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Sheriffs, state police, state troopers and city cops can arrest Trevor Noah for being an admitted illegal alien

CLEVELAND, OH – On March 24, 2015, South African alien Trevor Noah appeared on Viacom’s Comedy Central with United States Senator Lindsey Graham. Below is the dialogue between the United States Senator and an illegal alien from South Africa Viacom is responsible for infiltrating into the United States of America and employing in disregard of federal immigration, espionage and foreign agents registration laws. U.S. SENATOR GRAHAM: “Are you a citizen?” NOAH: “Am I a citizen? No, I’m not.  I’m not, why?” U.S. SENATOR GRAHAM: “Do you have a green card?” NOAH: “I do not.” U.S. SENATOR GRAHAM:  “If I were you … I’d be

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In 2018 Yost warned East Cleveland officials that they were facing dissolution

COLUMBUS, OH – East Cleveland residents may want to read the chilling words in the financial report of ex-auditor of state David Yost for insight on his “next plans” for the city as the state’s new attorney general.  Yost’s December 2018 report to the Financial Planning & Supervision Commission which oversees East Cleveland’s finances explained how the attorney general has the authority under a 2012 Ohio law to file a petition to dissolve the municipal corporation for the inability of its elected and appointed officials to perform duties authorized by law.  Yost signed off on the following words: “Section 118.31

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Brandon King vetoes East Cleveland’s appropriation law before he got it from council in the most crazed, self-dealing veto this writer as an ex-mayor has ever seen

The most audit of East Cleveland's finances is from 2014 and shows Mayor Brandon King and Gary Norton weren't requiring employees to record the times they started and stopped working.

CLEVELAND, OH – Richmond Heights resident Brandon King’s continued illegal presence in the office of East Cleveland mayor has created yet another problem for the city.  King doesn’t know it, but Michael Smedley and Belinda Kyle told friends when he was campaigning for the seat against Una Keenon and Devin Branch that he was “too dumb” for the job.  King’s latest veto of the 2021 appropriations ordinance gives their words an air of knowing credibility. I don’t know King and have only met him in passing three or four times in life.  Maybe.  The most we’ve said to each other

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Smedley’s “caught on tape” story is that Cleveland Heights ex-Mayor Cheryl Stephens was the hookup to “Mike Riley” and the illegal Noble Road death-spewing dump

CLEVELAND, OH – The late Gerald Strothers told me he believed Cuyahoga county council member and child of Carribbean immigrants Cheryl  Stephens was the reason 5-stories of deadly construction and demolition debris death existed in East Cleveland on Noble Road.  The regularly-burning demolition debris was part of the stockpile of 140,000 homes 2 self-enriching state laws written by Greek organized racketeers and lawyers James Rokakis and Gus Frangos, and backed by the Russian-owned Plain Dealer, used the office of the Cuyahoga County treasurer to steal.  Stephens, Strothers believed, was the “hookup” to East Cleveland officials and an environmental terrorist and

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