who sources say flew to Albania and brought her to the United States of America.  Both uninvestigated aliens are now working around national security secrets for a municipal government.  A “fresh off the boat” alien on a visa got a city hall job Jackson and Kelley let her take from an unemployed natural born Cleveland resident to work in payroll.  The same with her alien husband.

Jackson never considered how giving a foreigner access to the social security numbers and other personally-identifiable information of city workers could contribute to identity theft.  There are several more “Vajusi’s” in Cleveland who didn’t exist here until after his arrival.  How?

Jackson and his “sanctuary city” administration with Irish Catholic Kelley are violating federal immigration laws with their univestigated foreign hires of alien families.  Foreigners are not given green cards to work for a municipal government by the U.S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization.  Jackson’s given 85 percent or more of Cleveland’s jobs to suburbanites and aliens.

Damian Borkowski knew Satka stole over $40,000 in dump tickets from an American Negro senior citizen named Obie Martin, 86 president of Obon, Inc; and authorized him to be paid instead of prosecuted.  Jackson and the American Negro do-nothing assed cowards on city council have done nothing to protect the city’s residents from being economically exterminated by aliens. 

Satka assaulted  Martin, after his felony crime was reported to the Russian Borkowski by the American Negro citizen. The arrogant alien on some ignorant white supremacist and racist bullyint shit knocked a 5’2″ tall American Negro man’s hat off during a meeting after Martin exposed him in room 514 city hall. Borkowski did not protect him by calling police and ICE for the thieving alien immigrant’s violent attack. His failure to report Satka’s felony crime against an American citizen violated 18 U.S.C. 4.

A source who’s done business with the Satka family told me his daughters tell them he’s firmly in control of all but one of the companies.  Vlora.  That one Satka started it with his son-in-law, John Neubert, before he went to federal prison.  Sources say they’re at odds with each other since Neubert allegedly “took” the company from him.  Neubert operates a wrecking yard at E. 147th and Miles Avenue.

Vlora owner Neubert, according to a source, is one of the contractors FBI agents know gave money to Cleveland building inspector Rufus Taylor before any of the other contractors who have been indicted for allegedly giving him bribes.  A source questioned why he has not been charged.  Politics could be the answer.

Satka and Gus Frangos’ brother, Lou Frangos, had business interactions connected to the Albanian alien’s parking lot and property acquisitions.  Satka was also represented by one of Jackson’s regular $5000 donors; Russian attorney Robert Klein.  According to RealNEO website, Frangos arranged for Sakta to end up with landbank properties that built a real estate portfolio which aided him in stealing $3.7 million from the credit union.  Gus Frangos served on Cleveland city council with Jackson.  So did James Rokakis.

Sata Satka fled to Cleveland with his family from Albania in 1997 during a civil war after government scam artists “ponzied” and “pyramided” the nation into financial ruin. Since arriving in Cleveland from Albania, Satka’s greed has thus far cost the nation $170 million with the closing of a credit union. That doesn’t include the cost of litigation. He was supposed to pay restitution; and the credit union was supposed to recapture the 29-room Lakewood mansion at 13405 Lake Avenue to cover the cost of his defaulted loan. What did Satka do in Albania that caused him and his “entire” family to leave: and how are they all here legally … together? Is Sata Satka even his real name; or the one his family used in Albania?

A source close to Satka and Frangos at the time said Lou “worked” about $5 million off Satka before he went to prison.  The two were involved in the Ameritrust property at 9th and Euclid, according to the source.  Satka, according to the source, once owned Captain Frank’s II.  He and Louis Frangos were also involved in the scam at 1020 Bolivar where they were paid to remove asbestos from a building that did not contain it.  Satka’s role in the Jimmy Dimora – Frank Russo county corruption “scandal” was at that site with DAS’s Brian Pumper.

Individuals I’ve spoken to who worked on projects with Sato Satka source his arrival from Albania to around the late 1990’s.   From January 16, 1997 through August 11, 1997, Albania was involved in a civil war.  More than 2000 dead.  Organized criminals in the government had literally ran a “ponzi scheme” with the nation’s treasury and fled with the cash they could keep.

