Judge Carr backs up Alicia Gray’s claim that Judge Oakar laughed after her bailiff called East siders animals

Judge Early closed an investigation the court's personnel committee agreed to undertake; and then apologized to Gray for Oakar and her bailiff

CLEVELAND, OH – It’s 2021 and in the family history of American Negro Alicia Gray is a lynching her Great-Grandfather was forced to witness of his best friend in Alabama.  Her Grandfather was killed by Ku Klux Klansman when his body was tied to railroad tracks.  The animals involved in these savage killings had no regard for the Constitution of the United States of America or federal and state laws. Gray’s family never got justice.

The rule of law did not matter as these brutal animals confidently murdered Gray’s Grandfather and Great-Grandfather without the slightest fear of being brought to justice in the Deep South.  The last thing Judge Pinkey Carr told EJBNEWS Gray wanted to hear in the court room Cleveland voters gave Judge Ann Clare Oakar, the child of a Syrian-Lebanese alien, the privilege to serve in was her Irish Catholic bailiff calling residents of the East Side where she and 8 members of council live  … animals.

Bailiff Alicia Gray from her Facebook page.

Oakar would have no knowledge of the role Irish Catholic, Russian, Ukraininan and Polish immigrants played in slaughtering American Negroes in cities like East Saint Louis, Illinois on July 6, 1917.  1000 men, women and children dead at the hands of “unionists” who wanted to “exterminate all the niggers.”  The Congressional hearing is in the National Archives.  Men, women and children were burned out of their homes and shot and beaten to death when they fled from teh fires.  Bodies were dumped in mass graves and the Mississippi River.

Violent alien labor union members organized by Russian alien Samuel Gompers marched across 40 cities from 1917 through 1919 engaging in extermination minded violence until American hero President Woodrow Wilson said “enough.”  4500 anarchists were rounded up by FBI Director John Edgar Hoover during the Palmer Raids.  240 Russian Jewish anarchists were deported aboard the USS Buford in 1919.

Gray, according to sources, expected justice in the form of an acknowledgement of the lynch mob consciousness Oakar’s bailiff exhibited when she confidently declared East side residents to be animals.  The animals who participated in over 5000 public lynchings of American Negroes in this nation called the men, women and children they lynched animals.

No historically-rooted American Negro appreciates Indian aliens like Payush “Bobby” Jindal telling us to “get over slavery” or voiding any part of our history.  Tell it to the Russian Jews who have made “The Holocaust” their own when it’s not. They were involved and have never been held accountable for the Holocaust of American Negroes in East Saint Louis.

Judge Ann Clare Oakar.

Gray, according to Judge Carr and other sources EJBNEWS spoke to, was sitting in Oakar’s court at the end of the day.  Oakar was reciting a story about her trip to a tropical climate where she said alligators and snakes were outside her door.  The judge was glad not to see animals at her doorsteps in the morning.  Personal bailiff Deirdre Mueller, who is Irish Catholic, told Oakar that if she wanted to see animals go to the East side of Cleveland.

Guided by God and not fear  over what she’d heard Mueller say and Oakar laughing at, Gray stood up and asked her to repeat it.  What was funny about calling East side residents “animals?”  Oakar described her bailiff’s words as a joke.  No big deal.  The joke wasn’t funny to Gray and she asked for an explanation.  Maybe she could get the joke and laugh … too.

Mueller threw her hands up and walked away.  Oakar tried, vainly, to explain the colloquialism that “West is best and East is least.”  Everybody knows it, according to Oakar from the limited perspective of her ancestral history in America.  Gray had never heard it.  Oakar had never shared her pro-west side bias or tolerance of derisive racial slurs during her campaign on the east side for municipal court judge.

Oakar dismissed Gray’s wanting to know what was funny about Mueller’s racial slur as her simply “failing to understand.”  It was Gray’s fault she didn’t “get” Mueller’s innocent joking about the East side of Cleveland animals she’ll be asking for their Democratic votes this November.  Maybe, some suggested to Gray, her directness was intimidating.  It should have been given the filth that came from Mueller’s lips.

Personal bailiff Deirdre Mueller from her Linked In page.

Oakar is of Syrian and Lebanese ancestry.  Gray’s ancestry here in this nation, like mine, is from its beginnings.  400 years.  It wasn’t Gray who did not understand.  She understood clearly what the words meant and the consciousness of a person who would speak and another who would tolerate them.  Instead of finding support in “the court” Gray became the subject of derision.

Judge Joseph Zone’s bailiff, Vincent T. Zvomuya, an alien from Harare, Zimbabwe in Africa, for some inserted himself on the side of Oakar and Mueller’s claim that “Gray didn’t get the joke.”  None of it was Zvomuya’s business or within his “pay grade” or “rank” to offer any thought or to take any action.  Like a sellout the Zimbabwean appears to have been seeking to protect a fellow personal bailiff.

So when Gray was on the 14th floor talking to her supervisor, the Zimbabwean alien bailiff maliciously and criminally exceeded the extremely limited authority of his public employment and told her supervisor the natural born American citizen wasn’t welcomed on it.  The Zimbabwean’s words to Gray’s supervisor, and his thoughts about the topic, should have been spoken at home with his wife, Katherine Sommers-Zvomuya, and not while he stole city time to express his thinking in a public building.  Mrs. Zvomuya is an attorney in Cleveland’s department of law.  Since 2007 Zvomuya took his TRI-C certificate and earned money online doing graphic design.

