Russian Kirill Goncharenko is named in a federal lawsuit filed on October 7, 2021 that identifies him as a former Mercury Public Affairs principal. The claim is coming from another former principal, Fabian Nunez. He was once elected to California's General Assembly and served as its speaker. Both Nunez and Goncharenko have left Mercury Public Affairs, started new companies and are trying to take the clients of the business they built. Both are operating between offices in the USA and now London. The London location gives them the opportunity to avoid "some" U.S. Department of Justice scrutiny; or so they think. They'll be reported by the FBI to the Secret Intelligence Service aka MI6, the National Crime Agency and the Joint Intelligence Organisation. With citizenship and an office in the USA, neither Goncharenko nor Nunez will avoid their duties to report what they're doing in London to the United States Department of Justice as they made themselves even 'more" foreign conflicted by moving outside America. Goncharenko probably thought he was being smart. He's "hot." Anyone doing business with him is making themselves, or has already made themselves, part of an ongoing criminal investigation given the FBI raid on Oleg Deripaska's home. Paul Manafort was jailed from June 2018 until May 2020 when he was released for Covid. He was an unregistered foreign agent. Nina Turner may have saved herself a lot of trouble when she campaigned for Congress instead of spending her energy building AMARE Public Affairs with the investment backing she got from Kirill Goncharenko's now former Mercury Public Affairs. She's operating in a world where she doesn't have a clue about the depth of the trouble she could find herself involved in. Everything that glitters is not gold.

Nina Turner’s Russian public relations partner has FBI, Manafort, Ukraine, Mueller and unregistered foreign agent problems

Mueller investigated Nina Turner's Russian public relations partner for helping Paul Manafort, Jr. and the Ukraine as an unregistered foreign agent

CLEVELAND, OH – Nina Turner may not realize how “in too deep” she is with her Russian investor’s Mercury Public Affairs company.  Maybe, however, she knows exactly what she’s doing as she appears to be “directed” into playing a role as a “similarly-named” affiliate of lobbyists and unregistered agents of foreign governments Communist-busting former Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigated.

All the information I’ve shared below was available to the editorial staffs of the Russian-owned Plain Dealer and  The editorial slant of Russian media owners favor Russia as publishers, editors and controlled reporters intentionally omit information which makes the nation and form of government it exists under look anything less than favorable.  Communism is outlawed in the United States of America under the National Security Act of 1950 and the Communist Control Act of 1954.  Subversive elements in the United States of America have disguised their push for Marxism in the past as Socialism and Progressivism … today.  A commie is a commie.  A red is a red.

Kirill Goncharenko, who was raised in a Communist Russian family, is the owner of the public relations and lobbying firm that was contracted by Paul Manafort, Jr. to help a political group controlled by the Ukraine’s president.  His company is Turner’s business “launching” partner and investor.  Goncharenko’s Mercury Public Affairs made a public announcement in September 2020 that his firm was helping Turner launch AMARE Public Affairs.

A Communist pact between two Komrads is loyalty to each other above country. The money is made in campaigning. Not winning.

Goncharenko worked as an aide for former U.S. Senator Alphonse D’Amato.  The influence-peddling former federal senator and his once-employee are partners in Mercury Enterprises.  D’Amato also owns Park Strategies on K Street in Washington, D.C. In 1990, Goncharenko’s Russian candidate for Congress in Palm Beach, Florida, Scott Shore, was accused of creating and mailing an endorsement letter from a rabbi named Marc Gaffni who was actually Mordechai Winyarz.  Goncharenko described him as a hero in Isreal immigrating Soviet Jews to the United States of America.  Three girls as young as 13 accused him of sexual molestation.

Americans with family members who have died in horribly-run nursing homes may see Goncharenko’s Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care, an association of the nation’s 14 largest providers as one of the problems.  Goncharenko worked for Atlanta, Georgia-headquartered Mariner Health Care as an executive.  It’s a $3 billion nursing home corporation with 250 long term care facilities.  32 nursing homes in Texas alone.

$2.4 million was spent by Goncharenko’s nursing home industry associates to fund Texas Republicans in 2002.  $400,000 came from Goncharenko’s “Alliance.”  Goncharenko was lobbying for higher Medicare rates and limits on monetary damages families whose loved ones they abused could acquire from his companies through what he called “tort reform.”

