11th Congressional District candidate’s pledge aid to Israel but nothing for American Negroes because no one asked and none thought enough to offer

CLEVELAND, OH – Contenders to replace former United States Representative Marcia L. Fudge on the Democratic Party side of the campaign have participated thus far in two forums.  The first was on March 11, 2021 during a Zoom forum hosted by the Jewish Democratic Council of America.  The second was before a live audience at the African American History Museum on March 27.

Present at both forums were former State Senators Nina Turner and Jeffrey Johnson; former State Representatives John Barnes, Jr. and Bryan Flannery; Cuyahoga County council member Shontel Brown and Tariq Shabazz.  Republican contender Laverne Jones Gore told EJBNEWS she was not invited.  It’s interesting that an Irish Catholic Flannery can attend a majority American Negro event and speak but an American Negro can’t. Former State Senator Shirley Smith declined to attend the live event at the African American History Museum organized by Michael Fields.

“Democrats have lost their way,” Laverne told EJBNEWS.

Ward 7 councilman Basheer Jones, who just moved into the city from Cleveland Heights in December 2020, was invited but backed out.  He had called police on over 200 American Negro men, women and children during a previous event.  He opted for an event with Chinese aliens in China Town.

At the Jewish forum organized by Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and Syrian Jews the 11th Congressional contenders promised everything the foreign government of Israel wanted.  The $3.8 billion in aid annually.  No support for the boycotts of Israel.  A two-state solution.

At the African American History Museum no one asked, specifically, if the $38 billion in aid to Israel over 10 years would be better spent improving home ownership and business opportunities for American Negroes.  Israel offers its citizens free health care off U.S. money.   Only one of the contenders has a military background, Tariq Shabazz.

None seem affected by questions asking them to continue arming a nation the Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation identify as this nation’s number #1 spy threat.  None asked the callers supporting Israel how they felt about the Israeli Defense Forces on June 8, 1967 “intentionally” slaughtering 34 sailors aboard the USS Liberty and wounding another 171.  It suggests that candidates seeking the Congressional seat have not read the nation’s espionage laws to know Americans are prohibited under the Logan Act of 1799 from writing to foreign officials; and under the Espionage Act of 1917 from exchanging information with them.

How would an American who has obeyed espionage laws know Israel’s government wants $3.8 billion annually?  Advocates for a foreign government must register as foreign agents pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act.  An unregistered foreign government advocate is a foreign agent.  None asked host Ron Klein if he was an agent of the Israeli government.

During both forums the Democratic contenders did not say, specifically, what they were going to do to benefit the nation’s largest ethnic demographic group.  American Negroes.  No one asked.

Laverne Jones Gore is an American Negro and a Republican contender for the 11th Congressional seat once held by U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge.  She wasn’t invited to speak at the candidates forum Democrats hosted at the African American History Museum.  Has anyone compared Democratic ballots to Republican ballots?  There were more American Negro candidates on the Republican ballot for the court of common pleas than Democrats.

EJBNEWS has obtained and is featuring the two forums above.  We intend to keep our readers updated about the statements the candidates are making to different constituent groups so 11th District voters can compare and judge for themselves.

Readers attending forums or candidate fundraisers are welcomed to send EJBNEWS video recordings of the events; and the words of the candidates.  The email address is eric@ejbnews.com

[NOTE: The first video was supplied by journalist and podcaster Larry Gardner.  Gardner said he arrived about 15 minutes into the forum].

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