Zone scolded Zvomuya but he didn’t investigate, discipline or dismiss him for his “color of law” misuse of the public position he holds.  He should have been facing criminal charges and reported to Homeland Security if convicted.

Judge Joseph Zone.

Aliens are not authorized to work or become citizens if they’re not legal.  Marrying an American does not grant citizenship if an alien entered the nation illegally.  The Cleveland Municipal Court was required to submit an I-9 to the United States Department of Labor claiming that no “natural born” American citizen was qualified for the pensioned job he held; and that he was the only one they could find to perform it.  Federal government permission was required before he could be hired.

According to court officials with whom I’ve spoken, the Zimbabwean alien called himself  looking out for Gray.  Personnel matters are not within Zvomuya’s statutory job description.  Gray was not his friend or confidante; and she hadn’t asked him for any help or discussed her concerns with him.

[NOTE: Zvomuya raises the flag of Zimbabwe and not the United States of America on his graphic design marketing page.  If he’s a legal citizen the flag or his allegiance to Zimbabwe should have been renounced. There’s a Masline Zvomuya in Zimbabwe who was arrested with over 40 other anarchist activists for treason in 2011 for trying to overthrow President Robert Mugabe’s government.]

Judge Carr shared with me that Gray came to her for advice after reporting the matter “up the ladder” to her supervisor that should have landed in the office of Administrative Judge Michelle Early.  Since she serves on the court’s personnel committed, Judge Carr said she brought Gray’s concerns and frustrations to the body.  Judge Early said she would investigate.  She did not.

Vincent T. Zvomuya can call himself “Black” but he can’t call himself an American Negro. His interests are still with his homeland of Zimbabwe.  His African ancestors didn’t experience the brutality of slavery, the KKK and lynching.  He simply showed up and cashed in on our suffering.

What Judge Early did, instead, was to schedule a meeting with Gray to declare in her best Calvin Williams imitation that there would be no investigation and the matter was closed.  Cops protect cops.  Judges protect judges.  Judge Early was seated next to Judge Oakar and holding her hand as evidence that she’d forgotten who elected her; and whose interests she was supposed to protect.

Judge Early told Gray that Judge Oakar and her bailiff had apologized, but not to her.  The two women had “allegedly” apologized to Judge Early who conveyed their apology to Gray.  There was no public record created of the apology during an official proceeding of the court as Judge Early covered for Oakar.

Judge Oakar never opened her mouth as she looked distraught and Judge Early appeared to be comforting her in front of Gray.  Judge Carr said she should have been present for the discussion as a member of the personnel committee to make sure Gray was treated fairly.  The body language between Judges Early and Oakar was convincing enough to Gray that she was not going to be treated fairly.  Judge Carr told EJBNEWS she resigned from the sham committee. She wasn’t going to participate in any concealment of what had taken place with Gray.

It’s an election year and Oakar is on the ballot. For now she’s unopposed.  After Gray’s mistreatment is before the public it’s doubtful Oakar’s East Side audience of voters is going to grow.

Judge Michelle Early.

My sources say Mueller, allegedly, tearfully offered to resign thinking she was going to hurt Judge Oakar’s chances at re-election.  Both Oakar and Early convinced her to stay.  I would expect an East Side opponent knowledgeable of the court’s politics sees a political advantage in the court’s racial drama and opportunity in Oakar’s historical ignorance.  Would she have been so dismissive had Mueller joked that Hitler didn’t go far enough?

Since coming to Gray’s aid Judge Carr has been taking a beating from the white supremacists leading Cleveland’s mainstream media. She’s getting the Ken Johnson treatment from Cory Shaffer of Cleveland.com on her decision to hold court when the building was open and citizens were showing up for trials.

Neither the Constitutions of the United States of America or Ohio had been suspended.  Neither had any of the state’s general laws.  Ohio’s pandemic mitigating laws found in Sections 3707.04 through 3707.51 gave Judge Early no administrative order authority to reschedule trials for three weeks.

The “judicial emergency” Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Brendan Sheehan declared affects only the court’s locations for conducting business during an emergency declared by the Governor of Ohio.  The authority is found in R.C. 1901.028, 1907.04, 2301.04 and 2501.20.  The heading of all four statutes reads, “Temporary location of court in event of emergency.”

A Masline Zvomuya was arrested by Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe, in 2011 when 45 anarchists met in Harare with plans to overthrow his government. Vincent T. Zvomuya is from Harare, Zimbabwe.

Sheehan never validated that Governor Richard Michael DeWine’s orders were lawful as he discharged duties that were reserved for the Director of Health pursuant to R.C. 3707.04 through 3707.51.

Sources close to Gray said she’s decided to stay out of the way since Judge Early allegedly imposed a “gag order” on her not to discuss what she witnessed and heard between Oakar and Mueller.  Judge Carr told EJBNEWS she asked Judge Early if Gray had been intimidated into silence and was told “no.”  Gray, she said, is not the same person.

EJBNEWS will reach out to Judge Early to learn why she appears to have gone to extraordinary lengths to protect Oakar and Mueller instead of addressing the racist intent behind the bailiff’s words.

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