Goncharenko’s name figured prominently in Texas former House Speaker Tom Delay’s 2005 indictment.  Tom Craddick delivered Delay a $100,000 check as one of Goncharenko’s “middle men.”

Turner’s AMARE PUBLIC AFFAIRS is supposed to monetize all the political, speech and “strategy” skills she learned working as an aide to former Dayton, Ohio Senator and later Mayor Rhine McClin; and for former Cleveland Mayor Michael White as an executive assistant.  A partial term on Cleveland city council and in the Ohio Senate; and as a candidate for secretary of state and work as a Bernie Sanders surrogate are the skills Turner offers clients with a “Progressive” twist.

AMARE Public Affairs, according to Turner’s single-page website, is skilled in the following:

High-level communications strategy and crisis management.  Omni-partisan coalition-building and third-party stakeholder management.  Grassroots, community and faith-based engagement.  Campaign strategy, including but not limited to political, corporate and non-profit.  Specialty in socially conscious diversity and inclusion initiatives.  Influencer strategy and engagement on their social justice priorities.  Paid communication services (direct mail, digital services and media services.

New York politician Charlie King, Governor Mario Cuomo’s 2002 running mate, identified the relationship with Turner’s company as an investment.  King, an American Negro, is a Mercury Public Affairs partner.

“If not now, when, and if not Nina Turner, who?  We are investing in Amare Public Affairs not just because we believe in Nina, but because we believe that she brings a necessary presence and perspective to the conversations Americans are having daily. Nina has star power and is a change maker who gets things done, while ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. This is her moment, but we know it’s just the beginning. We look forward to her success and partnering with her whenever we can.”

Turner’s “investors” were featured prominently in Mueller’s 448-page report of Goncharenko’s firm’s efforts in undermining the 2016 presidential election as an unregistered agent of the Ukrainian government; and a puppet political group created by ousted president and mass murderer Viktor Yanukovych’s.  Yanukovych’s Party of Regions was a pro-Russia political party and once the Ukraine’s largest.  It now exists without a leader since he fled the nation.

The Ukraine that Russian dictator Vladmir Putin invaded in 2014 once belonged to Russia and the Soviet Union.  They speak the same language.  Nazism is on the rise in the Ukraine as the 33 Russians serving in the United States Congress, led by Adam Schiff and Jerold Nadler, sought to impeach President Donald Trump for delaying the sale of $400 million in weapons to them.

At the bottom of the letter from the United States Department of Justice’s Foreign Agents Unit in the National Security Division is the name of Mercury Public Affairs as identified in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation as an unregistered agent of the Ukrainian government.

On March 31, 2017, attorneys for Turner’s “launch partner” received correspondence from Heather Hunt in her official capacity as chief of the Foreign Agents Unit of the United States Department of Justice.  The letter is one Mueller reviewed in his investigation of Russian inteference in the 2016 presidential election.

Mercury Public Affairs and the Podesta Group had not registered as foreign agents for the Ukrainian government.  Lawyers for the firms claimed their clients did not know registration was required for the Ukraine even though Mercury Public Affairs had registered its representation of the Governments of Haiti and Guyana.  Qatar was registered “retroactively.”

The Foreign Agents Registration Act is codified at Chapter 22, Section 611 of the United States Code.  The heading is “Registration of foreign propagandists.” The bottom line is that Nina and her partners are required to tell us when they’re engaged in political and quasi-political activities on behalf of and at the paid or otherwise direction of a foreign government.

Nina Turner, Dennis Kucinich, Joe Cimperman, Thomas Felton, Kevin Kelley, Jazmin Santana, Blaine Griffin, Basheer Jones, Ed Rybka, Calvin Williams, Frank Jackson … all are supposed to register with the United States Department of Justice’s Foreign Agents Unit when they even take and implement advice from a foreign government official.  What none have the authority to do is “correspond” with a foreign government official under both the Logan Act of 1799 and the Espionage Act of 1917.  The laws have always been used despite the surprise “Dreamers” get when they violate them and say “we didn’t know.”  You should have studied before you sought elected office.

