Colombian alien Bernie Moreno accused an American who questioned his citizenship of living the mentally ill life he groomed his pole dancing son to lead

Born in Colombia, Bernardo Moreno Mejia has woke and immigration family secrets that make him the worst Republican choice to face U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown

CLEVELAND, OH – Instead of confirming his United States (U.S.) citizenship when asked to deliver his father and mother’s immigration records, and his own H4 visa from his childhood that proves to Ohio voters they entered our nation legally, Bernardo Moreno Mejia of Medillin, Colombia, aka Bernie F. Moreno, chose to publicly insult this writer for raising the question.  During his February 10, 2024 town hall, Moreno said men who wear panties are mentally ill as his affirmation of U.S. citizenship.

It was a slanderous and ignorant answer that made no sense given the fact Moreno has a son who wears panties, dresses in women’s clothing and is an accomplished pole dancing performance artist.  Moreno was asked to prove he and his parents were legal Colombian aliens.  Perhaps he didn’t understand the question.

Democrats will have a field day dragging Bernie Moreno and his family and business secrets through the mud if Republican voters make an undocumented Colombian alien the candidate to face an American U.S. Senator like Sherrod Brown. Moreno donated $2900 to Brazilian liar George Santos. Illegal aliens stick together.

Ohio voters voted in 2022 to enshrine citizenship in the state’s Constitution as a requirement of voting.  To avoid another George Santos, the Brazilian alien liar New York Republicans elected to Congress, I raised the citizenship question to Cuyahoga County Republicans about Moreno’s family background.  The goal was to avoid learning Moreno lacked the immigration records that made his presence legal if he was elected to face Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown.

Moreno was born in Colombia and wants Ohio Republicans to do no more than accept his “verbal” claim that his Colombian parents arrived and remained in the U.S. lawfully with their seven children in 1971.  The story about his surgeon father being offered a surgical assistant’s job, “after” he arrived here without a U.S. medical license, confirms his Fort Lauderdale, Florida employer didn’t first get permission from Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) to hire him as an H1 visa’d worker.

Moreno’s father needed approval to work “before” he crossed U.S. borders.  He needed an employer who had prior approval to hire an alien as a surgical assistant only if no American was qualified and wanted the job.

Bernardo Moreno Mejia, aka Bernie F. Moreno, insults others with the lifestyle his son, Adam Andrew Moreno, has embraced as a way to deflect questions about his U.S. citizenship. [Instagram photo]
Moreno’s slanderous choice of words to launch his baseless attack on this writer backfired when his daughter, Emily Moreno-Miller, wife of U.S. Rep. Max Miller, called and learned afterwards by email that I knew the lifestyle his son, Adam Andrew Moreno, learned in the “very woke” Moreno household while they were living in Boston, Massachussetts.

A picture Adam Andrew Moreno shared under his @avian_adam Instagram account featured him as a child wearing female clothing and a blonde wig on Halloween, declaring it the first time he dressed in drag.  His younger brother, Kevin Thomas Moreno, is also dressed as a girl and wearing his mother’s shoes.  Their sister, Emily, holds them both. The oldest Moreno child, Kathryn Moreno, is not in the picture and could be behind the camera.  The picture could have been taken by Bernie or his children’s mother.  The U.S. Senate candidate’s smiling sons appeared to have been between five and seven years old.

Adam Moreno didn’t lose the taste for women’s clothing he acquired under the grooming of his parents as a child in Boston.  His artistic passion during his Brown University years was for “pole dancing” like a female exotic dancer. In an Instagram message he shared of his trying out a pole, Adam wrote “fuck that” to his own response that pole dancing was for girls.

Fake Conservative U.S. Senate candidate Bernardo Moreno Mejia groomed his son to live the lifestyle of his choice as a young boy he allowed to wear girl’s clothing at home.  [Instagram photo]
Despite his interest in feminine wear, the Colombian born U.S. Senate candidate’s son grew into a muscular, bleached blonde, six-feet-four-inch tall man who looks more like Moreno than his brother, Kevin.  Neither of Moreno’s two sons appear to be visibly involved with their father’s political campaign.

Adam Moreno graduated from Brown University and studied veterinary medicine at Ohio State University.  On his Brown University profile page, Adam Moreno is described as visiting Costa Rica and Panama to conduct ecological research.  He’s also former president of the Brown University “Poler Bears.”

The Poler Bears under Adam Moreno’s leadership identified themselves as a gender neutral group of exotic performers. Flyers show their performance themes were Satanically inspired around the seven deadly sins.  In an Instagram thread, Adam Moreno invited his followers to attend a performance to watch him do something “inappropriate.”

