The Netflix MtF tranny trying to dump on Dave Chappelle’s free speech rights is playing a very weak hand with her overly-tolerant and patient employer

If Netflix's paid monthly subscribers wanted more transgendered programming then Pose wouldn't be in its 3rd and last season as a show even RuPaul watched only once

CLEVELAND, OH – A transgendered friend of comedian Dave Chappelle committed suicide in 2019 six days after she was viciously attacked on social media by by militant members of the GLTBQ community for defending him against them on October 11, 2019 as a fellow comic.  Chappelle had given Daphne Dorman the opportunity to open a “Sticks and Stones” show in San Francisco; so she knew him in a different way than his critics.  Nothing sexual.  Respect.

Chappelle discussed Dorman in his “Closer” comedy show appearing on Netflix.  He was angry about a death he attributed to the hateful treatment she received on social media from “her own” trans community.  It blows the false belief that heterosexuals are behind the deaths of MtF transgendered women.  A close look at the killings across America reveals that some of the deaths are “trans on trans.”

It’s understood why Chappelle wants the entire show to be watched in its entirety to learn of this double standard.  It’s understood why Netflix employee Terra Field and other trannies would not want the world to learn how savagely Dorman was “punched down” by members of her own tribe.  Trannies have dirty laundry … too.  I’ve shared a video below of Dorman’s first time out as a comedian.

Chappelle created a foundation in her name and honored Dorman after her death.  The militant transgendered community used her to make a political point against the American Negro comic.  It’s like Black Lives Matters founder Patrice Cullors raising $100 million off the deaths of Black people without donating a dime to pay the burial costs of the people whose misery she’s exploiting.  She bought $4 million worth of homes for her and her loved ones with the money.

Dorman left a social media message to her family before she died and Chappelle’s name was nowhere in it.  The life as a woman “she” expected hadn’t worked out after transitioning four years earlier.  Anyone who listened to her comedy monologue could see her life’s struggle in her funny words.  Dorman joked how being a bisexual transgendered woman meant she had twice as less sex as everyone else.

There’s something other worldly illogical about the “working conditions” complaints coming from more than one transgendered Netflix employee who’s a critic of Chappelle’s work product for their employer.  If they were facing discrimination Netflix wouldn’t have hired Field as a man and then accepted his decision to “transition” into womanhood four years later.  He’d have been fired.  Field got a benefit Dorman didn’t when “she” transititioned.

Netflix software engineer Terra Fields seems not to understand the blessing in being able to find a company willing to hire someone who is openly gay let alone openly transsexual. Should Field find herself unemployed as a result of her Netflix rabble rousing she might find herself learning the world of sex work, hair dressing, drag shows and selling drugs like so many transgendered women without a tolerant employer.

The “out of pocket” complaint Field has filed with the National Labor Relations Board is likely to be dismissed because Netflix hasn’t stopped him or her from trying to organize a labor union.  NLRB deals with “union” matters and Field’s social media affiliations don’t show “her” as a member of an organized labor union.  There is no labor dispute when Field’s list of demands includes calls for transgendered Netflix employees to be elevated to the level of vice president; and for more transgendered programming than already exists among the streaming video service’s roster of films and television shows.

Netflix’s responding legal counsel has every right to file a Rule 11 complaint against Field’s attorney for filing an action that’s unsupported by law.  Field’s claim is nothing but harassment for publicity purposes.  They give the impression he / she’s more interested in running Netflix than working in the job he / she was hired in as a software engineer.   Not everyone wants to watch transgendered television programming. The world is not “queer.”

Rupaul Andre Charles said he watched only one episode of “Pose” now in its third and final season on Netflix.  It’s a “Paris is Burning” styled show with an all gay and transgendered cast.  The show’s producers should have devoted an episode around Chappelle and his friendship with Dorman.

Field must have missed reports about the backlash that’s coming from so much homosexual and transgendered indoctrination in the media.  More programming about transsexuals is not going to increase Netflix’s global viewership and subscriptions.  Heterosexuals with no interest in the topic are not going to watch more trans-friendly programming so they become more sensitive towards the trans community.

What Ohio native Chappelle represents is the “firm” backlash to the minion-like submission those he’s labeled tiny minorities are seeking from the majority.  “Closer” is all about them but it’s not.

Chappelle in “Closer” comes off as righteously disgusted with the double-standard a tiny minority of people want for themselves they want to deny people like him if his speech offends them while their speech offends others.  The conversational vehicle Chappelle chose is the trans attack on American Negro men like him, comic and actor Kevin Hart and rapper Da Baby.  If a “Field” doesn’t get “her” way the people pissing him or her off are supposed to be cancelled.  Social media has given its users an inflated sense of personal power they really don’t possess.

