A Greek animal doctor is the CEO of Pfizer as CoVid vaccine deaths in Israel are 40 times higher for the elderly and 260 times higher for the young as the corporation faces a criminal complaint in France

An animal doctor leading a pharmaceutical company that manufactures drugs for humans should be a cause of concern for every person who's taken a Pfizer shot and become sick afterwards

CLEVELAND, OH – Pfizer pharmaceutical’s CoVid vaccine is the exclusive two-shot dose being offered to Israeli citizens who are calling the deaths associated with it “the new Holocaust.”  Since December 2020 Israeli researchers are showing 1168 deaths per month among the elderly and those under 45 who have been vaccinated.  The CoVid survival rate for the unvaccinated is 99.97 percent.  Healthy people don’t need to be vaccinated to build up their immunity to the coronavirus.

Alarmed Israeli scientists, Dr. Herve Seligmann and engineer Haim Yativ, want the vaccine trials on Israeli citizens using Pfizer’s untested two-shot drug halted.  Both scientists are employed at the Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases Research Unit, Faculty of Medicine, Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France.  Israel is the most vaccinated nation on the planet and 74 out of 100 Israelis, despite their vaccinations, are carrying or spreading the coronavirus.

Albert Bourla is an animal doctor and he’s leading a company that manufactures pharmaceuticals for humans. The public doesn’t know and didn’t elect Pfizer’s leadership team. Do these people look like they can be trusted not to put profits ahead of your life?

The two Israeli scientists working in France published their review of official reports on a website called Nakim since YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are killing off sources of information which question the reliability of vaccines that have been produced and studied for 15 months instead of 15 years.  Their conclusions are relatively straightforward.

Seligmann and Yativ appear not to trust a pharmaceutical corporation led by a Greek Jewish veterinarian, Albert Bourla, the United States Department of Justice has prosecuted for lying about four medications and kickbacks to Medicare patients.  In 2009 Pfizer paid out $2.3 billion to the United States Department of Justice after an investigation revealed how its sales representatives bribed physicians through kickbacks to prescribe Bextra, Geodon, Zyvoz and Lyrica for uses that were not approved by the Food & Drug Administration.  Bourla’s Pfizer is also the subject of a recently-filed 45-page criminal complaint in France.

Seligmann and Yativ have discovered that the risk of death from Pfizer’s two-dose concoction of ingredients its officials call a vaccine is hundreds of times greater in vaccinated young people compared to their chances of dying from the coronavirus without the vaccine; and dozens of times more in the elderly when their deaths happen within the vicinity of the vaccine dose.  What the two say is not being counted are the heart attacks and strokes that come after the Pfizer second shot.  Since the Pfizer shots weaken the immune system, the scientists don’t believe the elderly and people with already compromised immune systems should be taking it.

Pfizer paid $2.3 billion to the United States Department of Justice after being prosecuted for selling drugs to patients to treat illnesses for which they were not approved. Now they’re vaccine heroes? Bullshit.

The bottom line in Israel is a lack of trust in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu whose corruption trial is being overshadowed by a coronavirus pandemic Israeli scientists are claiming no longer exists in the form in which Pfizer’s two-shot dose vaccine is being administered.  In essence, CoVid 19 has been replaced by Covid 20 and now Covid 21 through a natural process of mutation.  The characteristics of the coronavirus has changed.  Pfizer’s CoVid 19 vaccine is useless against a mutated CoVid 2o or CoVid 21 despite the pharmaceutical corporation’s claims.

What’s causing Israeli scientists concern is that people being administered a CoVid 19 vaccine can pass on a mutated version of the virus to the unvaccinated.  They’re also concerned that Israeli scientists promoting the Pfizer vaccine are beneficiaries of Pfizer grants with conflicts of interest.  They don’t get paid for telling the truth about Pfizer’s medicinal products.

