Mommy of Cleveland Heights mayor seeker Khalil Seren called EJBNEWS from California to whine about coverage of her baby

CLEVELAND, OH – Khalil Seren’s “mommy” called me around 11 p.m. on February 2nd as I was in bed preparing for sleep.  She got my private number from someone I’ve asked repeatedly not to share personal information about me without my permission.

Seren’s mother is named Leslye Marie Huff.  The feature image I’ve shared shows Seren’s biological mother with the long braids.  Her wife and the woman Seren describes as his step-mother is the female with white hair.

Leslye Huff once practiced law in Ohio.  Her law license is in “inactive” status with the Supreme Court of Ohio.  Now she practice’s Ifa, a West African religion alson known as Yoruba, and is in seminary.  Some of the Yoruban orishas or dieties are Gods like Olodumare, Olorun and Olafi. Yemoja is a female deity who rules the rivers.

Leslye shared how she and her wife relocated to California.  Berkley.  We are not friends and I had no interest in playing “catch up” with someone I hadn’t spoken to in 12 years while I was tired and ready for bed.

I know Leslye from her residency in East Cleveland during my tenure as the city’s mayor.  I know a little about her politics.  I may have asked her to serve on one of the city’s board.  I don’t recall that she accepted the offer.  I didn’t know she had two sons.

I haven’t spoken to Seren’s mommy since she endorsed Gary Norton after he and Michael Smedley conspired with Ralph Spotts and Art McKoy to deliver pictures stolen from my personal computer to the media the day my father died.  This was on September 23, 2009 one week before the primary election.

I’ve covered civil rights in Cleveland since 1978; and I’ve written about the causes civil rights leaders and activists have fought for in Cleveland.  I don’t recall Leslye Huff’s name being among them.

While I thought it odd that Leslye as the president of East Cleveland’s Stonewall Democrats, the political party’s club for homosexuals and lesbians, would endorse Norton running a hate campaign, it was their business.  I understood the connection.

Friends who knew him at Morehouse had shared with me that Norton was an “out” homosexual in college.  It may explain why after three years of failing grades he was kicked out.  10 D’s and 8 F’s between Morehouse and Cleveland State University.  School wasn’t on his mind.

So when she rudely called on February 2nd right before I went to bed, I told Leslye I’d talk to her the next day around noon.  She wanted to talk right then, but I was on a more relaxing call on the other line and I was about to end it.  Her voice and whatever was on her mind was not going be the last mental image in my head before I went to sleep.  She  “only” wanted 5 minutes Leslye texted after we hung up.  “Please?” she asked.  I wanted sleep so I didn’t respond and turned the notifications for “sound” off on my phone.

I saw in the morning that she’d texted, again, that she was “busy too” and my around noon return call time conflicted with her schedule.  So I called at 7:30 a.m. from Cleveland.  It was 4:30 a.m. in California.

Leslye wanted to talk about Seren.  She wanted to clear my questions about his status as an American citizen.  I had re-read what I had written that mentioned him and saw where I associated his name with the Middle East or Turkey.  I wasn’t wrong as she explained the origins of Khalil.

Khalil Seren is campaigning to serve Cleveland Heights as mayor, the chief law enforcement officer of a municipal corporation, and he’s reading this radical garbage instead of mastering the Constitution of the United States of America, the Ohio Constitution, federal laws and regulations, state laws and regulations; and Cleveland Heights’ charter and codified ordinances he has to obey and enforce. Seren’s website says he’s going to operate on his “vision” instead of constitutions and laws.

Seren had introduced an ordinance so un-American and pro-illegal alien offensive I knew he couldn’t be one of us.  This reckless legislator wanted to make it a jailable crime for city workers to question aliens about their citizenship status who have no “public benefit” rights under federal and state immigration laws.

8 U.S. Code 1622State authority to limit eligibility of qualified aliens for State public benefits(a)In general, Notwithstanding any other provision of law and except as provided in subsection (b), a State is authorized to determine the eligibility for any State public benefits of an alien who is a qualified alien (as defined in section 1641 of this title), a nonimmigrant under the Immigration and Nationality Act [8 U.S.C. 1101 et seq.], or an alien who is paroled into the United States under section 212(d)(5) of such Act [8 U.S.C. 1182(d)(5)] for less than one year.

8 U.S. Code 1611Aliens who are not qualified aliens ineligible for Federal public benefits, (a)In general, Notwithstanding any other provision of law and except as provided in subsection (b), an alien who is not a qualified alien (as defined in section 1641 of this title) is not eligible for any Federal public benefit (as defined in subsection (c)).

Leslye’s kid thought former President Donald Trump’s executive orders banning people from 7 Middle Eastern nations were racist as a member of Cleveland Heights city council with a Middle Eastern name.   He should have campaigned for a seat on Congress if he wanted to deal with immigration.

Now Leslye’s statutorily-misguided child is seeking the job of a municipal mayor.  From personal experience I know that official holds the status of a “chief law enforcement officer” whose duties are to enforce immigration laws Seren and his treasonous co-conspirers on council sought to criminally obstruct.