Whether he’s leading the counter-attack or joining in Chappelle’s not backing down.  The line in the sand he’s drawn is that the militant trans community is not going to have their say without Chappelle having his.  The drama has given him a bigger platform than it’s given the Netflix employee whose Twitter username is @rainofterra.  It’s an interesting play on the words “reign of terror.”

“You will not summon me.  I am not bending to any body’s demands.  If you want to meet with me I’ll be more than willing to but I have some conditions,” he’s said as Chappelle discussed the campaign against his free speech rights.  The tone is clear in its messaging that he is not intimidated.  “You cannot have this conversation and exclude my voice from it.”

Chappelle is not alone in his discussions about the political dichotomies of transgenderism.  Chinese President Xi Jinping has banned effeminate men from the media.  Russian President Vladimir Putin has called transgenderism an abomination before God.  Hungarian President Viktor Orban signed a law in June banning the discussion of homosexuality and transgender topics in the school.  They don’t want to be like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany and Israel.  The Israelis live in the most homosexual nation on the planet.

This photo was taken in 1990 two years before Marxist Barack Hussein Obama married Michelle Robinson in 1992. He’s wearing a wedding ring on his left hand that’s the focus of an article in the Harvard Review he edited in 1990. The man on the right has been repeatedly described as Obama’s Pakistani lover.

In nations across the globe political leaders are suppressing the “outness” of homosexuality and transgenderism as the lifestyle is headed back to the closet.  They’re not even close to catching up to the African nations whose leaders don’t and did not play the homosexual and transsexual game; and who told homosexual ex-President Barack Hussein Obama to go fuck himself when he tried to shove it down their throats.  The former half Kenyan’s president’s decision to marry a transsexual had nothing to do with them.

Homosexuals in African nations like Uganda face the death penalty.  In Kenya if Obama had been caught with his homosexual lovers he could have faced 14 to 21 years in prison.

Russian Jew Joan Rivers, born Joan Molinsky, made the following statement about the Obama’s before she died on September 4, 2014; and after describing him as the first gay president.  “Michelle is a tranny.  We all know it.”  Rivers wasn’t joking.

Anyone who watched Chappelle’s “Closer” understood that nothing in his monologue attacked transgendered individuals.  What the comic’s “trans” dialogue focuses on is his relationship with individual transpeople and interactions with the militant political factions of the fascists in the “alphabet people” community.  He talks about how he’s the only person unsafe at work as a Netflix contractor.  They want him “dead.”  His words.

Adolph Hitler’s Brownshirts were led by openly homosexual Ernst Roehm. After aided Hitler to power he was arrested by Der Fuhrer, placed in a jail cell and shot to death. He knew too much about the sugar in Hitler’s tank.

Nazi Germany’s Chancellor Adolph Hitler’s “Brown Shirts” or Sturmabteilung (SA) were his murderous, fascist, street fighting thugs.  The SA was led by a known homosexual named Ernst Roehm. There was nothing “gay” about this bloody anti-woman butcher who believed homosexuals were superior to heterosexuals.

Hitler reportedly believed homosexuality destroyed Greece and ordered Viktor Lutz to put an end to “homosexuality, debauchery, drunkeness and high living” in the SA after “The Night of the Long Knives” purge on July 2, 1934.  Hitler arrested him … personally.  Roehm was shot to death in a jail cell the same night of his arrest.   Estimates are that more than 1000 of Roehm’s brutal homosexual loyalists were  slaughtered that night.

According to history Roehm loved gay bars and Turkish bath houses.  Hitler had him killed because Roehm wanted to merge the SA with the German army and the generals weren’t having it.  American soldiers would have faced legions of homosexual Nazis during World War II.  They still did as the purge sent Brown shirted German homosexuals back to the closet with each other.  There were also the stories that Hitler, an artist, was a homosexual.

During World War II when Nazis fought against US soldiers, EJBNEWS readers should imagine German “husbands” fighting alongside each other, and watching each other die in battle, and then being revenge-minded mad as hell about the heterosexual American soldier trying to get home to his family who took his lover’s life. Imagine homosexual male soldiers with no regard for women; and homosexual female soldiers with no regard for men. Homosexuality and fascism go hand in hand. Read, “The Sex Life Of The Unmarried Adult An Inquiry Into And An Interpretation Of Current Sex Practices.” Start on page 159.

