Ego-trippin’ mic-snatching councilman can’t control his childishly immature urges

CLEVELAND, OH – The man in the yellow t-shirt is lifelong Cleveland and Ward 7 resident Robert Tinsley. His Facebook Live video shows him voicing his concerns  about youth violence only to have the microphone taken from him by councilman and South Euclid resident Basheer Jones.

Ward 7 Councilman Basheer Jones takes the microphone from Robert Tinsley as the Cleveland and Ward 7 resident shares his thoughts about youth violence.

Jones didn’t want to hear what Tinsley had to say at a corner lot where he claimed he was operating his ward office out of a tent to hear resident concerns and draw attention to youth violence.

When Tinsley started talking to Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Chairwoman Chontel Brown, the two-day temporary resident of Cleveland interrupted him again. He tried to play it off as if Chontel was being disrespected and he was her great protector. But it was obvious Jones didn’t like being revealed by someone who actually lives in Ward 7 as someone Tinsley didn’t know and has never seen.

“I’ve lived here all my life,” he said. Jones didn’t like hearing Tinsley say “nothing’s changed” with the new councilman.

Bishop Tony Minor stepped in with words to Jones to let Chontel and Tinsley talk as he became more belligerent in his attempt to control what was being heard.  Attention being on someone else than him was too much for the South Euclid resident’s ego; so the video shows him stepping in again to disrupt a conversation that had nothing to do with him between Brown and Tinsley.

Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Chairwoman Chontel Brown listened attentively to tendency after he didn’t fight Jones taking the microphone from him.

Jones, a government official, had already taken the microphone from Tinsley, a citizen, in violation of his 1st Amendment free speech rights. Jones’ interference with his 1st Amendment conversation with the Democratic Party’s chairwoman had some thinking he was going to get violent with Tinsley. 

The video shows men moving towards Brown and Jones as Tinsley controlled himself despite the outrageous and civil rights-violating conduct of the Cleveland government official.  One of the men is Cleveland councilman  Blaine Griffin.

In the photo with Jones facing the camera it features a section of the video where Jones is badgering Tinsley with “what’s your solution?’ questions. When Tinsley answers Jones says he doesn’t want to hear it. 
Tinsley’s FB live recording reveals the mind-numbing immaturity of Ward 7’s first year councilman who lied about his residency to win an election in 2017.
The video shows how he spent his temporary two-days of residency in a tent on the corner of 79th & Superior. Suppressing black free speech again.
After taking the microphone from Robert Tinsley, he decided to step in between the conversation the man was having with Democratic Party chairmwoman Chontel Brown from a second time. This time me in the background like Councilman Blaine Griffin moved forward to step in case Jones got violent. Tinsley, the video shows, was always controlled and respectful.

The event was a fundraiser to raise money for the museum.  Mayor Frank Jackson’s building officials had cleared the building for occupancy earlier in the week.  Jones decided the building was unsafe for occupancy and called police to supersede the mayor’s authorization to open it.

His acts stepped across the legal authority of a member of council.  Jackson had his chief of police, Calvin Williams, tell cops to ignore Jones’ calls and authorized the event to continue uninterrupted.  
Jones won the council seat by 13 votes from incumbent councilman TJ Dow in tight primary and general elections.  Instead of making friends the South Euclid resident continues to anger Ward 7 residents with “hood rat” tactics like those he used against Tinsley.  
Residents have twice circulated petitions to recall Jones after less than a year on council.  Some of Jones’ critics are predicting he’ll face criminal charges before his term of office expires.

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