Seren’s website reading list includes a bunch of radical shit that has nothing to do with the Constitution of the United States of America, Constitution of Ohio and the federal, state and local laws a mayor has to obey and enforce.  He should be reading all those documents and the United States Code as well as the Revised Code of Ohio.  That shit he’s reading on his website is anarchist bullshit which shouldn’t be on any loyal American mayor’s mind.

Leslye wanted to explain why her son introduced his pro-illegal alien legislation.  I didn’t care and my time was short as I was preparing for an 8:30 a.m. meeting.  I’d heard his public statements at council meetings. I’d read the minutes of the city’s council meetings and his Twitter page.

I didn’t want to hear “Mommy” speaking for what I’d already seen from his own writings and spoken words, so I asked Leslye to get to the “name” business because I was preparing for a meeting. That was my only interest.  Is he or is he not an American citizen since she called to supply me with answers?  I also told her to save the verbal cheap shots she was tossing at me.

Yes, according to Seren’s mommy, as she had to drag me through her history with the two out-of-town sperm-donating men who gave an out lesbian two sons to raise without them in their lives.  One in Alabama and one in Pennsylvania.  I cut Leslye short after she appeared to be headed towards more personal areas of her relationships of which I had no interest.   She also had to explain Khalil’s name and some nuances about how he acquired it.  He was once known as Khalil Huff.

The name “Huff” is associated with a man she claimed to have been married to in the South.  An American Negro.  He is not Khalil’s father though at one time Leslye’s child carried his last name.  So did her other son.   She wanted them all to be a “Huff” family.

She claimed that Huff’s brother and her had an agreement to let him decide her next son’s middle name when Khalil was born.  She chose Khalil as his first name after Khalil Gibran.  She said he was Lebanese and used that name while living in the United States of America.  She said her ex-brother-in-law had been reading a book called “Serendipity” so they settled on Seren.  Despite the Middle Eastern association with the surname of Seren, in her child’s case she said it is made up.  Giving him the Arabic name Khalil was intentional.

Khalil Seren’s surname was once his middle name.

Both her sons carried the Huff surname because Leslye said she decided to keep it after divorcing a man she married.  As they became adults her sons could choose to keep or change the “Huff” last name.  Khalil, according to his Mommy, chose to make his middle name of Seren his last name.  The Cuyahoga County Probate Court agreed with his request  on August 4, 2011.

Leslye told me Khalil’s father is a white man who lived in Pennsylvania.  I responded that saying his father was simply a “white man” is not enough. There are all types of white men from everywhere.  Was he White Anglo Saxon Protestant, Eastern European, a white Middle Eastern man from Lebanon … what?

Leslye said Khalil’s father was not a Russian or a Jew.  I didn’t ask her if he were either.  She offered.  I asked her to be specific about the ethnic origins of Seren’s father and got called a “bigot.”  That’s the word illegal aliens have assigned to American citizens who want immigration laws enforced.  We’re racist bigots to expect federal immigration laws to be enforced that are supposed to be used to keep illegal aliens out of the nation and receiving public benefits to which they have no legal rights.

Leslye’s name-calling was ignorant and pathetic as I thought, “She called me with this silly shit.”  Since she couldn’t wait until decent hours to call me with her overly-protective whining about her kid, I asked Leslye where was she from?  Just because she’s “black” doesn’t make her an American Negro whose ancestors were enslaved in the United States of America.

One of my late Aunt’s told me a story her Mother, my 1890’s born Grandmother, told her about her great-Grandmother leaving 13 sisters behind in North Carolina as she was sold as a Slave from North Carolina to Arkansas around 1834.  My family has a more than 100 year presence just in Cleveland.  All of my grandparents were born here in the 1890’s.  I do have an alien great-Grandfather who immigrated here from Madagascar during the Civil War.

It’s obvious from his “plans” that Khalil Seren has not read Title 7 of Ohio’s Revised Code and mastered all parts of the state’s general laws for municipal corporations. He’s reading crazy radical shit from Marxist-minded authors as he talks about “redesigning” statutory departments of government that are already defined by federal, state and local laws his “Why I’m running” reveals to me he hasn’t read.

The brief conversation with Khalil’s irate mommy was like being attempt-bullied by a midget who doesn’t have a gun to back up her shit. I was like, “Yeah … okay.”

I texted Leslye after I ended the call that she absolutely did not help Seren.  Her condescension was not appreciated.  No logical person would put Lesley’s kid anywhere near a mayor’s office.  Khalil should learn to handle his own affairs and keep mommy out of his business.  Her interference implies to me Leslye doesn’t have much confidence in her own child.

The bottom line to Leslye’s call, according to her words, her Baby Daddy for her second child is a “White man.”  She did not share his national origins.  The last name of “Huff” Khalil once carried belonged to a “Black man” his mommy claimed is or was an American citizen who is not his father.  Khalil is named after a Lebanese poet.

Being raised by two mommies he should have been taken with them to the Women’s room to pee in public places.  Knowing how his mommy like to Bogart her way into people’s lives at bedtime, she probably Bogarted her way into Men’s Rooms on some “rights” shit she made up.

Jerry Springer would have fun with this family.

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