Soviet writer Maxim Gorky quoted the prevailing thinking in Germany that if they eradicated the homosexual then facism would disappear.   The Sex Life of the Unmarried Adult written by Mary Beard and published in 1934 features the thought that “the Fascist movement in Germany, as in Italy and Japan, is essentially a dynamic of unmarried males.”

“If strong and desperate men are not helped by the State to sink roots into civilian enterprise and if they cannot do it unaided, they turn invariably to fighting—man’s oldest and most enduring trade. The case of Germany is a glaring illustration of the menace to the State inherent in a large citizenry of unoccupied celibates.

The Third Reich is perhaps the first example of a nation dominated by convinced bachelors. In the past, warring males, merely aggressive on foot and on horse, when they were victorious simply seized native women and carried them home to their lairs. The Nazis, on the contrary, are men trained by modern trench warfare, in an isolation from women unknown to a Ttimerlane, a Wallenstein or a Pizarro. They are anti-woman in a new sense. They propose to ignore the sex completely. Their case was set forth by Ernst Roehm, as chief of the Storm Troops and Reich Minister without portfolio, the man who organized the Army of the Brown Shirts. 

Adolph Hitler, a bachelor like the majority of the thirty or forty leaders of the Nazi party, is a rover, a veteran of the World War, undomesticated and unused to the responsibilities connected with public life in a time of peace. He gathered around him in the hour of economic chaos men like himself of sadistic temper, unaffected by the restraining influences which education, jobs, families and public obligations are wont to exert. A number of the prominent Nazis are men with records of sex perversions as well as of military daring.

The 300 Greek warriors in Spartacus were 150 homosexual couples.  That’s according to an article written by Johann Hari for POLITICO in 2008.  Hari’s POLITICO story tells how without exception every fascist leader in global history but one has been a homosexual.

A tranny with a good job who has to manufacture a complaint against her Netflix employer to make herself feel relevant during her “rain of Terra.”  No wonder Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos is standing strong in favor of comic Dave Chappelle’s creativity.  If I were Terra I’d be worried about my job after the drama dies down. The first sentence of her tweet is troublesome with her declaration that she works at Netflix and that “we” launched a Dave Chappelle special in her second sentence.  She’s holding herself up in an official capacity that’s not associated with her title or job description.  Field’s ego is over-inflated.

It is in the fascist terror behind their political interactions and “Netflix walk out” publicity stunts that have given Chappelle material for his discussions about his most vicious critics.  Had Chappelle not experienced trans and homosexual hecklers paying to disrupt his performances, and their efforts to affect his ability to earn a living, he’d be discussing something else in his monologues.

Chappelle’s “Closer” comedy special is his last one for awhile.  He’s tired of the celebrity life … again.  Chappelle wants the peace and quiet of life in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  It’s safer for him there since “militant trannies” have made him a national hate target.

Field, however, may have other problems after the drama dies down.  The complaint with the National Labor Relations Board is a loser.  Her agreement with Netflix includes an arbitration clause to be decided in a California court she’s ignored.  There’s also her nearly 70,000 tweets with some that appear to have been crafted and answered during working hours.

If she’d read Garcetti v. Ceballos 2006 she’d learn that employers have a right to determine who speaks on an entity’s behalf during matters of public concern.  Field created a public drama that didn’t exist until she tweeted; and then she responded publicly to the drama her tweet created. While the facts associated with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Garcetti v. Ceballos comes from a case that involves the government; I’m sure Netflix attorneys can successfully argue that Field wasn’t speaking for the company when she affiliated herself with it in a tweet.

It’s understood why Chappelle is calling her debacle a “set up.”  Most people who don’t watch Chappelle’s comedy shows have no idea what he’s saying about “the alphabet people” until they post some shit on social media.

The Harvard Review Barack Hussein Obama edited featured among his Latest Accomplishments his ability to deflect questions about the Muslim wedding ring he wore two years before he married Michelle; and while he was dating an alien from Pakistan.

Watch “The Closer.”  Join Chappelle for his show in Cleveland on November 14, 2021 at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.  Tickets start at $49.  Near the stage they’re $850.  Below is a sample of the show’s dialogue.

That is why I don’t go out no more. Just trying to chill, I’m just trying to live a peaceful life. That’s why I live in Ohio, you know, I live in a little town in Ohio. Must be like 3700 people, small hippie town. Culturally you might feel like, like Ann Arbor to you. [laughter] You know what I mean? Bunch of hippies and shit like that. And niggas always ask me like, “Dave, why do you live in that hippie town?” And I’d be embarrassed to tell ’em the truth. Well, you know why I live there? Because Yellow Springs, Ohio has the most beautiful women in the world. And a lot of people might disagree with me but, you got to see them for yourself, they’re gorgeous. But it all depends on what you’re into. You know what I mean? I like White bitches with dirty feet.