It’s around that time that hundreds of Albanian families just started showing up in sanctuary city Cleveland.  Aided by their local immigrant ethnic associations and the Margaret Wong type law firms that exist in the city, and operate in obstruction to the nation’s immigration laws, thousands of aliens end up in Cleveland under fake names who have committed crimes in other nation’s they’re fleeing.

One of Satka’s company names is Vlora.  The name is of a city in Albania taken over by armed rebels.  I’ve shared a video above from the armed confrontations taking place in that nation at the time.  Readers are encouraged to learn more.  The last name of “Satka” is also a town in Russia.

With the brother of the partner of the Cuyahoga County landbank working Sata Satka for a large “piece” of his $3.7 million to more than $5 million, the Albanian alien had access to all the stolen properties James Rokakis and Gus Frangos acquired through their third party tax lien sales to offer him as a real estate portfolio to get more money.

It requires a certain level of intellectual sophistication, cash and connections to own the property he’s owned around the city; and to find his way into the lives and business affairs of the Frangos brothers.  An immigrant with no connections doesn’t acquire an attorney like Klein who makes $5000 donations to the mayor.  There’s no apparent financial contributions to either Jackson or Kelley’s campaigns from Satka or his family.  The Frangos’ are his “in.”

Satka appears to have moved around in the United States of America the same way he may have “operated” in Albania.  Like a “player.” The businesses.  The big homes in Lakewood.  The “money moves” Satka’s been making appear to be purposeful; as if he’s done it before but quicker and with a “crew” of other connected Albanians.

What Satka should not be is anywhere near funds associated with the United States government as someone who’s been convicted of running the same type of multi-company scam he’s running with the city of Cleveland’s building department; and right under the noses of the mayor and a completely corrupt council president who doesn’t understand the words “congressional-like investigative authority.”

There is an Albanian mafia in the United States of America.  The Rudaj Organisation, the Balaj Organisation, the Albanian Boys.  Mostly in New York.  But Cleveland was in the middle of the other immigrant mafias this nation’s government spent billions fighting to eliminate.

The Cleveland Foundation in 2005 acknowledged that businesses owned by American Negroes were doing better because of pressure from an American Negro mayor named Michael R. White who actually cared about his people.

INTERPOL has issued Red Notices for 7449 individuals wanted for various crimes.  Many are members of various international organized crime gangs, terrorists participating in revolts; and bankers and government officials fleeing the aftermath of their ponzy scheme created economy’s crash ahead of a lynch mob and prosecutors in Albania.  Cleveland and Cuyahoga county, particularly the more Catholic or Soviet run cities, have been particularly-welcoming to people from one side or the other of mass graves and death camps.

FBI agents enforcing federal laws know the nuances of the set-aside laws and so should Jackson as an American Negro whose ancestors experienced the “legal” effects of slavery.  We’re both Descendants of Enslaved Africans whose ancestors built and bled to create the United States of America; and we’re both veterans of the United States armed forces oath sworn to protect the nation from enemies foreign and domestic.  I volunteered for duty in 1972 and volunteered to serve in Thailand in our battle against Communist encroachment during the fall of Saigon in 1974 and 1975.

As veterans of the United States armed forces both Jackson and I are by federal laws entitled to contract opportunities with every government as a “veteran’s set aside.”  A veteran-owned demolition company, or one a veteran owns, under this nation’s laws has a preference over any and every company the alien organized criminals own.  The Satka women get no benefits if they’re undocumented and using fake names and credentials off the backs of alien father who bribed his wealth.

Sata Satka moves like a player. What’s he been setting up in the United States of America since he fled Albania in 1997? Is he funding propaganda as a sponsor from inside the USA?

Every veteran living in Cleveland should be offended that Jackson, Kelly and council are giving our money to organized Albanian alien criminals running multiple demolition companies between three homes in Parma, Parma Heights and Lakewood instead of deported.  They have no rights to organize a “set-aside” business and receive government funds.  This town’s 60 percent and unemployed American Negro majority should be “infuriated” with this evil.

