Biden should buy Boeing’s Lift-A-Lot so he doesn’t have to trip up 25 steps to board Air Force One

The Stumble Bum in Chief is making a once strong looking America look weak

CLEVELAND, OH – Boeing manufactures a handicapped “Wide Body Disabled Passenger Lift” that requires only one operator to raise a person from ground level to the entrance of Air Force One.  It’s called “Lift-A-Lot.”

Taxpayer dollars can be used to buy it so the “Groper of Little Girls in Chief” President Joe Biden doesn’t have to embarass the nation even more by tripping three times up 25 stairs and hurting himself just to board an airplane. Boeing describes its product for the handicapped in the following way.

“The Lift-A-Loft WBDPL provides an efficient and safe means of boarding and de-boarding passengers that require special assistance. The WBDPL can interface wide body aircraft such as Boeing 747, 767 and 777, as well as narrow body and regional jets. The unit can accommodate up to three full-sized wheel chairs and one attendant at one time.”

Biden’s an old man at 78 and it’s obvious he hurt himself in his three falls up the 25 stairs starting with stair number 9.  Biden really screwed himself when after tripping twice he attempted two steps instead of one at a time and fell … again.  The old dude was limping by the time he entered the presidential aircraft and saluted the United States airman who greeted him at the door.

Aliens leading the Democratic Party with the help of aliens controlling the media a elected doddering, old child molestor.

I’ve watched presidents on television since Dwight D. Eisenhower as a child and Biden, by far, is the most physically and mentally impaired American I’ve ever seen elected to the job.  He didn’t get my vote.  Neither did Indian alien Kamala Harris.

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