Referenced among Seligmann and Yativ’s report is a 45-page criminal complaint a French prosecutor filed against Pfizer.  In the criminal complaint prosecutors are clear to point out that Pfizer has not created a “vaccine” but “gene therapy products.”

While the “vaccines”offered by Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna involve: “Inserting viral genetic material into the cells of the person to be vaccinated (administration is essentially intramuscular, or intradermalin two of the situations). What is used is either RNA encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles, DNA inserted into a plasmid, or DNA or RNA delivered by  a genetically modified and deactivated virus.

It is for this reason that Dr. Christian Perronne, head of infectious diseases at the Hôpital de Garches [Garches Hospital], rejects the use of the term “vaccine”and states that: “The first “vaccines” they are offering us are not vaccines. They are gene therapy products. They are going to inject nucleic acids that will cause our own cells to produce elements of the virus.

In this vein, a member of the European Parliament states: “The first thing to understand is that these Covid-19 GMO vaccines are highly experimental drugs. We know practically nothing about their mid-to long-term genetic effects.  First of all, since 2003 and the outbreak of SARS in Asia, the scientific community has still not managed to develop an anti-coronavirus vaccine. 

Then, there are several different GMO technologies used to develop various GMO Covid-19 vaccines currently undergoing evaluation. Among these GMO technologies, three of them have never received authorization for use as drugs in humans. Therefore, before the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, no gene therapy product had ever been approved for humans.

France’s Minister of Health, Dr. Olivier Veran, shared similar thoughts as those expressed in the criminal complaint when a vaccinated 83-year-old French citizen wanted to be released from sheltering in place orders.  If the vaccine worked why was he still being held captive in his home?

Veran said in his response to the citizen’s civil lawsuit – which would have freed him from his home – that the vaccines were partially effective.  He offered that “the effectiveness of the vaccines has become particularly contingent due to the appearance of new variants” of the coronavirus.

“People who have been vaccinated are also those who are most at risk of severe disease and death in the event of initial vaccine ineffectiveness or post-vaccine reinfection or variant virulence,” Veran claimed.  “The vaccine does not prevent transmission of the virus to third parties.  The impact of vaccination on the spread of the virus is not yet known.”

As Israel begins to try out “vaccine passports,” the two scientists warn that the Nuremberg Code’s prohibition on non-consensual or deceptive medical experimentation is being violated with the unapproved vaccine trials on mass populations of unsuspecting citizens.  The scientists say Israelis are being pressured into the vaccinations and that the only data about the effectiveness of the vaccines is coming from the manufacturers and not from 15-years of clinical trials.

People who have not received medical care cannot enter places of sports, leisure, recreation and commerce of prayer houses and thus their access to various places and businesses that operate under the green label is restricted. Many workers who did not take part in this experiment are threatened or fired or found sick, while harming and depriving their livelihoods. Dedicated workers who until today were an asset to employers in the economy are expelled from workplaces in disgrace for refusing to participate in the medical trial.

Seligmann and Yativ further offered that the approval of the regulatory bodies in the Ministry of Health for medical treatment under Regulation 29 of Israel’s Pharmacists (Preparations) Regulations 1986 cannot alter the facts that Pfizer’s rollout of its vaccine is a clinical trial which has not yet received final approval from the FDA.   They say political approval does not eliminate the need for Pfizer and the Israeli government to comply with the Nuremberg Code and Israel’s Patient Rights Act.   Informed consent is required to participate in a medical trial.  Coercing citizens into taking an untested vaccine is an international crime.

Of course, there’s no story about vaccine troubles that doesn’t include Facebook censorship.  Seligmann and Yativ dug into their own pockets to launch a campaign on Facebook to get the word out about their concerns regarding Pfizer’s RNA “vaccine.”  The Facebook page of their Clean Organization campaign was blocked and then deleted by Communist-minded scumbag Mark Zuckerberg’s censors.

Zuckerberg 5 years ago cut secret deals with officials of the Israeli government to identify and block critics.

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