(a) Filing; contents.  No person shall act as an agent of a foreign principal unless he has filed with the Attorney General a true and complete registration statement and supplements thereto as required by subsections (a) and (b) of this section or unless he is exempt from registration under the provisions of this subchapter. Except as hereinafter provided, every person who becomes an agent of a foreign principal shall, within ten days thereafter, file with the Attorney General, in duplicate, a registration statement, under oath on a form prescribed by the Attorney General. The obligation of an agent of a foreign principal to file a registration statement shall, after the tenth day of his becoming such agent, continue from day to day, and termination of such status shall not relieve such agent from his obligation to file a registration statement for the period during which he was an agent of a foreign principal. The registration statement shall include the following, which shall be regarded as material for the purposes of this subchapter:

Yanukovych’s Party of Regions, according to Mueller’s report, paid Mercury Public Affairs $500,000 over two years through the European Center for a Modern Ukraine.  The names of Turner’s investors also appear in a New York Times “Freedom of Information” request to the United States Department of Justice for information about Lev Parnas and Hunter Biden.  Parnas is the indicted Ukrainian alien who owned 55 Public Square in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.  Biden is the current president’s crack addict son and an unregistered agent of the Chinese government.  Podesta was paid $900,000 over the same two year period, according to Mueller’s investigation.

Whether Mercury’ Public Affairs’ claim of knowing its registration duties or not is ultimately accepted by the Foreign Agents Unit should be of extreme relevance to Turner since she’s not registered with the United States Department of Justice or as a lobbyist.  Since Mercury Public Affairs’ is registered as an agent of numerous foreign governments, Turner should assume Goncharenko’s investment dollars are co-mingled with foreign dollars.

Turner should also assume any “direction” she receives from her Russian partner should be viewed as her being used. The “in too deep” glory-seeking politicians’ real and only value to her Russian partner is in her control and influence over “Our Revolution” and Bernie Gitman Sanders’ “Progressive Party.”

Creating a partnership with a Russian-owned public relations firm the United States Department of Justice is investigating doesn’t seem like smart business.

Mercury Public Affairs showed up throughout 2020 in controversial litigation filed by Russian attorney Elliott Broidy for its conspiring as an unregistered agent of the Government of Qatar in hiring former Central Intelligence (CIA) and United States Department of Defense computer experts to hack his email and distribute them to the media.  Broidy alleged that Mercury vice president Gregory Howard was in on the company’s co-conspiracy with Stonington Strategies LLC to hack his email and release them to the media.

Broidy alleged in his litigation that the crebility attacks against him were aimed at downplaying Qatar’s close relationship with Iran and terrorism; and damaging his access to President Donald Trump.  Turner, like the unregistered foreign agents the FBI is investigating, sought to portray to the media that Americans, particularly Ohioans, were not interested in Russia’s interference in U.S. affairs.  One of Mercury Public Affairs’ clients is Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska who Turner’s partners lobbied the Trump administration to ease sanctions.

[NOTE:  Nina gets my texts like other influence leaders in Ohio and we’ve been friends since we worked in the White administration in 2000.  When she asked me to join the Sanders campaign in 2016 I said no to a Communist disguised as a Progressive in the White House.  It is an absolute lie that “no one in Ohio” is concerned about Russian interference in United States elections when she knows of my publicly-expressed concerns about foreign espionage in this state.  Nina knows I am a Cold War raised United States Air Force veteran who enlisted in 1972 and volunteered for duty at the Central Intelligence Agency’s lead Air America base in Udorn Thailand to stop Communist aggression.  Perhaps she considers me to be nobody.  No worries. She’s reading and learning now that this Ohioan is concerned about her foreign affiliations.]

Less than a month after helping Turner launch her AMARE Public Affairs firm, published reports claim Goncharenko’s company cancelled a $1 million annual contract with the Government of Turkey in October 2020.  The letters from Hunt to Mercury Public Affairs’ attorneys in 2017 came around the timing of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to stage a coup in 2016 that removed his Prime Minister from office.  Erdogan has accused “international” influences of undermining his government’s image by reminding the world of the extermination of approximately 1 million Armenians in 1915.  Kim Kardashian and her family are of Armenian ancestry.

