Richard Michael DeWine leaves every elected office he serves in administratively worse off than it was when he arrived.

Shut up Mike. Ain’t nobody listening to your fake pandemic, veto over-ridden azz. You’re done!

With a public approval rating of 24 percent DeWine's recklessly, lying time as Ohio's worst governor will be over when he seeks to be re-elected in 2022.

CLEVELAND, OH – The next time Governor Richard Michael DeWine or a mayor or anyone else issues an “order” during the pandemic he created out of quack Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton’s lies last March 12, 2020 that elected official will be violating Ohio laws amended and created under Senate Bill 22.  Now economically-liberated business owners and citizens caged in fear in their homes can tell these reckless politicians, especially DeWine, to go fuck themselves.

The Ohio Senate voted 23 to 10 on March 24, 2021 to override “King Richard’s” veto of Senate Bill 22.  The Napolean-sized despot had refused to accept amendments to 10 general laws and the creation of nine that he believed “curbed” his power to force Ohioans into their homes and close businesses he determined were “non-essential.”

All the crazed “Proclamations” mayors created claiming they had the authority to suspend laws can’t be found in any federal, state or local law or charter.  It’s over.  DeWine didn’t count his votes.  Senate Bill will take effect as law within 90 days.

Make sure the fascist-loving lawmakers who voted not to override Governor Richard Michael DeWine’s veto of Senate Bill 22 hear your displeasure by calling their offices; and feel your wrath at the polls.

Rep. Stephanie Kunze and Matt Dolan were the two Republicans voting with eight Democrats to keep DeWine’s fascist lunacy going. All should view DeWine’s 24 percent approval rating as a reflection of their own; and expect challengers against their future plans in politics going forward. DeWine is done as Ohio’s governor.  He should expect a challenger.

The preamble of Senate Bill 22 originally passed on March 10, 2021 by the Ohio Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives kept the rudiments of Section 3707 of Ohio’s Revised Code intact.  The chapter of general state laws deals with the authority of the Ohio Director of Health along with county and city health boards across the state’s 88 counties.

The governor had one duty given to him in R.C. 3707 and it was to mitigate the effect of “adulterated” products like fentanyl from entering the state.  The Ohio Director of Health and the 88 county  health boards were given authority over “infected” Ohioans and no one else.  Healthy Ohioans who were not afflicted by a bacteria or virus were to be left alone.  Mayors, councils, school districts, county elected offices, courts, libraries and other government agencies were given no “individual” authority to do anything other than obey the unsuspended instructions of R.C. 3707.

Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton answered “yes” on her Ohio Medical Board application to be treated for a mental illness or drug addiction. She claimed to have been homeless and lived in a park with her mother in Youngstown, Ohio. DeWine’s quack state health doc’s mother called her little Amy a liar.

All that “mask wearing” and “social distancing” bullshit Stearns-Acton created came from her and DeWine’s imaginations.  So did their fake estimate that 117,000 Ohioans were infected by CoVid 19 when the facts available to every health board across the state was that the real number was 13.  Nine were Russian Jews from Cuyahoga County who’d either traveled to Israel or been around Israelis at an American Isreali Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington, D.C. from March 6 through March 9, 2020.

There would be no doubling of 100,000 infected Ohioans and the demented duo lied Ohio and the world into believing throughout 2020.  At no time did their estimate of 10,000 infected Ohioans entering the state’s hospitals per day become true.

The World Health Organization in December 2019 had warned the globe’s developed nations that a zoonotic CoVid or coronavirus transmitted from camels to humans was headed for the United States, China and other parts of the world.  The nine infected Russian Jews in Cuyahoga County out of 13 known infected Ohioans were associated with travel to Israel or around Israelis where camels are indigenous.


Indians from India were drinking camel piss as a health benefit.  With more than one-third of Ohio’s healthcare workforce consisting of immigrants from the Middle East, India and Africa, DeWine never investigated if they were transmitting the virus to Ohioans who were not traveling abroad.

Republican sources say DeWine is “mad as hell” about his over-ridden veto and is considering his legal options.  Who cares?  He’s done!

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