U.S. Senate candidate Bernardo Moreno Mejia, aka Bernie F. Moreno, has family values that are more liberal than the Conservative Christian Republicans he’s asking for votes. His household is very woke.  [Instagram photo]
The U.S. Senate candidate’s family reaction was swift when they learned others were aware his son pole danced wearing panties and high heels.  Moreno’s son appears to have been pressured into converting the @avian_adam Instagram account’s settings first to private and then deleting it within 24 to 48 hours.  The aerial_adam Instagram account is still active.

On Adam Moreno’s Instagram account were pictures and videos of an athletic and motivated young man enjoying his LGTBQ lifestyle with a partner in drag, high heels, wigs, cosmetics and extremely tight panties.  They’re the kind of tight panties Moreno cowardly told his town hall audience would make someone mentally ill.

There were also pictures that contradicted Adam Moreno’s “girly” side.  They portrayed a fearless, adventuresome tree and mountain climbing daredevil.  His Instagram page features Adam Moreno hanging from tree branches and the sides of cliffs.  The cliff hanging is not the kind of image a parent wants to see of a son they love knowing the risk to his life.

The physical conditioning Adam Andrew Moreno needs to pole dance appears to have given him the strength to hang from the sides of cliffs. [Instagram photo]
The fact someone of influence in Adam Moreno’s life appears to be asking or pressuring him to conceal images of his artistic and personal interests should be alarming to Ohio voters demanding straight answers about the Colombian alien candidate’s U.S. citizenship.  Moreno would rather his son hide what appears to be his happy life, than defend his right to live it to Republican voters he’s asking to trust him to carry the party’s conservative message to Washington, D.C.

As an example, Adam Moreno appears to be the reason his father pole danced around the question of his car dealership’s support of the Ohio Fairness Act to protect homosexual, lesbian and transgendered Ohioans from facing discrimination.   In 2021 Moreno pursued support from Conservative Republican organizations like the Center for Christian Values that were in opposition to the Ohio Fairness Act that his fellow U.S. Senate candidate, Matt Dolan, co-sponsored.

Moreno was seeking the endorsements of Christian-based Republican organizations whose membership did not philosophically conform with his personal family values.  He couldn’t tell them he had added his business to the Ohio Business Competes roster of members who were formed to lobby in support of pro-LGTBQ rights in the Ohio Fairness Act.

The fluently Spanish speaking Moreno family often travels “home” to Colombia and the comfort of their Colombian countrymen.  How many of their relatives have been conveniently relocated to the U.S. and bypassed U.S. Customs & Immigration Enforcement to stay, attend universities, build businesses and work?  Did Moreno hire undocumented workers at his 15 automobile dealerships? [Instagram photo]’s Adam Tobias wrote in December 2021 how Moreno pretended not to know he was supporting a homosexual, lesbian and transgender protection bill.  The reporter exposed Moreno’s duplicity when he shared his interview with Alana Jochum of Equality Ohio.  She described how Moreno attended her organization’s 2017 Cleveland fundraiser with his wife and son in support of the Ohio Fairness Act.

What Tobias exposed was the same duck-the-question “tactic” Moreno’s using to deflect scrutiny of the legality of his parents immigration to the U.S. in 1971 and his own citizenship.  Everything about Dr. Bernardo Moreno Mejia and Marta Mejia Pradilla’s published immigration story gives credence to concerns the Moreno’s are illegal aliens.

Unlike Ohio’s Conservative Republican base, Moreno is okay with the open borders that let his family in from Colombia to the U.S. in 1971.  He wants a pathway to U.S. citizenship because of how his family arrived here.  He supports an LGTBQ lifestyle because of his love for his son.  Moreno has a right to his personal beliefs, just not while lying about them to Republicans who want him to promote the party’s agenda and not his own.

Bernardo Moreno Mejia groomed his son, Adam Andrew Moreno, to be open and expressive about his lifestyle, and he leads it openly and fearlessly because of his father’s love. [Instagram photo]
If he’ll try to conceal his son’s queer lifestyle, Ohio voters can expect Moreno to conceal the secrets behind his parents’ arrival in the U.S. in 1971.  It makes no sense, if he has the documentation, to insult a Republican voter who wants confirmation that he’s a legal citizen based on his parents immigration history to the U.S.

Ohioans should know if Moreno’s parents and their children were issued H1 and H4 visas; and that each remained in the U.S. lawfully by either becoming Lawful Permanent Residents or Naturalized by an oath of allegiance.  Moreno’s insidious secrecy makes it more urgent for Ohio Republicans to demand the Colombian born alien deliver his and his parents immigration records to the electorate.

Eric Jonathan Brewer

Cleveland's most influential journalist and East Cleveland's most successful mayor is an East Saint Louis, Illinois native whose father led the city's petition drive in 1969 to elect the first black mayor in 1971. Eric is an old-school investigative reporter whose 40-year body of editorial work has been demonstrably effective. No local journalist is feared or respected more.

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