Pose is “Paris is Burning” on steroids

The “transgendered” life on television and film has morphed from comedians like Jack Benny, Flip Wilson and Tom Hanks dressing as women for jokes to the new FX show “Pose” that’s been renewed for a second season where the “trans” characters are real.  The situations the characters get themselves into are so real life actress Laverne Cox commented during a Variety interview that “they telling all our business.”

Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox said she could relate to the life situations portrayed in “Pose.”

In FX’s words the show is set in the 1980’s and is a dance musical.  It makes television history with the largest cast of transgender and LGBTQ characters “ever scripted for a series.” 

Pose seems to take the 1987 documentary “Paris is Burning” out of the ballroom and into the streets, homes and lives of people who are trans and LGBTQ  dealing with acceptance of themselves and rejection from others; while dealing with turmoiled personal relationships, unemployment, drug addiction and street life.   

Viewers shouldn’t get it twisted because all the characters ain’t broke.  Dominique Jackson plays Elektra Abundance and rolls like a baller with the powerful men she lets in her life.  She’s all about the money.  

FX has allowed Pose’s writers to be bold and not hold back.   So the writing team of Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Steven Canals has been able to portray the trans life beyond men or women who cross dress in secret.  Canals praised FX for giving the show a chance.

“Simply put: FX is fearless. They aren’t afraid to be bold. And they allow creators to tell an authentic story.”


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