Jake Paul’s a bleeder with no legs and slow hands whose nose was busted by Deji Olatuni who real boxers are betting will get fucked up by Ben Askren

CLEVELAND, OH – I’m Cleveland-born and root for the home team.  YouTube celebrity Jake Paul’s a self-promoting proud Clevelander whose career I find interesting.  I watched a clip of Mike Tyson’s Hot Boxin podcast with Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White  and I have to agree with White when he says “Jake Paul isn’t a fucking boxer.”  White started boxing at 17.

Tyson defended Paul and so did Zab Judah, but the point White made was compelling about the Cleveland YouTube boxer’s upcoming April 17, 2021 fight with Mixed Martial Artist Ben Askren.

“He’s actually fought real guys,” White said of Askren. White then said he’ll bet a million dollars that Logan loses the fight to Askren.  White’s worth $500 million.

White said Logan talks a lot of shit and Tyson agreed.  But he marveled at Logan’s 75 million viewers on YouTube.

I’ve shared videos below of the interview with Tyson, White and Judah.  There’s also a highlight clip of Askren’s fight.  At the bottom is a clip of a fight between Jake Paul and Deji Olatunji from 2018.  Olatunji’s team threw in the towel in the same way Sonny Liston got knocked out by a “mysterious” punch from Muhammad Ali.

Paul claims to be 6’1″ and Olatunji claims 5’9′.  Observers say both men fudged their heights and that Olatunji in person appears more like he’s 5’7″. What’s clear in the fight between them is that Olatunji busted Paul’s nose in the first round and he bled all over the place for every round afterwards.

Askren’s taken knees to the head.  Hard punches to the head.  Askren’s a bare knuckled brawler going against a guy who’s worn head gear and taken punches cushioned with 10 ounce boxing gloves.

Olatunji tried to sell the boxing gloves he busted Paul’s nose with on EBay but the blood on the pair was censored as a “no no” so he gave them away.

At a pre-fight news conference Askren “mean mugged” Paul.  Paul hit Askren in the right kidney area with his back turned as he walked away and then pushed him.

Askren seemed unfazed.  Somebody’s going to get fucked up unless Askren is paid to take a dive.

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