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Racist ADL calls critic of Russian American and Russian Israeli gangsters an “anti-semite”

CLEVELAND, OH – School board member Joan Terrell lives in Jersey City, New Jersey where the town’s residents get their local news like those in Cleveland, Philadelphia, Birmingham,Syracuse and 14 other cities across the nation from an “Advance” website and newspaper privately-owned by the Newhouse family.   The founder is the late Solomon Isadore Neuhaus who was allegedly born of Russian aliens in New York in 1895.  Neuhaus Americanized his name to Samuel Irving Newhouse to hide his Russian ancestry during a very anti-Russian time in American history. So when concerns or criticism are raised about how alien Russian or

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Read the free “1st Edition” of EJBNEWS.COM

Approximately 30,000 of my 50,000 copies of EJBNEWS were distributed inside the city of Cleveland. All the political strategists and power players backing Joe Russo for Cleveland municipal court got a big "Marilyn Cassiday" surprise victory.

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50,000 copies of EJBNEWS.COM newspaper hits Cleveland streets

Throughout 2021 I intend to publish 100,000 copies of 100 percent local news per month.

Wherever you go “inside” Cleveland over the next few days there’ll be some buzz about EJBNEWS.COM’s 50,000 circulation newspaper being distributed all over the city’s streets.  The overwhelming majority of the 50,000 copies are being circulated “inside” Cleveland’s municipal borders.  I’ve circulated some in East Cleveland, Euclid, South Euclid, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, Maple and  Garfield Heights.  Some in Lakewood.  But for right now my focus is on building a news, distribution and advertising base “inside” the county’s largest city.  50,000 actual newspaper copies gives EJBNEWS.COM close to 200,000 readers. Since Friday my team and I have been driving across

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Naymik’s racist Plain Dealer reporting angers African American politicians

CLEVELAND, OH – “Enough is enough” is the clear message coming from Mayor Frank Jackson’s office.  Jackson’s top administrator, Valarie McCall, told EJBNEWS the mayor wants the Plain Dealer and to retract the Mark Naymik lie that he isn’t showing up for work because he’s caring for his wife. McCall said Jackson is at work daily and Naymik’s report that he isn’t is false.  It’s especially false, she said, since Naymik and other journalists have been given Jackson’s schedule.  McCall said Naymik and three other reporters from local media outlets wanted to keep tabs on the mayor, so they

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