Biden’s reckless immigration “orders” costs HHS worker her life at a Houston shelter his administration created to hold illegal alien children

Biden HHS appointee Becerra demanded that federal workers work outside their job classifications to help manage the illegal alien presence the president's reckless executive orders created

CLEVELAND, OH – Mary Lisa Brodie-Henderson started working for the United States Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) in December 2019 as an Information Technology (IT) Specialist.  After Joseph Robinette Biden was sworn in as President of the United States, and he appointed former California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to lead the agency that employed Brodie-Henderson, she and other HHS workers were asked to help out in Texas with the 13,000 children of illegal job stealing aliens being kept in shelters across the state.

On Friday, April 16, 2021, American Negro Brodie-Henderson collapsed and died at a Houston warehouse owned by the National Association of Christian Churches whose officials Biden asked to take in the 450 alien, unvaccinated children, females, who are carriers of viruses and bacteria that are foreign to native Americans.  The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) has warned that aliens entering the nation are carriers of quarantinable diseases such as tuberculosis, syphilis, chancroid, gonorrhea, granuloma inguinale, lymphogranuloma venereum, Hansen disease (leprosy), cholera and more.  Legal immigrants are medically-examined and cleared for admission before they’re disseminated into our nation’s general population.

There’s no telling what viruses and bacteria Americans are being exposed to who are working around illegal alien children the Biden administration should be deporting.

Instead of working within her job classification as an IT specialist in Washington, D.C., HHS Secretary and child of aliens Xavier Beccera appears to have violated the agency’s collective bargaining agreement and placed Brodie-Henderson’s life at risk with her “food distribution” assignment to Houston, Texas.  Classified HHS workers are members of the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU).

California’s pro-immigrant and pro-abortion ex-Attorney General, Becerra, claimed Brodie-Henderson was working on a website the agency created to handle the management and placement of illegal alien children in Houston.  The “working on a website” statement appears to have been made to cover the “out of classification” job assignment.  That’s not what the Rockville, Maryland resident was doing the day she died.

Beccera wants at least 1000 HHS workers diverted from their classified jobs to assist in managing the crisis Biden’s dementia-driven and thoughtless “welcome to America” executive orders created.  In an email he mailed to the federal agency’s workers he asked for “volunteers.”

Comedian Myles Henderson lost his mother, Mary Lisa Brodie-Henderson, on Friday April 16, 2021.

Over 100,000 illegals a month are arriving through our southern borders from 191 different nations.   Russians, Croatians and Serbians are among the illegal entrants at the nation’s southern borders.  Not just people from South America.  As has been the custom of the nation’s media under the control of aliens or the children of aliens, no significance was placed no Brodie-Henderson’s life as a native born American.

Brodie-Henderson, 58, appears to have been born and raised in Maryland and was the mother of comedian Myles Henderson.  Her Instagram page has one post under the username of “BrodieGirl.”

The former real estate agent and cleaning company owner described herself on Instagram as a “change agent” and wrote, “I make America great.”  Brodie-Henderson also managed a YouTube page where she had posted six videos of local performers 9 years ago.  She resided at 655 Elmcroft Boulevard in Rockville.

President Joseph Robinette Biden appointed an immigrant attorney, Xavier Becerra, instead of a physician or former hospital president to lead the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

What was not been discussed in the media is whether or not she volunteered for the Houston, Texas assignment or was just assigned there by Becerra and  his staff.  News releases coming out of HHS today under Biden’s immigrant appointee are being written in Spanish in an English speaking nation.

In covering Brodie-Henderson’s death the Washington Post obtained an email from Tom Coderre explaining how Becerra had “demanded” that as many employees as possible “volunteer” to assist in providing benefits to the illegal aliens Biden’s reckless executive order welcomed to the nation.

“For those of you pondering how to make a difference, I can assure you that your help is needed now more than ever,” Coderre wrote.

The NCCA facility had only been opened for two weeks to house the 450 girls.  After Brodie-Henderson’s death, and without explanation, HHS’s Beccerra chose to close the facility.  The video below shows Becerra calling former President Donald Trump’s “border crisis” in 2019 a “fake” before he joined with other un-American state attorney generals to sue him over the border wall.

Texas is currently home to 10 facilities that house illegal aliens.  The largest number, 5000, are housed at Fort Bliss around military hardware.  San Antonio is housing 2400.  Dallas 2300.

POLITICO reported that Becerra has been taking heat inside the Biden administration for being unfit to handle the management of the border crisis Biden’s reckless executive orders created.  Despite laws that prevent illegal aliens from receiving benefits, Becerra has authorized $500 million in contracts to agencies that provide health care and other benefits to them.

Biden’s incompetent and law violating appointee has even gone a step further by reassigning federal workers further outside their job classifications to find homes and sponsors for the illegal alien children instead of sending them back from whence they came.  Critics are saying Becerra’s been slow to act because the learning curve for the “dreamer” has been to “steep.”

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