[audience laughs]

And now, we’re right back to square one, aren’t we? And now we get to the core of the crisis. What… what is a woman? What is that, in this day and time? Is there even such a thing as a woman or a man or anything? Hmm. Hmm? Seems to be a question nowadays. Now listen, women get mad at me gay people get mad at me, lesbians get mad at me, but I’m gonna tell you right now, and this is true… these transgenders… the niggas want me dead.


I’ve gone too far, I’ve said too much. But I got to tell you, I’m very worried about it. I’m not even joking with you. Every time I come out onstage, I be scared. I be lookin’ around the crowd, searching. For knuckles and Adam’s apples to see where the threats might be coming from. A nigga came up to me on the street the other day. He said, “Careful, Dave, they after you.” I said, “What?” “One they, or many theys?”


Before I even say anything about that community you must know and I hope you all feel the same way I am not indifferent to the suffering of someone else. There’s laws, the mean laws in our country. North Carolina passed a law once. They said a person in North Carolina must use the restroom that corresponds with the gender they were assigned on their birth certificate. No, no, no, no. No, that is not a good law. That is a mean law. No American should have to present a birth certificate to take a shit at Walmart, in Greensboro, North Carolina where DaBaby shot and killed a motherfucker.


You have to ask yourself, if you’re thinking about it, who are these laws designed to protect? Like let’s say they designed this law to protect me, my interests, transphobic comedian, Dave Chappelle. Let’s say I’m in Walmart, doing a little shopping with my family. Now I should tell you if that ever happens in real life, you should know my dreams didn’t work out.


Well let’s say something goes horribly wrong and there I’m in Walmart with the poor Whites rummaging around for mediocre goods and services.

[audience laughs]

And then I got to go to the restroom. So, I excuse myself from my family. I go to the men’s room. Now I’m standing at the urinal, taking a leak. And this is what this law is gonna do. And suddenly a woman walks into the men’s room. I’m like, that’s strange. And then she stands shoulder to shoulder with me at the urinal, I’m gonna be like, “Bitch, what’s going on with you?”


And then she hikes her skirt up and she pulls a real live, meaty dick out!


What do you think I am going to say? Thank God, she’s in here with me. At least now I know my family is safe. Mm-mm. No, I’m not gonna feel that way at all, I’m gonna feel very uncomfortable. I would feel better if it was a man with a vagina that backed up to the urinal next to me. [audience laughs] I wouldn’t even think about that, I’d just be like, “That’s funny.”

[audience laughs]

“This guy is peeing out of his butt for some reason.” “Oh my God, he must be a Veteran, thank you for your service.” I’m not indifferent to people’s suffering ’cause I know it’s hard to be everybody. We Blacks, we just got our first big holiday in a long time. Happy belated Juneteenth to the Blacks.

[cheers and applause]

This does not mean that I feel like another point of view can’t exist. I was doing a night club in Oakland, 16 years ago and this was the first time that the trans community ever got mad at me that I knew about. And then I was nobody, I had just quit Chappelle Show. It was like a nothing hole in the wall club and I was doing some transgender jokes in Oakland, it was 16 years ago. My pronoun game was not as nice as it is today. I went too far, I said things like tranny and shit I didn’t know these words were bad, and a woman stood up and just gave me the business. Started screaming at me, and I’m sure it was a woman. But she kept calling me transphobic and all this shit I had never even heard these words before, it was really weird. I didn’t trip, I just gazed at Security to look like, “Go on, get that bitch out of here.”

[audience laughs]

I kept it moving. And then she went to the press. The next day one of the gay papers wrote all of the same things she had said to me, about me in the paper. Misquoted the jokes, and was calling me transphobic you know, these words, I had never heard them before but every time that I talked with anybody from the community since they always repeat the talking points from that article. My least favorite of which being, I hate this phrase they say, “I was punching down on them.” “Punching down”, what the fuck does that mean? Now fast forward. It is 2019. And I am in a restaurant in Ohio, very nice restaurant. It’s Thanksgiving week. And to be honest, it is not a very nice restaurant, but it is a nice restaurant, if you’re a White person from Ohio that has never been anywhere before. [laughter] Picture Chili’s.

If I shared anymore you won’t need to see the show.

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