A sex video of Hunter Biden smoking crack or meth was available before the election, but Twitter & Facebook’s owners censored it to help Joe

There doesn't appear to be anything fake about the videos, images and texts of Hunter Biden's dope and booze fueled sexcapades; including the video of him shaving the hair off his penis and testicles

CLEVELAND, OH – People are selling and having sex all over Facebook and Twitter.  A video of Hunter Biden smoking crack, meth or weed and having his schlong foot massaged by a young woman was kept from American eyes during the 2020 presidential election by un-American censors Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.

The new First Son is, indeed, a criminal who worked as an unregistered agent of the governments of Communist China and the once Nazi Ukraine.  So is his father.  Zuckerberg and Dorsey should be jailed.  Their corporation’s … disbanded.  We’re Americans.  No one censor’s us.

With all the information the news media revealed about former President Donald Trump’s sex life prior to his decision to enter the world of politics, the idea that similar stories would not be shared in the same forums about President Joe Biden’s son and other members of his family is dangerous.  Nude pictures of Trump’s wife were circulated everywhere.  We all saw them.  “Grab ’em by the pussy.”  All of it.

The aliens controlling the nation’s public airwaves and media outlets forced us into a daily discussion about the pornography of Trump’s life based on mere allegations.  I’ve never seen the pictures of Trump with two pissing Russian hookers.  In fact I’ve never seen a photo of Trump actually “doing” any of the sexual acts for which he was accused.

I recently discovered a website identified as that’s got plenty of videos and images of Hunter Biden.  Naked.  There’s one of him fucking someone in the azz.  He’s getting head from a woman.  There’s a video of a young woman’s feet massaging his dick while he smokes from a pipe that could contain crack, meth or weed.

The profile of the individual uploading the video and image files identifies the user as GundamOO.  On it are 27 separate files and videos that are allegedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop.  You’ll see the CTV and C News logos in the background.

The language of every video but the Biden one is in Chinese.  So I’m assuming the “C” in both logos stands for either “China” or “Communist.”  What I will acknowledge is that the profiles around GundamOO’s appear to be fake.  C TV is real.  It’s full of Chinese language YouTube like videos.  GunDam is a fictitious character from a Japanese

Last October Attorney Rudy Giuliani delivered the contents of a hard drive to police that he claimed contained contents from Hunter Biden’s Mac laptop.  Police delivered the information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

FBI Director Christopher Wray did not do the “James Comey” days before the 2016 general election with the story about Hillary Clinton’s deleted email during Benghazi questioning.  Wray’s been publicly-silent.  Dorsey of Twitter and Russian Zuckerberg of Facebook each removed links the New York Post published directing readers to the videos and Biden’s email and text messages to Chinese and Ukrainian government officials.

In a video of Hunter Biden jerking off and having his dick foot massaged by a young-sounding woman, the First Son says they should leak the video.  They could make millions.  He tells her at 10 cents a view it’s $100,000 for 1 million views.  He repeats his desire to leak the video at least twice more before he finally cums.  The video of Hunter Biden jerking off and smoking from his pipe begins after a Chinese man speaks about the kleptocrats running western corporations and governments.  Propaganda.

The nation’s foreign-controlled mainstream media reported Giuliani’s release of the information as a “disinformation campaign.”  “Reporters speculated that he’d been supplied disinformation from Russian agents.  Google suppressed searches for “Biden sex tape” as mainstream media operations like CNN colored Giuliani as lacking in credibility.

My azz was all over the news and social media in drag from pictures stolen from my personal computer reporters received and used for uncompensated profit in complete disregard to the criminal copyright laws they were violating and my right to privacy.  Tom Meyer of WKYC started it.

I’ve read where ex-WOIO reporter Catherine Bosley is on this “humiliation” kick  She should start with her former WOIO employer and have a conversation with Meyer and Phil Trexler.  She worked for the biggest Russian-owned low-life shamers of them all with WKYC following close behind.  Every media outlet in town can save the “moral obligation” story as their reason not to embarass the Biden’s.  I don’t want to hear it.

Already I’m seeing in President Joe Biden’s executive orders a pro-Asian flavor that looks like a cover-up for his sleazy and traitorous son’s Communist Chinese friends and online fucking.

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