Ward 7’s Jones pulls petitions for mayor giving voters a chance to replace the worst councilman to ever steal the job

CLEVELAND, OH – Two months after he finally relocated from South Euclid and Cleveland Heights to Cleveland, where he’s been serving illegally on city council, Basheer Jones finally moved into Ward 7 two months before he pulled petitions to seek the job of mayor.  Come November 2021, Jones will become one of the “forgotten” in the graveyard of poorly-performing elected officials.

Jones has zero chance of winning for mayor as he appears to know a return to council is an uphill battle after concerned residents decided to launch three recalls against him his first year in office.  It’s time for Ward 7 residents to say “Next.”

Jones won only by 13 votes in a smear-driven campaign against attorney and former Councilman T.J. Dow in 2017.  Instead of making friends to build a bigger base of political support for the future, the elected office stealing suburbanite added more enemies as he launched a terrorist-minded, cleansing campaign thinking he could “purge” Americans he perceived to be “enemies” out of the ward and the Hough Multipurpose Center.

Jones had cameras removed from the building after EJBNEWS busted his azz for allowing after-hours parties at the facility like it was his personal banquet hall.  A source close to the facility shared with me that he was also motivated to do so after two young women got into a fight over him in the public building.  Citizens learned the cameras were gone when a car was stolen from the lot and the owner needed video of the parking lot.

Ward 7 voters who supported former Councilman TJ Dow have had many “I told you so” moments over the past three years they’ve been represented by a suburbanite East Cleveland police arrested for mishandling a semi-automatic weapon. Dow had the money to turn the facility behind him into a community center with computers.  Sellout Jones wasted and stole as much as he could get his hands on.

Jones has no support on city council and not enough in the ward whose politics he just gave away his influence over when he pulled petitions to campaign for mayor.  Even if this political loud mouth changes his mind and decides to seek a re-election council, the resident who’s going to replace him on Cleveland’s legislative body is already gaining campaign steam.

He recently took a nasty shot at former Cleveland Mayor Michael White who brought him both credibility and money in his campaign against Dow in 2017.  Knowing White as a former special assistant he won’t take the criticism lightly.  Albert Ratner’s money and that of his AIPAC friends can’t help Jones overcome the scorn Ward 7 voters who supported him have for the way his lies and lack of performance humiliated them.

I’m hearing rumblings from residents who want to know “who’s next?” I have my ideas.  Jones’ is now in the “lame duck” status as a Cleveland councilman who has absolutely nothing to sell; and no power in the ward

A lamb in wolf’s clothing is still a lamb.  Jones has lost all respect.

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