Zack Reed has a better shot at Cleveland mayor than Kevin Kelley; and no one knows the others

Reed's announcement will let voters focus on the differences between him and Kelley without much distraction from the "no names" and "Sellout Jones" in the Cleveland mayoral race

CLEVELAND, OH – Since Irish Catholic Kevin Kelley announced his plans to replace Frank Jackson as Cleveland’s mayor the city’s voters have been searching for another choice.  Cleveland’s vote-suppressing imitation of the legendary “Willie Lynch”  is arguably the most un-Democratic and offensive candidate to “ever” seek the job.

Voters saw his mindset on full display in front of a Washington Park gazebo with councilmembers Blaine Griffin, Kevin Bishop, Martin Keane and Kerry McCormack as his backup singers during a news conference.  A Caucasian woman had been injured during a carjacking in Tremont; assumably by American Negro or Hispanic youth.  The implied message from this quintuplet of non-reading civil rights violators was simple.

“Put your hands on another white woman and we’ll send the cops to chase you down. Lynch mob and slave catching style.  Any resident who dies along the chase is “collateral damage.”

Councilmembers Martin Keane and Kevin Bishop appear to be on the Kevin Kelley bandwagon as they joined his lynch mob-styled news conference after an elderly Caucasian woman was carjacked. With all the unsolved homicides in Ward 2, Bishop’s silence about the deaths of American Negroes as he backed Kelley’s call for more police pursuits won’t play well with East side voters.

This dude and his politically-foolish supporters must have taken the trip to Israel and been indoctrinated into believing Americans can be treated like Palestinians.  Whoever is seeking to replace them on city council should find themselves with plenty of support after their shared and shameless display of racism and self-loathing.

Some Cleveland and non-Cleveland residents breathed a sigh of relief from Kelley’s political lunacy when American Negro Zack Reed announced he was running for the mayor’s job again.  For some Reed offers a familiar face and the hope for the city’s American Negro voting majority that they won’t be as dogged as they were under Jackson and Kelley.  He may even reverse Jackson’s hiring practice of letting non-residents control 85 percent of the city’s jobs; and giving American jobs to alien or immigrant workers who can’t prove they’re legal.

The comfort for Reed among some Cleveland voters is that they think they know him.  Warts and all.  The expectation is that he’ll offer no surprises unless the job goes to his head and he changes.  Though he won 2nd place and the right to challenge Jackson in 2017, his biggest mistake during that race was in accepting an endorsement from the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association when voters were educating themselves to reject police union-backed candidates.

Reed also wanted to elevate police chief Calvin Williams when a growing number of Cleveland voters wanted him fired.  After EJBNEWS revealed how the married Williams was living with a Cleveland cop with whom he’d fathered two children, the Cleveland mayoral contender reached out to make known his dissatisfaction with Jackson’s double-dipping police chief. Williams’ wife filed for a divorce last May 2020.

Retired and double-dipping Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams’ extra-marital affair with a Cleveland cop he “stations and transfers” under R.C. 737.06 has him too busy worrying about his personal shit instead of solving homicides and fighting crime “constitutionally.”  Zack Reed wants him to retire to his home in Berea with his family where he lives safely under another police chief and mayor.

During his conversation with EJBNEWS, Reed said Williams should be fired for failing to address problems with violence and unsolved homicides.  Williams preference for Berea as a residence instead of Cleveland where he works demonstrates his interest in raising his family in a safer city than the one he protects; and one with better schools than those his boss, Jackson, oversees with Kelley.  Williams’ family can walk or drive Berea streets without fear of reckless police high speed chases Kelley wants that threatens their lives and safety.  20 percent of school-aged children in Berea aren’t contemplating suicide like they are in Cleveland.

Reed should have no problem with the other potential contenders; especially Basheer Jones who has served illegally on the Cleveland city council as an initial resident of South Euclid before he relocated with his family to Cleveland Heights.  After stealing from Cleveland taxpayers as a non-resident for the past three years, the Jaguar driving Jones just relocated to the city in December 2020.  Instead of seeking the mayor’s job he should be facing criminal prosecution.  The Political Action Committee his one Cleveland and two suburban supporters have created will end up being investigated for “money laundering” his large, single-sourced donations that violate the $1500 limits set by Cleveland’s charter.

Outside of his family and friends, the voting public doesn’t know Justin Bibb.  State Senator Sandra Williams is also largely untested as a municipal candidate. Anyone pushing a campaign for mayor on social media isn’t campaigning.

For those who don’t know that RT is Russia Today Dennis Kucinich looks like just another guest instead of a propagandist favored by the Russian Federation’s English-language television news station. Russia Today or RT is required to register with the United States Department of Justice as a foreign agent. This shit makes Kucinich look like a disloyal-to-American-interests “plant.”

Former United States Rep. and Croatian American Dennis Kucinich’s two, 2-year terms as the city’s mayor before he was defeated by then Lieutenant Governor and Serbian American George Voinovich was seen as a disaster.  It will be difficult for Kucinich to get past his being seen as too “unregistered foreign agent” conflicted with his being a guest on Vladmir Putin’s RT or Russia Today.

There are those who haven’t forgotten his role in criminalizing the city’s housing ordinances to help University Circle developers and Cleveland Clinic officials steal Winston Willis’ E. 105th Street properties where the William O. Walker building sits largely unused.  His assigning Cleveland police to investigate George Forbes and 8 American Negro members of council for bringing carnivals to east side wards still leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of east side voters with longer memories.

If Reed plays his cards right he should make it to the runoffs again.  With his announcement that he’s going for mayor, he’s diminished Kelley from the status of an early front runner to now fighting with the other potential contenders for the number two slot.

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