Is Ivana worried she’ll end up looking like her mom?

CLEVELAND, OH –  Uh oh.  A game of presidential “dozens.”  Jared Kushner should have a pretty good idea of how his wife Ivana Trump-Kushner, Jr. might look in her 70’s based on her mother, Ivanka Sr.’s sagging-plasticized appearance.  If he’s not screwing other women already, he’s got his POTUS father-in-law’s “grab ’em by the pussy” ethics as an example for how he’s allowed to roll if she starts looking as hard as her Trump-worn-looking mother.  Donald be hard on his women.

Magazines that follow celebrities have been keeping tabs on the well-photographed “daddy’s little tag-along” Ivanka since before she was photographed on her father’s lap while he sat on a statue of two fucking parrots at one of their palaces.  So her face and its nuanced changes are more familiar to the photographers who filmed Ivanka’s brief and “going nowhere” career as a model than the rest of the U.S. 

In her earlier photos as a child, and through her teen years, Ivanka’s jawline was round and her hair was dark.  Her nose wasn’t as thin.  The roundness of her jawline appears like her mother’s is today; and the same as her maternal grandmother’s, Marie Zelicknova of Czechoslovakia.  

Today from her Instagram page Ivanka shows a modestly made-up face that appears to feature a much thinner jawline and nose.  Of course she keeps her now Aryan hair dyed blonde as she nears 40.  Ivanka will turn 39 on October 30, 2020 and women her age are often graying.   Pop culture magazines are suggesting she’s had several plastic surgeries.  She definitely has bigger boobs.

Ivanka Trump Sr’s mother is Ivanka Trump Kushner’s grandmother. Check out her jawline and nose. Of course her natural hair color now is white as shown in the roots, but she’s colored it closer to her natural dark brown hair that’s closer to her youth. She knows she’d look ridiculous as a blonde.

The Trump’s can thank Gerhard Friedrich Muller, a Czech like Ivanka, for this conversation about how the attempt to “Aryanize” their “dark” Eastern European facial characteristics backfires with plastic surgery.  Muller called himself classifying approximately 300 Afro-Asiatic languages as an early “ethnographer” around 1867.   An ethnographer is a person who studies the individual characteristics of human “ethnic” groups.   Between Muller and a German named Ernst Haeckel, the world was classified as “white on top” until Charles Darwin came along and broke everybody’s bubble that man’s origins started in Africa.

It was a French whack job aristocrat by the name of Joseph Arthur de Gobineau who came up with his “Essay on the Inequality of Human Races” in 1853  that the word “aryan” went from a religious definition to a racial one.  Gobineau was worried that his mother might have African ancestors, so he created a theory about a super white race of blonde hair blue eyed “Aryans” with thin noses and lips who spread intelligence and physical beauty across the world.   All except White Anglo Saxon Protestant Americans. 

Gobineau’s essay was 1600 pages.  Two WASP’s here in the U.S., Josiah Nott and Henry Hotze, decided 400 pages of Gobineau’s work that supported their view of white or aryan supremacy and translated just those pages.  The pages among the 1200 Nott and Hotze left out included Gobineau’s thoughts that the white people in the U.S. were too “one drop” mixed.  The two U.S. white supremacists left out all the bad shit Gobineau said about white folk in the U.S. who were here from the nation’s founding through all the immigration and the Civil War.

“They are a very mixed assortment of the most degenerate races in olden-day Europe. They are the human flotsam of all ages: Irish, crossbreed Germans and French and Italians of even more doubtful stock. The intermixture of all these decadent ethnic varieties will inevitably give birth to further ethnic chaos. This chaos is no way unexpected or new: it will produce no further ethnic mixture which has not already been, or cannot be realized on our own continent. Absolutely nothing productive will result from it, and even when ethnic combinations resulting from infinite unions between Germans, Irish, Italians, French and Anglo-Saxons join us in the south with racial elements composed of Indian, Negro, Spanish and Portuguese essence, it is quite unimaginable that anything could result from such horrible confusions, but an incoherent juxtaposition of the most decadent kinds of people.”

Gobineau decided that Southern and Eastern Europe, along with Central Asia and the Middle East, were racially-mixed.  It meant the features of the people were interchangeable for him.  No scientist has proved his belief that man’s origins came from Asia. 

German Adolf Hitler picked up on that Gobineau-inspired “particular DNA class of white superiority” bullshit and gave birth to Nazism and aryans as the master race.  Since name-changes, dyes and plastic surgery were invented, dark-haired, full-nosed, fuller-bodied and short, thick-waisted Eastern Europeans have been dying and bleaching their hair blonde, thinning noses, liposuctioning waistlines and expanding the size of butts to achieve the facial and physical “master race” characteristics achieved naturally by Ethiopians and the White Anglo Saxon Protestants. 

Donald Trump’s mother, Mary McLoed, was of Scottish ancestry from Scotland and a White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP). WASP’s are associated with the same type of thinner noses and lips as found in Ethiopian people. So it could appear that Ivanka Trump has altered her physical features to appear less Eastern European like her mother; and more WASPish or Ethiopian like Trump’s mother. King James IV of Scotland partied with the Moors. Judging from the picture of the brother from Ethiopia, Trump’s momma’ nose look like she got some black in her.

It was inevitable, as Gobineau understood, that European women and men couldn’t help but share bloodlines with the Africa so close and south of their European borders.  So Ivanka’s fuller lips and nose could come from her maternal Czech grandmother’s ancestry having an African mix. 

On her paternal grandmother’s side, Irish Catholics in southern Ireland would have been closer to Africa than Mary’s Irish Protestants and folk from Scotland. The same with Italians in southern Italy 90 miles from Libya.  The distance between Morocco in Africa and Spain in Europe is around 600 miles.  It’s the equivalent of the distance between Cleveland, Ohio and Richmond, Virginia.

There’s not much separating men and women living between Africa and Europe from having thousands of generations of sex with each other to the extent that their racial characteristics mixed and became interchangeable.

Trump’s entire family, with the exception of Georgia-born American and WASP Marla Maples and her daughter, Tiffany, are from Communist nations.  Czechoslovakia wasn’t formed as a nation until 1918 and after World War 1.  During World War II the Czechs were liberated by the Russians and allied forces involving the U.S. 

After World War II the nation’s inhabitants adopted Communism in 1948 the year before Ivanka Sr. was born in 1949.  That makes all of Trump’s children with Ivanka born to a woman raised as an Eastern European Communist by Marie Zelicknova and her husband on the other side of Adolf Hitler’s Aryans or White Anglo Saxon Protestants whose look Ivanka “appears” to have sought to emulate.

NOTE: All photographs were used for fair comment educational purposes about ethnography.

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