With your cell phone 30KillaBeatz shares free apps you can use to create and produce music for money

Music producer says anyone can create music that creates better lives for themselves from their cell phones if they don't make excuses

CLEVELAND, OH – I’ve got GarageBand on my IPhone like every other owner.  From beginning to the end the free App can allow anyone to create and produce an entire song or album.  The average person doesn’t have the curiosity to spend the hour’s worth of free YouTube videos featuring Vloggers who demonstrate how to use them.  For some their cell phone with the right free creative Apps can be a way out of poverty to wealth.

The man in the feature image, Brandon Beasley, is a music producer whose videos I watched on YouTube to learn about more Apps than just Garageband.  I have musically-inclined relatives and friends who have Android and Windows-based phones, tablets, laptops and computers.  Some were looking for podcasting Apps they could also use to create beginning and ending music.  One needed a beat creation App for a film soundtrack.  I’m 67 and have played trumpet since I was 9.

Beasley produces under his 30KillaBeatz brand.  What caught my attention about his instructional videos wasn’t just his sharing of free Apps.  It was the “don’t make any excuses” motivation he offered.  In another video I’ve shared from Beasley’s page he explains the ways a person can make music that generates money while they sleep.  On the most basic level he explained how someone could use it to pay their rent.

Beasley describes himself as a “rapper and producer” who lived the life of a “military brat” growing up with his mother and career United States soldier stepfather.  He describes the trouble he got into fighting until a piano at a youth center caught his attention.

Beasley explained how he heard the sounds coming from within him being expressed on the keys and subitted himself to mastering the instrument.  He writes how he “got so good he played one of Beethoven’s songs in front of the whole school.”

To get you going I’m sharing a link to one of the free Apps Beasley mentioned.  Roland ZenBeats.  Software these days is free and suprisingly easy to learn.  Social media these days is full of people willing to share “how to” information on literally everything for free.

No excuses.

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