The money Turner’s partner lost from the Government of Turkey’s contract seems to have been replaced with a $1.2 million contract from the city of Los Angeles, California to aid Governor Gavin Newsom’s “mask and CoVid” lunacy.  Vice president-elect Kamala Harris’ husband’s law firm of DLA Piper in October 2020 also ended its unregistered representation of the Government of Turkey right before the November 2020 presidential election.

Charlie King’s quotes about Nina Turner reminded me of the film “Showgirls” starring Elizabeth Berkey after she tripped Gina Gershon and took her place as a Las Vegas top dancer. She has star power. LOL. Where? MSNBC? CNN? In Charlie’s head. Come to Cleveland … Charlie. She’s still just Nina to us.

Marxist-influenced Turner has been close to actor Danny Glover who sees himself as a modern day Paul Robeson.  A Global American Negro citizen.  Glover had planned a film on Robeson’s “best” friendship with Russian immigrant Albert Einstein.  In 2007. published reports show Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez offered to invest $18 million for Glover to direct a film about Toussaint L’Overture’s defeat of the combined armies of Great Britain, Spain and France with enslaved Africans who outnumbered their enslavers 42 to 1 in 1794.

Robeson as the founder of the Council on African Affairs, today the African Union, was an anti-colonialist and friend of Russian President Josef Stalin.  Robeson won the Stalin Prize in 1953 for service to Russia as the Communist party leader’s hookup man to Africa’s emerging Marxist anti-colonial leaders.

Nigeria’s first African Negro president, Nmandi Azikiwe, as well as Kenya’s, Jomo Kenyatta and Ghana’s Kwame Kkrumah, met Robeson in England in the 1930’s as students; and were influenced by his global celebrity as Michael Jackson before Michael Jackson.  Robeson fucked Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s niece and British actor Noel Coward’s wife.  Coward was also an agent for Britain’s MI6.

Robeson denied before Congress’ House Committee on UnAmerican Activities that he was not a Communist like his friend and partner, Max Yergan.  He was an “anti-colonialist” who wanted Africa ruled by Negro Africans and not British and Eastern European whites and Indians calling themselves Africans.

Stalin founded the NKVD in 1934 as his Communist nation’s international spy agency 13 years before President Harry Truman launched the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1947.  Robeson anti-colonialist activities appear to have been embedded with his celebrity, travels and the appearance that he was only and an actor and gospel singer.  Since American Negro Dr. George Washington Carver invented 326 ways to use a peanut, an American Negro like Robeson speaking 22 languages was viewed as a racial characteristic of highly-evolved Negroes.

Congress’ 13 year delay in funding this nation’s foreign espionage activities made Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director John Edgar Hoover’s job of keeping out the Soviet spies and Communist infiltrators Stalin was sending here that much more difficult.  Once operational the CIA gave us the ability to attack Communism at its international “source.”

Robeson’s international activities came to an abrupt halt when the CIA’s first director, Allen Dulles, alerted his brother, John Foster Dulles, that Robeson was “the most dangerous man in the world.”  That’s how he was described by John Foster Dulles in his official capacity as President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Secretary of State when he stripped Robeson of his passport three years later in 1950.

Lev Parnas is on the left. Igor Furman on the right. They are Ukrainian aliens who owned and ruined property in downtown Cleveland whose names are connected to Nina Turner’s investors.

Goncharenko’s “progressive” clients in foreign nations like Guyana were viewed by President John F. Kennedy as “Communists” setting up shop in Latin America.  Kennedy sent the CIA to aid in suppressing that nation’s Communists disguised as the “Progressives” Turner is helping her Soviet partners infiltrate into the political fabric of the United States of America.

As is her habit of not sticking with anything, Turner appears to have stalled the idea of building a business to try and replace U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge in Congress’ 11th District.  From her track record, Turner’s sole political ambition has been to be a candidate for anything.  She enjoys running and talking.  Not serving and working.   Run Nina run.

What Nina should consider are the effects of her business and foreign relationships on her “under surveillance” family.  Some “individual” concerns about being “watched” may be real.

Eric Jonathan Brewer

Cleveland's most influential journalist and East Cleveland's most successful mayor is an East Saint Louis, Illinois native whose father led the city's petition drive in 1969 to elect the first black mayor in 1971. Eric is an old-school investigative reporter whose 40-year body of editorial work has been demonstrably effective. No local journalist is feared or respected more.

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