Barbara Snyder said “bye” to CWRU before Fed’s publicized their investigation of her 200 secret agreements and money from the Communist People’s Republic of China and hostile nations

Some of the $412 million CWRU was given by the NIH and Anthony Fauci over two years went to make wealthy men and women of agents of Communist China

CLEVELAND, OHBarbara Snyder acted like the Logan Act, Espionage Act, Foreign Agents Registration Act and numerous other federal laws did not apply to her as the first woman president of Case Western Reserve University (CWRU).  No person in the United States of America has the authority to establish communications with the officials of a foreign government or exchange information with them.

It doesn’t matter if the person is Joe Cimperman of Global Cleveland or Blaine Griffin, Jasmine Santana and Nan Whaley making trips to Israel they’re not reporting on their “financial disclosure statements” at the request of registered and unregistered agents of the Israeli government.  Shontel Brown can’t engage in conversations with Mark Mellman who serves as an unregistered foreign agent consultant to Israel’s alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid.

Barbara Snyder publicly expressed her un-American desire to replace American students with foreigners at Case Western Reserve University when she was interviewed by Communist China’s news agency. 53 percent of the class of 2024 is foreign and it’s our tax dollars she and David Fleshler misappropriated to to achieve this traitorous evil.

Snyder had no special privileges to enter 200 international agreements with the officials of 40 foreign governments through CWRU’s “Office of Global Strategy.”  If American universities and colleges are making it a “national security priority” to educate Americans there would be no “global strategy” office on any higher education campus.

During her 12 years at CWRU, federal authorities have acquired a compilation of evidence that Snyder and other yet-to-be-named officials were cutting international deals to educate citizens from China, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and more instead of Americans in its medical, dental, engineering and law schools.  53 percent of CWRU’s class of 2024 is foreign.  Snyder bragged about the statistic before she left.

Over $412 million was awarded to CWRU between 2018 and 2020 from the National Institute of Health (NIH) Dr. Anthony Fauci leads.  CWRU, according to federal authorities, was raped of national security secrets by the agents of Communist China and the other nations Snyder brought to Cleveland.  $3.6 million of the NIH millions awarded to CWRU had made its way to federally-indicted Cleveland Clinic Dr. Qing Wang.

Where are the Americans with pre-Civil War roots in this photograph of 20 CWRU administrators and officials from the Government of Saudi Arabia? CWRU was not intended to replace American students with foreign students in exchange for state and federal funds. Barbara Snyder’s 2016 secret deal with the Saudi Arabian government to train its citizens to become dentists over American students is criminally-minded evil.

Reed D. Rubinstein’s is the United States Department of Education deputy “general counsel” who mailed Snyder a May 27, 2020 letter informing her of the administrative review he was conducting.   The findings would be delivered to the United States Department of Justice.  They’d been “reviewing” Snyder’s failure to comply with significant federal laws since before January 2020.

Snyder had already in February 2020 advised CWRU’s board that she was leaving in October 2020 in advance of the May 27, 2020 letter from Rubinstein.  Instead of joining another university as president she sought a job with the Association of American Universities.  Local media covered her resignation announcement; but not the letter from the federal “deputy general counsel.”

Wang’s May 13, 2020 indictment was covered by the local media; but his connection to Snyder’s “secret” agreements with the People’s Republic of China would remain unknown to Clevelanders until now.  Snyder gave Wang access to NIH funding while he concurrently served as Dean of the College of Life Sciences and Technology at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in the People’s Republic of China.  He was also a participant in Communist China’s Thousand Talent’s Program.

The Federal Register of June 19, 2020 exposed Barbara Snyder’s more than 200 unauthorized agreements with 40 foreign governments. For 12 years she made Case Western Reserve University a center for unauthorized foreign espionage with the People’s Republic of China and other governments that were hostile towards the United States of America.

Rubenstein’s letter described Wang as engaging in “subterfuge … to recruit individuals with access to foreign technology and intellectual property.”  Wang through Snyder’s administration had set-up other Communist Chinese “academic” officials to receive compensation of between $200,000 and $300,000 at Harvard University, University of Texas and the University of California.

Snyder already knew she was “hot” and in trouble with federal authorities as she seemed to be fleeing CWRU to find a new job before Rubinstein’s letter was published in the “Federal Register.”  The ex-university president knew she had not reported any of the 200 agreements she’d led the Office of Global Strategy to negotiate with 40 foreign governments.  She had failed to report $53 million CWRU had received from the foreign governments.

Traitor Dr. Anthony Fauci’s leadership of the National Institute of Health between 2018 and 2020 directed $412 million to Case Western Reserve University that was used by agents of the People’s Republic of China like Dr. Qing Wang. He got $3.6 million and directed his Communist Chinese associates to get anywhere from $200,000 to $300,000 in NIH funding between three other universities.

When pressed for the rest of the foreign money, and more of the required forms she and Vice Provost for International Affairs David Fleshler had failed to submit to federal authorities, Snyder’s former administration stopped responding.  Snyder, Fleshler and her administrative team had already missed federally mandated deadlines and were filing the records Rubinstein was demanding retroactively.  For 12 years Rubinstein observed how Snyder and CWRU had “failed to make a single foreign source disclosure” about her 200, 40 nation agreements.