So right now in Cleveland, its mayor and council president, along with oath sworn public employees in the building department, are aiding and conspiring with an alien organized crime family they have chosen to award public contracts associated with a variety of federal, state and local funding sources with restrictive laws on how the funds are to be used.

Federal law enforcement officers are investigating.  The evidence I see now convinces me that Mayor Frank Jackson, Kelley and few other city hall players in this “Democratic run sanctuary city” – as they misapply federal funds – are poster children for a huge full federal criminal investigation.

City hall has been raided … twice. The U.S. Department has even confirmed the police department is managed by organized criminals.  There are unreported “misprision of felony” problems at the schools, CMHA, RTA, the hospitals and universities.  This town is heavily-infiltrated with unregistered foreign agents.

2021’s not going to be what Jackson thinks.

[All photos fairly used for educational purposes].

Eric Jonathan Brewer

Cleveland's most influential journalist and East Cleveland's most successful mayor is an East Saint Louis, Illinois native whose father led the city's petition drive in 1969 to elect the first black mayor in 1971. Eric is an old-school investigative reporter whose 40-year body of editorial work has been demonstrably effective. No local journalist is feared or respected more.

Trained in newspaper publishing by the legendary Call & Post Publisher William Otis Walker in 1978 when it was the nation's 5th largest Black-owned publication, Eric has published and edited 13 local, regional and statewide publications across Ohio. Adding to his publishing and reporting resume is Eric's career in government. Eric served as the city's highest paid part-time Special Assistant to ex-Cleveland Mayor Michael R. White. He served as Chief of Staff to ex-East Cleveland Mayor Emmanuel Onunwor; and Chief of Communications to the late George James in his capacity as the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority's first Black executive director. Eric was appointed to serve as a member of the state's Financial Planning & Supervision Commission to guide the East Cleveland school district out of fiscal emergency and $20 million deficit. Former U.S. HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson told Eric in his D.C. office he was the only mayor in the nation simultaneously-managing a municipal block grant program. Eric wrote the city's $2.2 million Neighborhood Stabilization Program grant application. A HUD Inspector General audit of his management of the block grant program resulted in "zero" audit findings.

As a newspaper publisher, Eric has used his insider's detailed knowledge of government and his publications to lead the FBI and state prosecutors to investigations that resulted in criminal prosecutions of well-known elected officials in Ohio; and have helped realign Cleveland's political landscape with the defeat of candidates and issues he's exposed. Eric's stories led to the indictments of the late Governor George Voinovich's brother, Paul Voinovich of the V Group, and four associates. He asked the FBI to investigate the mayor he'd served as chief of staff for public corruption; and testified in three federal trials for the prosecution. He forced former Cuyahoga County Coroner Dr. Elizabeth Balraj to admit her investigations of police killings were fraudulent; and to issue notices to local police that her investigators would control police killing investigations. Eric's current work has resulted in Cuyahoga County Judge John Russo accepting the criminal complaint he guided an activist to file against 24 civil rights-violating police officers in the city he once led for operating without valid peace officer credentials. USA Today reporters picked up on Eric's police credentials reporting from his social media page and made it national.

Eric is the author of of his first book, "Fight Police License Plate Spying," which examines the FBI and local police misuse of the National Crime Information Center criminal records history database. An accomplished trumpet player and singer whose friendship with Duke Fakir of the Four Tops resulted in his singing the show's closing song, "Can't Help Myself": Curtis Sliwa of New York's Guardian Angels counts Eric among his founding chapter leaders from the early 1980's role as an Ohio organizer of over 300 volunteer crime fighters in Cleveland, Columbus and Youngstown, Ohio. For his work as a young man Eric was recognized by Cleveland's Urban League as it's 1983 Young Man of the Year.

Known in Cleveland for his encyclopedic knowledge of government and history, and intimately-connected with the region's players, every local major media outlet in Cleveland has picked up on one of Eric's stories since 1979. There is no mainstream newspaper, television or radio outlet in Cleveland that does not include an interview with Eric Jonathan Brewer in its archives over the past 40 years.


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