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Video shows bats, dogs, cats, snakes at Asian market that sells them for food

CLEVELAND, OH – Andrew Kaczynski is a CNN reporter who in an “investigative” story for his employer exposed tweets newly-appointed Health & Human Services spokesman Michael Caputo made about Chinese people his expert azz labeled “racist” and “xenophobic.”  A video taken of a market in Tomohon Indonesia shows exactly the type of animals Caputo described being sold to Asians for food. Europeans are also seen in some of the videos featuring the Tomohon “extreme” market online. Kaczynski’s Linked In page shows him attending Benedictine Catholic High School in Cleveland, making sandwiches for a Cleveland Heights Subway franchise; and then jumping

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Coronavirus could have caused Bernie Mac’s mysteriously-tragic death from pneumonia

CLEVELAND, OH – If Bernard Jeffrey McCullough were alive today and experiencing the same respiratory ailments that caused his death in 2008, the comedian known as Bernie Mac would be tested for the SARS-CoV.  Everything about his west side of Chicago upbringing, past respiratory health and three weeks of symptoms that led to pneumonia then would have today made him an instant SARS-CoV patient for primary care and emergency room physicians. But the 2003 SARS-CoV outbreak was handled by President George Bush.  It was McCullough’s fellow Illinois resident, Barack Obama, holding down the U.S. presidency in 2009 between it and

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It’s insane for Acton to have compared the health of heavily-polluted Italy to Ohio

CLEVELAND, OH – When Ohio director of health Dr. Amy Acton compared the deadly impact of the coronavirus on Italians in Italy to Americans in Ohio it was another act of fear-mongering she insanely deployed to boost her fake March 12th estimate that 117,000 Ohioans were coronavirus carriers.  Thirteen was the actual number of carriers expected to double every six days at the time she shared those words from her lying lips.   The reference to Italy’s problems made no sense.  It’s the worst polluted nation in Europe. Backed with her comparison to Italy as her imagery, Acton completely “imagined” that

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Where are the 100,000 coronavirus infected Ohioans Gov. Richard Michael DeWine?


CLEVELAND, OH – If you’re like most Ohioans reading my EJBNEWS headline the revelation that your governor’s first name is “Richard” and middle name is “Michael” is a surprise.  But the names Richard Michael DeWine are on “Mike DeWine’s” title to his home, drivers license and the attorney directory for the Supreme Court of Ohio.  He’s been running for and holding elected office under a pseudonym in a state where election laws require candidates to seek office under the same name that’s on the drivers license they show deputy registrars to vote.  They are among some of the state’s laws

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