“Despite CWRU’s very extensive entanglement with foreign sources here in the U.S. and abroad, a review of the Department’s records reveals significant disclosure deficiencies. Until January 2020, CWRU failed to make a single foreign source disclosure to the Department over a more than 12-year period (since January 2, 2008). During the past five months, CWRU has retroactively filed disclosure reports indicating receipt of over $53 million in qualifying foreign source gifts and contracts for the period January 2013 through the present. CWRU now reports only one qualifying foreign source transaction during the entire period from January 1, 2008, through January 13, 2013. The Department views CWRU’s reports as untimely and incomplete. The foreign source reporting obligation provides critical transparency to American taxpayers and policymakers. Failure to timely provide accurate disclosures could result in: (a) Unintentional transfers of critical research data with multiple applications to hostile foreign entities, (b) loss of public trust in university research enterprises, (c) diversions of proprietary and pre-publication research data to foreign entities, and (d) inaccurately informed decisions by policy makers about the use of taxpayer funding.”

As further proof of Snyder’s relationships with the officials of foreign government, Rubinstein attached a link to an August 2018 interview with the People’s Republic of China’s state-run news agency… Xinhua. Snyder was quoted as saying CWRU had ‘‘been very fortunate to have a lot of help as we forge partnerships in China.’’  Xinhua reported that while ‘‘CWRU does not have any immediate plans to open a campus in China . . . it has been working on many joint research projects, and faculty and student exchanges [sic] programs with some of the universities in China.’’  The video below is of David Fleshler discussing his and Snyder’s unauthorized and unreported agreements with foreign governments.

Rubinstein’s letter further made note of a 2016 agreement Snyder and Fleshler had entered with the Saudi Arabian government to train its citizens to learn how to teach dentistry.  It explains why the number of Americans learning dentistry at the so-called “American” university ground to a halt.  Snyder was advised in 2020 that CWRU under her leadership had become a national security threat as Rubinstein demanded access to records.

All records of, regarding, or referencing gifts, contracts, and/or restricted or conditional gifts or contracts from or with: (i) The government of the PRC and/or its agencies, departments, agents, employees and instrumentalities (whether domiciled in China, the United States, or elsewhere); the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and/or its agents, employees, and instrumentalities (whether domiciled in China, the United States, or elsewhere); the People’s Liberation Army and/or its agents, employees, and instrumentalities (whether domiciled in China, the United States, or elsewhere); Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Huawei Technologies USA, Inc., ZTE Corp and/or their agents, employees, subsidiaries, and instrumentalities (whether domiciled in China, the United States, or elsewhere); and any China-based university or educational entity, and/or their agents, employees, and instrumentalities (whether domiciled in China, the United States, or elsewhere). (ii) The government of Saudi Arabia and/or its agents, employees, and instrumentalities (whether domiciled in Saudi Arabia, the United States, or elsewhere); and any Saudi Arabian university or educational entity and/or its agents, employees, and instrumentalities (whether domiciled in Saudi Arabia, the United States, or elsewhere). (iii) The government of Egypt, its agents, employees, and instrumentalities (whether domiciled in Egypt, the United States, or elsewhere); and any Egyptian university or educational entity and/or its agents, employees, and instrumentalities (whether domiciled in Egypt, the United States, or elsewhere). (iv) The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and/or its agents, employees, and instrumentalities (whether domiciled in Iran, the United States, or elsewhere); the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and/or its agents, employees, and instrumentalities (whether domiciled in Iran, the United States, or elsewhere); any Iranian foundation (e.g. the “Foundation for the Oppressed”), corporation, or legal entity and/or its agents, employees, subsidiaries, and instrumentalities (whether domiciled in Iran, the United States, or elsewhere); and any Iranian university or educational entity and/or its agents, employees, and instrumentalities (whether domiciled in Iran, the United States, or elsewhere). For each such gift, contract, and/or restricted or conditional gift or contract, specify all CWRU person(s) (e.g. principal investigator, student, faculty member, employee, foundation, department) who were the object or beneficiaries thereof. The time frame for this request is January 1, 2008, through the present.

Rubinstein alerted Snyder that his office was aware of the coronavirus and its impact on operations.  But he said her “undisclosed gifts, contracts, and/or restricted and conditional gifts or contracts from or with foreign sources is a critical matter” of “national security.”  He reminded her that CWRU’s “statutory reporting obligation is long-standing.”

In other words, Snyder as CWRU’s top administrative officer, and an attorney, knew or should have known the federal laws she had to obey in exchange for nearly $800,000 a year in wages.

Eric Jonathan Brewer

Cleveland's most influential journalist and East Cleveland's most successful mayor is an East Saint Louis, Illinois native whose father led the city's petition drive in 1969 to elect the first black mayor in 1971. Eric is an old-school investigative reporter whose 40-year body of editorial work has been demonstrably effective. No local journalist is feared or respected more.

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